Herschel iQ MD2 WiFi Controllable Hardwired Thermostat

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Herschel's MD2 hardwired thermostat offers easy touchscreen control over the infrared heaters in your system, making programming your home heating effortless. This thermostat is WiFi controllable when paired with the compatible Smart Life heating app.

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The MD2 is Herschel’s newest temperature management system, providing rapid control of your heaters without the need for additional controllers. It's WiFi ready from the moment it's installed and communicates directly with your router so all you need to do is pair it to the Smart Life heating app and enjoy easy heat management from a smartphone or tablet.

It doesn't matter how far you are from home, with the MD2's WiFi connectivity, you can take control of your heating from anywhere in the world – whether you're on the bus home or on holiday abroad. When you adjust your settings using the Smart Life app, the changes are relayed to the MD2 over the internet, where it will then update your heaters accordingly. With the app, your heaters can also be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control for truly modern home heating so you can adjust temperatures without having to lift a finger.

As well as offering WiFi control, the MD2 can also be programmed via its touchscreen interface, allowing you to set 4 heating periods per day. You can switch between manual mode, programming mode and eco mode using the display, and to prevent tampering, the MD2 has a lockable keypad which can be a useful feature in households with younger children.

The MD2 is the perfect heating controller for new buildings where hardwired finishes are desirable — as well as hot yoga studios or spaces with specialist temperature requirements due to its high 45 °C range. The entire unit simply hardwires into your home’s mains supply to take direct control of the Herschel heaters in your system, without the need for additional receivers.

The MD2 is accurate to ±0.5 °C and has a temperature range between 5 – 45 °C. Heaters must be wired into the MD2 in order to be controlled by the thermostat and it can accommodate a heater or combination of heaters up to 3600W. The MD2 is compact, lightweight, and makes for a professional finish when hardwired into a recessed cable box.