Curved Electric Towel Rails

A curved electric towel rail gives any bathroom a refined and sophisticated feel, perfect for master bathrooms or carefully styled en suites that are used regularly. Their softer appearance instantly conveys a sense of luxury, and no matter whether you opt for a chrome or white finish, the access to freshly heated towels will only augment the comfort they provide. They’re not just an attractive feature – some of our curved electric towel rails are also able to act as effective room heaters so you can warm your towels and your bathroom at the same time. ... read more

Style & Control Options

Style Options

From traditional to ultra-modern, white to anthracite we have a style to suit you and your space. style

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Control Options

Each towel rail comes with 4 control options from basic controls to smart advanced energy saving features.

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Why choose a curved towel rail?

Luxurious, versatile and efficient – curved electric towels make an ideal addition to any bathroom. Boasting a softer design than its straight counterpart, these heaters best suit spaces that excel in elegance, such as master bathrooms or plush en-suites. Available in a range of classic finishes, you can even handpick one to seamlessly match your colour scheme, for ultimate style. Besides opulent aesthetics, these heaters also supply ambient warmth that lasts, as well being equipped with range of energy-saving features, so you can rest assured that your final choice is an efficient one.

The benefits of curved towel rails

  • Elegant Aesthetic

    The soft curved design of these towel rails makes them a stunning addition to a range of interior design schemes.

  • Dual Heating Technology

    These two-in-one heaters ensure your entire bathroom is warm and toasty whilst also keeping your towels dry.

  • Practical Design

    With traditional ladder designs and slimline options, these heaters serve as an unobtrusive solution for any bathroom.

  • 100% Efficient

    Every watt of power drawn from the wall is converted into heat for your bathroom, making these towel rails 100% efficient at point of use.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Many of these heaters are fitted with a highly precise digital thermostat, maintaining desired heat levels.

  • Lot 20 Exempt

    Towel rails are exempt from all Lot 20 regulations, making them an energy-efficient choice for your property.

Which curved electric towel rail should I choose?

To find the ideal size and wattage needed to heat your space, use our convenient online calculator that provides you with accurate measurements in a matter of moments. You can then choose from a range of striking finishes and traditional or contemporary styles to select a towel rail that best reflects your interior design scheme. With a range of control options also available, such as simple push-button adjustment or intuitive thermostatic control, it won’t take long before you find a heater that perfectly matches your heat management preferences. So, upgrade your bathroom heating today and browse our full collection of elegant curved towel rails today.