Hall & Landing Electric Radiators

Your hallway is the gateway to your home: the first and last room that you, your family and your guests inhabit as you come and go throughout the day – so it’s vital that you keep the room warm and welcoming. Electric radiators provide an energy efficient heating solution for hallways and landings that responds quickly to changes in temperature, perfect for combating those icy blasts from the front door. With in-depth temperature management and programming facilities built into these hallway radiators, controlling the temperature in this room, as well as in stairways and landings, has never been easier.

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What makes electric radiators perfect for halls and landings?

Heating your hall or landing space may not be the first thing that comes to mind when updating your heating system, but it’s a small and simple way to make sure the temperature in your house stays consistently warm and comfortable. Hallways and landings can be difficult to heat, as you’re not only heating that direct area, but also the stairway and the space they connect to. As they are frequently exposed to chilly draughts from closing doors, halls and landings need a heating solution that’s responsive and robust. Combining lasting and responsive warmth with high levels of controllability, electric radiators are the natural choice for heating these somewhat trickier areas of your property.

The benefits of hall & landing electric radiators

  • Multiple styles and Designs

    Halls and landings come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our radiators! From contemporary and traditional, finding the right fit and look is easy.

  • Enduring Warmth

    Our electric radiators are designed to lock in heat for longer, keeping spaces warm even after switch off.

  • Weekly Programming

    Many of our electric radiators come with 24/7 programmable control, so you can set a heating schedule that works around you.

  • WiFi Control

    Some of our electric radiators have WiFi capability so you can manage their temperature from anywhere in your home.

  • Highly Precise Thermostats

    Sensitive and responsive, precision thermostats monitor temperature, raising or reducing heat levels to match your settings.

  • Adaptive Start

    Our electric radiators come with an adaptive start function, which preheats areas so they’re the perfect temperature exactly when you need them.

Can an electric radiator heat my entire hallway?

As halls and landings generally have an air volume greater than that of a normal room, it may sound like you will need a larger radiator to do a good enough job, which may be unfeasible from a wall space perspective. Fortunately, vertical radiators are a great solution for narrow areas, making use of the full height of a wall rather than its width. Coming in a wide range of wattages, our electric radiators specifically selected for halls and landings all have powerful outputs and are built for optimal heat retention, guaranteeing excellent efficiency.