Sunvic SunStatRF Wireless Thermosat for Hot Yoga

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Heat your hot yoga studio to perfection with the Sunvic SunStat RF Wireless Thermostat. With a temperature range of up to 45°C and the ability to set up to four temperature intervals per day, you can enjoy long-lasting, convenient warmth. The SunStatRF includes a wireless radio frequency receiver and thermostat and offers weekly programming features, for effortless control of your heating system.

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Providing accurate heat management for temperatures reaching up to 45 ᵒC, the Sunvic SunStatRF goes above and beyond the capabilities of regular thermostats. With an easy to navigate LCD screen and lockable keypad, the SunStatRF is the perfect addition to any hot yoga studios requiring a continuous high temperature, promoting flexibility and muscle relaxation. As a specialist thermostat, the SunStatRF can be used with both electric radiators and electric heaters. It works especially well with infrared heaters, making it the ideal heating system to provide long-lasting, radiant warmth for Bikram yoga classes.

Programming Features 

The digital programming functionality of the SunStatRF allows users to manufacture a personalised heating schedule for each day of the week, completely tailored to them. The thermostat also comes with a default schedule, which can be easily altered to create your own custom preferences. Up to four temperature intervals can be set throughout the day, and a convenient copy function is also available. This means your heating schedules can be duplicated across other days of the week, perfect for those working set shifts Monday to Friday.

Additional features available with the SunStatRF include frost mode, holiday mode, and manual mode. Frost mode switches the thermostat off when the house is at a suitable temperature unless it drops below 5°C. Holiday mode allows you to regulate a set temperature for up to 99 days. Manual mode means you can override your set schedule. These modes can all be easily accessed, without having to alter or lose your saved schedule, maximising the efficiency and flexibility of your heating system.

Technical Specification 

The Sunvic SunStatRF is highly reliable, offering accuracy to ± 1 °C and guaranteed system response to any temperature changes. The SunStatRF has an easy-to-use keypad, which is lockable to prevent interference. It also has a large LCD display with a backlight, making it manageable at any time of the day.

The SunStatRF can control multiple heaters, providing they do not exceed a total of 10 Amps, equating to 2300W in a standard 230V supply. A professional electrician is required to connect any heaters to the thermostat. As the thermostat itself is battery-powered, it only requires 2xAA batteries. The SunStatRF should not be placed in bathrooms or anywhere there may be a risk of splashing water.