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Low Glare Outdoor Heaters

For a reassuring and immediate warmth, outdoor spaces can benefit from low glare infrared heaters. Otherwise known as tungsten heaters, halogen heaters or quartz heaters, low glare heaters are characterised by their orange glow and are commonly used to heat patios, restaurant terraces and pub gardens. Low glare heaters emit an intense form of heat, from which the benefits can immediately be felt – the shortwave form of infrared instantly warms up and heats the skin directly. Our versatile infrared heaters are suitable for wall mounting or can be left freestanding for portability. ... read more
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What is a low glare patio heater?

Low glare patio heaters are defined by their soft orange glow and deep level of heat, providing a mellow source of light whilst keeping your outdoor area warm, whatever the weather. Delivering highly responsive infrared, the warmth emitted by your heater is directly absorbed by people, objects and surfaces, rather than the surrounding air. This minimises the chance of heat being lost to winds and draughts which helps maximise efficiency and comfort, even in hard-to-heat spaces. Besides fast-acting heat, the discreet yet soothing light cultivates ambience in your outdoor area, sure to enhance your patio experience. With a range of control features to choose from, as well as freestanding and wall-mounting options available, you can even select a heater that best suits your preferences, for flexible outdoor heating.


Energy-efficient outdoor heating

These heaters are an excellent choice for those keen on reducing running costs and saving energy. Being 100% efficient at point of use, you can rest assured that every watt of power drawn from the socket is converted into heat, meaning every penny you spend on energy is being used to keep your patio area warm and toasty. Besides this guarantee, low glare patio heaters come with a range of energy-saving features, such as 24/7 programming, handy timer functions and different heat levels that let you select your preferred intensity. These convenient control options provide you with ultimate access to your outdoor system, so you can closely monitor and adjust warmth to keep running costs low.

The benefits of low glare patio heaters

  • Various Styles

    With a range of statement styles to choose from, these heaters take any outdoor aesthetic to a whole new level.

  • Multiple Colour Finishes

    Available in different finishes including black and silver, our collection of patio heaters suit a range of outdoor spaces.

  • Easy Installation

    Attach your patio heater to a compatible stand for DIY freestanding fitting or have an electrician wall-mount it – installation is quick and easy.

  • Robust Warmth

    Supplying lasting radiant warmth, these outdoor heaters help to offset colder temperatures.

  • Simple Temperature Control

    Equipped with timer functions and a range of heat outputs, low glare patio heaters come with a range of user-friendly, energy-saving management functions.

  • Weatherproof Ratings

    Our patio heaters come with a minimum protection rating of IP55, marking them suitable and safe for outdoor use.

Why choose a low glare patio heater?

Providing light as well as warmth, low glare patio heaters work as an effective, dual-purpose outdoor heating solution. The heat they produce is ideal for chillier, open-plan spaces that require immediate warmth, like your patio area. Due to the fast-acting nature of their heat, a low glare outdoor heater is best suited to spaces that are used on a temporary basis, for shorter periods of times, making them a perfect fit for pub terraces or the gazebo in your back garden. With their mellow glow, they also serve a soft source of lighting, which is great for those looking for a heater that elegantly complements their outdoor aesthetic.