Celect T30 Simple Plug-in Thermostat

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Ideal for occasional heating, the Celect T30 plug-in thermostat provides simple control for your infrared heaters. Featuring a clear LCD display and easy-to-use manual dial, this thermostat is excellent for simple, accessible heat management. With a quick plug-in installation, you can start programming your electric heaters in no time.   

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The DIY-friendly Celect T30 plug-in thermostat can be set up in a matter of minutes, due its simple plug-in and go installation. An ideal tool for basic programming, the front face of the thermostat comes with an accessible manual dial, so you can adjust your heating quickly and easily. The large, clear LCD display also allows you to check the current room temperature with just one glance. For straightforward heat management, the Celect ticks all the boxes.

How it works

To activate the Celect T30 thermostat, you simply plug it into the nearest standard electrical outlet and then plug your heater into the socket on the front of the thermostat. No expensive installation costs – this thermostat is plug-in and go. Once paired with your heater, the Celect T30 automatically monitors air temperature, turning your infrared heaters on and off to best suit your preferred temperature level. This thermostat also allows you to set your ideal temperature between -5 – 25 °C with an easy manual adjustment. By making sure that heating only comes on when you want it to, the Celect is an ideal energy-saving tool, so you can save money on your heating bills in the long run.  

Programming Features

Through monitoring the air temperature and adjusting automatically, the Celect T30 ensures that your room will never be overheated or underheated. Featuring a convenient turn dial that allows for quick manual adjustment, you can rest assured that your room will always stay within your preferred temperature level. The clear LCD interface also means that you can easily monitor room temperature by taking a quick look at the thermostat, taking the guesswork out of heating. It also offers frost protection mode, so your system always stays above freezing. These functions make the Celect an excellent tool for on-demand, energy-saving heat management.

Technical Specifications

Providing it does not exceed an output of 3kW, this thermostat can be used with any electric heater.

This Celect thermostat is not suitable for installation in bathrooms or anywhere where it will be exposed to water.