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Portable Outdoor Heaters

A portable outdoor heater can be the ideal solution for heating a variety of spaces where versatility is key. For domestic purposes such as heating gardens and patios, a portable infrared heater can be positioned according to your needs, giving comforting warmth long after the sun has gone down. The lightweight and compact design of freestanding outdoor heaters makes them perfect for a range of commercial functions, as they can be easily transported from room to room or even location to location depending on your needs. Infrared heating is exceptionally efficient as it directly heats people, objects and surfaces, converting almost 100% of energy into heat. A portable infrared heater is a smart choice if you’re looking for a flexible outdoor heater that can offer low running costs and help save money on energy bills in the long term. ... read more
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What is a portable electric outdoor heater?

Portable electric outdoor heaters are the perfect combination of dependability and versatility. By attaching these heaters to portable stands, they can be moved to wherever warmth is needed most – especially convenient if you have multiple spaces where you’d like to use your heater. Our outdoor heaters provide warmth through infrared – a form of heat that absorbs into the surfaces of surrounding objects and people. It is highly efficient, as it is not affected by air movement, making it ideal for outside areas exposed to the elements. Portable outdoor heaters make a perfect addition to any space, including gardens, patios and terraces. They can also be used indoors, delivering comfortable, on-demand warmth in hard-to-heat areas like conservatories and garages.

The benefits of portable patio heaters

  • Striking Modern Design

    We have a multitude of modern designs available, guaranteeing the perfect aesthetic fit for your garden or patio.

  • Various Colour Options

    Offering both striking silver and glossy black colourways, there's a portable outdoor heater to suit a range of spaces

  • Straightforward Installation

    Our portable outdoor heaters are DIY-friendly, just simply attach to a stand and plug in for a hassle-free heating experience.

  • Instant Warmth

    Our portable heaters reach maximum temperature in seconds, providing lasting warmth that can help to offset colder outdoor temperatures.

  • Simple Temperature Control

    Featuring basic controls and different heat levels for you to choose from, these outdoor heaters are easy to manage.

  • Protected from the Elements

    With water protection ratings of at least IP55, our portable heaters can safely withstand wet and windy days – for reliable outdoor heating.

No-fuss outdoor heating

Getting your portable heater up and running is a simple DIY task, so you can bask in its soothing warmth in no time. Just attach your heater to a compatible stand, and plug in to a socket with an appropriate IP rating. With cable lengths of up to 1.9 metres, our selection of portable heaters can be repositioned at ease, extending exactly where you need them.