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Smart Electric Radiators

In the modern world, as our homes, appliances, and electronics become more and more connected, our heating systems are expected to keep pace. The days of manual heating are numbered and the future relies on interconnected systems that can be easily controlled. Smart electric radiators represent the pinnacle of intelligent, user-friendly heating – offering WiFi, Bluetooth, or voice-activated control that integrates with your daily routine, becoming part of the fabric of your home. Our range of smart electric heaters cater to 21st century smart homes, offering the latest in cutting-edge heating that moves with the times. So, to find a smart electric radiator that best suits your modern property, browse our full range now.

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What are smart electric radiators?

Smart electric radiators & heaters represent the next generation of electric heating appliances, offering a controllable system that’s fit for 21st century living. Smart electric radiators support either Bluetooth or WiFi control using a compatible smart device and an associated app controller – providing convenient temperature management from the palm of your hand – without any manual adjustments whatsoever. Some of our smart electric radiators and heaters even offer voice control using Amazon’s assistant Alexa, enabling completely hands-free heating using just the sound of your voice. If you’re looking to upgrade your heating, look no further than an intuitive, smart device or app controllable, and energy-efficient smart electric radiator.

The benefits of smart electric radiators

    Intelligent & Intuitive Control

    Smart electric radiators can be controlled using WiFi or Bluetooth for quick and easy access to your heating that integrates into your daily routine with ease.

    Hands-Free Heating

    Using Amazon assistant Alexa, your heating can be controlled using just the sound of your voice – without any manual adjustment whatsoever.

    Instant Adjustment

    Using compatible heating apps, you can adjust your settings, turn smart heaters on or off, and access a wealth of energy-saving features from the convenience of a smart device.

    Guest Account Profiles

    Some electric smart radiators allow you to add guest accounts, providing restricted temperature control for holiday lets and commercial properties.

    Energy-Saving Features as Standard

    Smart electric radiators come with a plethora of energy-saving features designed to trim your monthly bills, such as adaptive start and open-window detection.

    Lot 20 Compliant

    Smart electric radiators come with a plethora of energy-saving features designed to trim your monthly bills, such as adaptive start and open-window detection.

Cutting-edge smart technology

Electric smart radiators are the pinnacle of electric heating technology, offering advanced control that you’ll struggle to find on other products. Our WiFi controlled smart electric radiators provide instant temperature management from anywhere in the world using your smart device – ensuring you’re always in complete control of your heating system. Forgot to turn your heating off when you left for work? Know you’re going to be home later than usual? With a simple swipe and tap, you can instantly relay changes to your heating on the go, whether you’re at work, on the bus, or on your doorstep. A superb feature for domestic properties, holiday lets, and rental properties, app controlled radiators put you in firmly in charge, without any effort whatsoever. For instant heater control when you’re at home, why not consider a Bluetooth controlled smart electric radiator? Using a compatible smart device, you can adjust your heating without leaving your seat – allowing you to control every radiator in your system without having to traipse around your home and manually adjust each one. It’s the modern way of managing your heating, without any compromise whatsoever.

Bluetooth or WiFi smart electric radiators?

Both WiFi and Bluetooth controlled smart electric radiators have their benefits and each thrives under different circumstances. If you’re looking for convenient control while you’re at home, a Bluetooth smart radiator is ideal. Using an app on Android or iOS device, changes made to your heating are relayed via radio frequency to your heaters – allowing you to adjust your schedule and make instant changes when you’re present in your home. Bluetooth requires close proximity between you and your heaters to work effectively and any changes made to your schedule when you’re out of range are sent to your heaters when you return. If you want to adjust your heating from anywhere in the world, opt for a WiFi controlled smart electric radiator. WiFi controlled radiators connect to your home router and any changes made on your smart device are relayed over WiFi, adjusting the smart electric radiators in your system almost instantly. Providing you have an internet connection, this allows you to adjust your heating wherever you are – ensuring you always have access to your schedule, should you need to make any last-minute adjustments.

Energy-saving features explained

Smart electric radiators come with a host of intelligent energy-saving features designed to make your heating as intuitive as possible. An outline of the most common can be found below:

Adaptive Start Adaptive start allows your radiators to “learn” how long it takes to reach certain temperatures. When activated, adaptive start enables your radiators to pre-heat ahead of scheduled times, so your rooms are always perfectly heated at exactly the right times.
Open-Window Detection Open-window detection temporarily pauses your heating if your radiators detect a rapid drop in temperature – typically stemming from an open window or door. When the temperature equalises, your radiators will resume heating again.
Geolocation Geolocation control allows your radiators to turn on or off depending on your proximity. If you leave a certain radius, your radiators will switch to a lower power setting and when you return, they will heat at a higher temperature. It’s a hassle-free way of saving energy that doesn’t require input from you whatsoever.
Energy Consumption Statistics Using compatible heating app controls, you can monitor your energy use in real time – helping you to understand just how much energy you use throughout the day so you can make savings wherever necessary.

How do smart electric radiators compare?

All our smart electric radiators provide advanced control designed for 21st century lifestyles, offering an intelligent heating system that integrates into your routine. We’ve detailed the differences between our bestselling smart electric radiator ranges below so you see which is best suited to you.

  Our Bestselling Smart Electric Radiators
Ecostrad Allora Haverland SmartWave Technotherm KS DSM
24/7 Digital Programming Yes Yes Yes
Adaptive Start Yes Yes Yes
App Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Energy Consumption Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Control Yes No No
WiFi Control No Yes (with hub) Yes (with hub)
Alexa Voice Control No Yes Yes
Open-Window Detection No Yes Yes
Geolocation No No Yes