Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat Controller


Unlock the full potential of your Technotherm infrared heating panels with the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat. Fully programmable, with five heater modes, you can create a detailed heating schedule that caters to your every whim: a great way of saving energy and ensuring you’re not needlessly heating spaces.

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The Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat is a crucial component in your Technotherm heating system, allowing you to control and set temperatures, create a heating schedule, and remotely interact with up to 9 infrared panels per thermostat.

Using a controller is a great way to reduce wasted energy and integrate your heating into your routine. Pick and choose which of your panels is active throughout the day, what temperature they’re set to, and what time they switch off, all from one convenient point of use.

You can also purchase multiple TPF-Eco thermostats to zone your heating. Heater zoning allows you to control separate batches of infrared panels on a room-by-room basis, so you adjust the temperature of specific areas without impacting the rest of your property: a great feature for large-scale commercial buildings or domestic homes with varying temperature requirements.

The TPF-Eco communicates directly with the in-built receivers in each Technotherm panel, so there’s no need for additional wiring or expensive callouts. Simply pair your panels to the thermostat and you’re good to go from the off. To control your heating wherever you are in the world, you can also purchase the Eco Interface, which adjusts your heating via WiFi.