Conservatory Electric Radiators

Electric radiators make the best conservatory heaters because they can be retro-fitted without the need to extend your central heating system. They are also energy efficient and highly controllable, with precision thermostats and 24/7 programming, so you can minimise wasting energy heating the space when it’s not in use. Specialised half-height conservatory electric radiators designed for fitting on dwarf walls offer the perfect heating solution for those awkward, tight spaces, whilst DIY installation and free next day delivery will save you a few pennies when it’s time to fit your radiators. Better yet, electric conservatory heaters can be controlled independently of your main heating, which makes them compliant with building regulations for these spaces. ... read more

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What are conservatory electric radiators?

Conservatories can be tricky spaces to heat, with their lofty ceilings and extra glass – not to mention the difficulties associated with extending plumbing if you use a central heating system. Featuring low level profiles to fit snug under windows, 24/7 programming, and a range of energy-saving features, electric conservatory heaters & radiators are specifically designed with these spaces in mind, offering an independent, powerful heat source that has no trouble keeping your conservatory perfectly warm.

The benefits of conservatory electric radiators

  • Independent, Hassle-Free Heating

    Extending plumbing into your conservatory can be a costly, time-consuming process. Conservatory electric radiators offer a quick, hassle-free means of heating that’s suitable for DIY installation.

  • Low Profiles for Dwarf Walls

    Dwarf wall electric radiators are specifically designed for unobtrusive installation, featuring low level heights to fit under windows and onto dwarf walls.

  • Larger Outputs for High Ceilings

    To combat tall conservatory ceilings, conservatory electric radiators & heaters often have higher outputs capable of warming your entire space.

  • Complies with Building Regulations

    Conservatory electric radiators provide a standalone heating system that meets UK building regulations for conservatories.

  • Energy-Saving Features

    Like conventional electric radiators, conservatory electric radiators come with a range of eco-conscious features that cut down on wasted energy and save you money.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    In accordance with new EU legislation, all our conservatory electric radiators are optimised for energy-efficiency – so you can enjoy low-energy heating that saves you money on your bills.

What are the building regulations for conservatories?

Normally, an extension to your property will require some degree of planning permission and must conform to UK building regulations. However, this doesn’t apply to all conservatories. To be exempt they must be built at ground level and have an area less than 30m2, be separated from the house by external quality walls, doors or windows, and have an independent heating system with separate temperature and on/off controls. Providing the first two points are true, all you need for your conservatory to be exempt from building regulations is an electric heating system that runs separately from your primary system. Our range of conservatory electric radiators offers just that: an independent heating solution that can be controlled on its own, without engaging your entire home’s heating. Aside from this obvious benefit, opting for a conservatory electric radiator also allows you to create a detailed heating schedule that only applies to your conservatory electric radiators – so you can decide exactly when your space is heated without wasting energy heating your entire home. If you’re planning on building a conservatory, and don’t want the rigmarole of obtaining planning permission, choosing one of our conservatory electric heating solutions is an absolute must.

Is it easy to install conservatory electric radiators?

Conservatory electric radiators offer a simple, hassle-free heating solution that can be DIY installed with ease – with no lengthy callouts or professional help needed. Simply mount your plug in conservatory electric radiator on the wall and plug it into the nearest available socket: it’s that simple. Look out for the plug and go icon on our products to see at a glance which are suitable for DIY fitting. If you’d prefer a professional, wire-free finish, you can have your conservatory electric radiators hardwired into the wall by a qualified electrician; a straightforward job that shouldn’t take long. If you have reduced wall space, you don’t need to worry about installation – we also offer low level electric radiators that will snugly fit onto dwarf walls.

What are the best heaters for conservatories?

When it comes to warming your conservatory, you have a huge range of electric heating appliances at your disposal – from panel heaters to fully-fledged electric conservatory radiators, both of which have their benefits. Electric panel heaters are superb occasional conservatory heaters, offering rapid and responsive warmth whenever you need it most. They’re less sophisticated than electric radiators, offering a simpler heating system that’s lightweight, portable, and perfect for moving from room-to-room. While these plus-points are undoubtedly attractive, electric panel heaters aren’t designed for constant use and should only really be used to supplement an existing heating system or to provide on-demand heat whenever necessary. If you’re only planning on using your conservatory on and off throughout the warmer months, an electric panel heater is a definite contender. If you’re planning on getting more out of your space and think you’ll use it all year long, slimline electric radiators for conservatories are the way to go. Offering detailed 24/7 digital programming and high-quality designs, slim line conservatory electric radiators are perfect for all day every day use as an alternative to central heating. They can be wall-mounted with ease, feature reduced heights to slip onto narrow stretches of wall, and integrate into your routine with ease. View our full range today to find your ideal conservatory heating system or, alternatively, give our sales team a call to discuss your options and receive a no obligation, tailor-made quote.

Energy-efficient conservatory heating

  • Adaptive Start

    The majority of our electric conservatory radiators come with adaptive start, which allows your radiators to pre-heat ahead of schedule to ensure your spaces are always exactly at the right temperature at exactly the right time.

  • Open Window Detection

    Some conservatory radiators also feature open window detection, which temporarily pauses your heating if it detects a rapid drop in temperature, only to resume heating when the temperature equalises.

  • Energy Usage Statistics

    Our most advanced conservatory electric radiators provide access to your energy consumption statistics via a compatible heating app, helping you see how much energy you use so you can make savings where necessary.