Celect CC852 Wireless Thermostat & Plug-In Receivers

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Control your heating easily and conveniently with the Celect CC852 Wireless Thermostat and Plug-in Receiver. An excellent tool for daily heat management, this thermostat provides a range of modern, energy-saving features such as 24/7 programming. Available as a bundle, or with 1, 2, 3 or 4 receivers.

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The Celect CC852 Wireless Thermostat and Plug-in Receiver is a DIY-friendly, fully programmable wireless thermostat. With its range of sophisticated features, the Celect provides a simple way to save energy and control your heating system. Available in a smooth white finish, this thermostat would be a perfect addition to any modern home. 

How it works

By adjusting your heating through the thermostat, radio signals are sent to the receivers, communicating changes to every heater that’s plugged in. This advanced technology makes the programmable thermostat an ideal option for those wanting to save energy and reduce running costs.

Programming Features

The Celect features a convenient digital programming function, allowing you to create a heating schedule that best suits your needs and lifestyle. With eight pre-set and eight custom programs, you can set up your heating to suit your routine for every day of the week, tailoring it to fit your work pattern and leisure time. With 24/7 programming, you can even set up your heating on an hourly basis, giving you full control over how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it.

Another great control feature is manual mode, a function that temporarily overrides your programmed schedule, for times when you want to a make a quick, convenient adjustment. The large LCD screen and user-friendly buttons make heat management accessible and easy to navigate. The Celect also provides automatic frost protection, which switches the heater on when the temperature falls below 5 °C. Additionally, the thermostat is accurate to ± 0.5 °C and can control temperatures between 5 – 35 °C, making it suitable for most properties.

Technical Specifications

The Celect CC852 Wireless Thermostat requires 2xAAA batteries for operation. In a suitable location, the Celect can be wall mounted DIY. This thermostat can also be plugged into any standard 13A socket with the heaters plugging directly into the receivers themselves.

The Celect can be purchased as a bundle with up to four receivers. Each receiver can support a load of 13 Amps. You will require an additional receiver for every heater you wish to use with the Celect. Please note, the thermostats and receivers are not suitable for installation in bathrooms or anywhere they can be exposed to water, as they are only IP30 rated.