What are the best electric radiators 2024?

There are more reasons than ever to make the switch to electric heating in 2024. Perhaps you’re looking to save money on your heating bills, live a greener lifestyle, or simply wish to upgrade your old-fashioned central heating to a modern alternative. Whatever it is, we’re here to break down our extensive range to give you the definitive list of the best electric radiators on the market. Whether you want to take advantage of smart heating, complement interiors with a designer model or are just looking for absolute efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

Top features:

Large touchscreen display panel
In-built WiFi control
Amazon Alexa & Google Home voice control
Motion Sensor Mode
24/7 programming
Silent precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C

From £233.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is Electric Radiator Direct’s flagship radiator: with over 70,000 units sold, an ideal combination of high-grade manufacturing and cutting-edge technology has made it a powerhouse in the electric heating space. Its slimline, contemporary build houses a highly efficient ceramic stone core for improved heat retention. With in-built safety features like a thermal limiter which cuts power once the radiator has reached a certain temperature, you don’t need to worry about micromanaging your unit.

WiFi-ready and built with a wealth of energy-saving features, the iQ Ceramic goes a step further with its integration of motion sensors and voice control. By detecting movement, the radiator can turn itself on and off completely autonomously, and pairing it with your home voice assistant allows you to manage your heating without lifting a finger. You can even purchase radiator feet to turn the iQ Ceramic into a portable heater. With effortless DIY-installation, you're guaranteed optimal performance without any fuss.

The classic white finish blends effortlessly with any design scheme.

Treat your space with a textured black finish for some eye-catching boldness.

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Ecostrad Klasse iQ

WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

Top features:

Precise German engineering
High heat retention ceramic stone tablets
Integrated WiFi & voice control
Enhanced manual display panel
24/7 programming & Boost Mode
Silent precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C

From £422.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Klasse iQ

The long-established quality of German manufacturing is aptly demonstrated with the Ecostrad Klasse iQ. With a classic fluted design, this timeless-looking radiator has received a modern upgrade. In-built with highly efficient ceramic heating bricks, the Klasse iQ perfectly balances convected and radiant heat. In fact, it can continue heating for up to 45 minutes without power, guaranteeing your comfort for longer at no extra cost.


Its deep-ribbed housing maximises surface area for increased contact with the air, resulting in quick heat-up times and a superior spread of warmth. Pair that with its integrated WiFi capabilities, you can adjust heating schedules and access a wealth of energy-saving features such as boost mode and open window detection. Offering immense versatility, the Klasse iQ’s low and horizontal models can be made portable with the choice of feet or castor wheels. Its vertical option is also the perfect space-saver for narrow walls. All in all, you're guaranteed to find the perfect match for your space with this next generation of German heating excellence.

Save space in conservatories and beneath bay windows with the low version.

The vertical model is a great solution for hallways and narrow spaces.

Meet the next generation of German electric heating with the Ecostrad Klasse iQ.

Ecostrad Allora iQ

WiFi Designer Electric Radiators

Top features:

Optimised for electric heating
Elegant oval bars
Heat-retentive thermal fluid
Intelligent WiFi programming
Suitable for bathrooms
Comfort, Eco & Anti-Frost modes

From £299.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Allora iQ

For statement heating that doesn’t compromise on comfort, meet the Ecostrad Allora iQ. This designer radiator has been specifically optimised to harness the full potential of electric heating. Its groundbreaking Fast-Flo technology features wider channels and more significant gaps between pipe joints, improving the circulation of the heating fluid. This eliminates the risk of overheating and ensures a gradual cooldown, for deeper-feeling warmth that lasts even in larger spaces. The Allora iQ’s sleek, smooth bars also serve a dual purpose: not only do they provide an aesthetic uplift, they maximise heat output for unparalleled efficiency.


Unlock its full programming potential with its WiFi-compatible heating element - effortlessly switch between heating modes, utilise the timer function and set a bespoke weekly schedule that complements your lifestyle to a tee. With remote access through your smartphone, you never have to worry about it running without your say so. Primed to deliver contemporary flair into your space, the Allora iQ offers a variety of styles to suit your preferences. The vertical version particularly stands out as a unique and attractive option – with the choice of single and double panels, you have the freedom to choose the exact heat output required for your needs.

With slim, curved bars, the vertical model blends seamlessly with any design scheme.

The horizontal model is an excellent choice for anyone looking to update their heating to complement modern spaces.

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Ecostrad Allerton iQ

WiFi Column Electric Radiators

Top features:

Bespoke column design
Efficient Fast-Flo technology
Heat-retentive thermal fluid
Sophisticated WiFi element
24/7 programming
Comfort, Eco & Anti-Frost modes

From £373.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Allerton iQ

Combining a stylish period aesthetic with innovative modern programming, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ is a designer radiator of unrivalled efficiency. Using a high volume of specially engineered thermal fluid, the Allerton iQ provides comfortable, long-lasting warmth – ideal for hard-to-heat spaces. Its bespoke columns aren’t just for aesthetic purposes: they allow the fluid to flow evenly to achieve enhanced heat circulation and slower cooldowns, resulting in premium heating for any space.


WiFi compatible, the Allerton iQ can be controlled with a simple swipe and tap of your smart device, and its sophisticated heating element allows for precise temperature measurement to complement a wealth of energy-saving features. With horizontal and low styles available, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ is an incredibly versatile choice. So, whether you need a space-saving solution for your conservatory or a stylish focal point for your living room, this oil filled radiator has you covered.

With the choice of double or triple columns, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your home.

With low styles available, comfortably heat conservatories and other rooms with restrictive wall space.

Haverland RC Wave

Bluetooth Electric Radiators

Top features:

Energy-efficient dry thermal technology
Silent precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C
Bluetooth app control
2-hour Boost Mode setting
24/7 programming
Lifetime guarantee on radiator body

From £224.99 Inc. VAT

Haverland RC Wave

The Haverland RC Wave is the result of forty years’ experience from the esteemed electric radiator specialists, Haverland. They have refined their expertise with this budget-friendly contemporary radiator, with an ultra-slim curved body that boasts a lifetime guarantee. As it heats using highly efficient dry thermal technology, heat-up times are incredibly quick, with max temperatures reached within 15 minutes. Since there's no internal liquid, there’s no chance of leaks whatsoever.

Its highly accurate silent TRIAC thermostat gauges room temperature as closely as ±0.5 ºC. Set weekly schedules, boost temperatures and take advantage of its baby care surface temperature setting using the touch-responsive control panel. With innovative Bluetooth control, there’s no manual programming necessary: simply control your radiator from the convenience of your smartphone. As the RC Wave comes ready for wall mounting or freestanding with feet, you can enjoy it as both a primary heat source and top-up heater for those hard-to-heat areas.

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Why upgrade to electric radiators in 2024?

  • Maintenance free – As they aren't linked to a boiler, electric radiators require no annual servicing. Extended warranties, simple installation and no carbon monoxide risks ensure minimal upkeep.
  • Energy-saving features – Open window detection, adaptive start and weekly programming help to streamline energy consumption, reducing waste and running costs.
  • Zoned heating – Programming your radiator individually or assigning them to a heating zone means your heating can better match your routine, ultimately cutting down on bills.
  • Versatile designsTraditional and designer builds, complementary colours and space-saving vertical models mean there’s an electric radiator to suit any interior.
  • Intelligent programming – 24/7 digital programmers, app control and sophisticated heating elements elevate the programming capabilities of electric radiators, providing you with a hassle-free experience.
  • Energy efficient – Your electric radiators can be completely carbon neutral when paired with a renewable energy source or tariff, for 100% clean electricity year-round.

Your ideal electric radiator is a few clicks away

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Key learnings

  • Ecostrad iQ Ceramic – our undisputed bestseller: a highly advanced smart electric radiator with superior heat retention.
  • Ecostrad Klasse iQ – the prime example of high-grade German manufacturing, with a classic fluted design, heat-retentive ceramic core and integrated WiFi capabilities.
  • Ecostrad Allora iQ – a designer radiator that effortlessly balances style, efficiency and convenient WiFi control.
  • Ecostrad Allerton iQ – an elegant, column-style designer radiator that uses efficient Fast-Flo technology to provide superior warmth.
  • Haverland RC Wave – a contemporary dry thermal radiator with Bluetooth compatibility, quick heat-up times and a lifetime guarantee.