Living Room Electric Radiators

The living room is the busiest room in most houses, so it’s a prime location to take advantage of controllable, energy efficient electric radiators with stylish contemporary designs. At Electric Radiators Direct, you’ll find a wide range of electric radiators that use the latest, superior technology to heat living rooms of all sizes whilst maximising efficiency. You’ll even find living room radiators that are specially designed for use in high-ceilinged interiors. Available with precise digital thermostats and smart WiFi control, keeping your living room warm and toasty is as easy as it is economical. 

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What are living room electric radiators?

Our collection of living room electric radiators are designed to provide effective and comfortable warmth to your home. With a variety of options available – from traditional to sleek and stylish – there’s something to match every interior design scheme. Fitted with range of energy saving functions including weekly programming, precision digital thermostats and smart WiFi control, electric radiators take home heating to the next level – allowing you to create the cosiest atmosphere in your living room.

The benefits of living room electric radiators

  • Striking Modern Design

    Black electric radiators offer a chic and stylish alternative to conventional heating – perfect for any modern interior.

  • Various Styles & Sizes

    Available in horizontal and vertical orientations as well as designer and traditional styles to suit a range of spaces.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    Many of our black electric radiators are DIY-friendly and come with all fixtures and fittings needed for a quick and easy fitting.

Why do electric radiators work so well in living rooms

Supplying efficient warmth through a combination of convection and radiation, electric radiators provide quick yet lasting warmth. They heat the surrounding air as well as you directly, for highly responsive warmth that heats on a deeper level – making them ideal for a range of spaces, including your living room. Easy to install, they’re the perfect choice for one of the most communal areas in your property and when paired with smart technology, they offer unparalleled control for superior heat management. Sophisticated and effective, our range of living room radiators are manufactured to the highest of standards, for electric heating you can rely on.

Energy-Efficient Features