What are the best portable radiators 2024?

If your home heating system just isn’t cutting it, portable radiators are the answer. Whether you're dealing with a particularly chilly space or trying to stay cosy without heating the entire house, these electric radiators adapt seamlessly to your needs. From dry thermal to oil-filled technology, straightforward dial control to cutting-edge motion detection, we’ve got something to suit every preference. So, let’s dive in to our top 5 recommendations for 2024!



Oil Filled Portable Radiators

Top features:

Stylish traditional design with 3 vibrant finishes
Flexible control via adjustable thermostat
3 power levels for cost-efficient heating
Built-in handle, cable tidy & attachable castor wheels
Easy-monitoring heating indicator
9 fins for improved heat dispersion

Price: £64.99

Moda Jazz

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly radiator with straightforward programming, the Moda Jazz ticks every box. This portable radiator doesn't just provide luxurious supplementary warmth – its retro-style curves and vibrant matte finish add a dash of glamour to your space. With everything you need for portability packed into one neat purchase, there’s no extras required. Simply pop on the wheels, plug it in, and you're good to go!

One thing we love about the Jazz is just how easy it is to program. The top dial takes charge of the temperature, letting you adjust the warmth from low to high. Sit back and relax knowing the thermostat shuts off as soon as your comfort level is reached. From there, the Moda Jazz will only need to turn on intermittently to maintain the temperature. The bottom dial gives you three power levels – the higher you set it, the faster it heats up – perfect for when you need warmth in a hurry.


If you’re seeking fuss-free heating in a stylish package, the Moda Jazz is the clear choice.



WiFi Oil Filled Portable Radiators

Top features:

Touchscreen display panel with adjustable brightness
Point & click remote control
Precise temperature adjustment between 5-50ºC
Integrated WiFi app control
24/7 programming with Smart Life
Countdown timer & energy-saving features

Price: From £109.99

Moda Nexus

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to the Moda Nexus. This oil filled radiator boasts a sleek and stylish design, seamlessly complementing contemporary spaces. Its cleverly designed heating fins not only enhance oil circulation but also emit heat with greater intensity, ensuring even the largest rooms stay comfortable.

Whether you prefer seamless manual control via its large LED display or opt for simple point & click control with the handy remote, the Moda Nexus has you covered. Looking to take things a step further? With integrated WiFi capabilities, download the Smart Life app and unlock its full programming potential. Tailor a heating schedule that syncs with your daily routine, or go with the flow by setting the temperature and using the countdown timer as needed.


Packed with energy-saving features, the Moda Nexus isn't just supplementary heating – it's a must-have for the modern home.


iQ Ceramic

WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

Top features:

Large Touchscreen display panel
In-built WiFi control
Amazon Alexa & Google Home voice control
Motion Sensor Mode
24/7 programming
Silent precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C

Price: From £259.99

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

With over 70,000 units sold, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is our undisputed bestseller. While it has firmly established itself as a go-to primary room heater, you can enhance the versatility of this ceramic radiator by purchasing radiator feet for all your ad-hoc heating needs. Its ceramic core not only heats up quickly but also retains its warmth exceptionally well. This means that once the iQ Ceramic reaches your desired temperature, it stays off for longer – great for keeping those heating bills in check.

Watch our run-down of the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic – touching on design, installation and smart control.

Take control with a personalised heating schedule or select your preferred temperature in Comfort Mode – this’ll maintain its warmth until you power it down. What sets the iQ Ceramic apart as a stellar supplementary heater is its Motion Sensor Mode. For energy-efficient warmth without lifting a finger, this feature turns the heating on and off based on movement – perfect for lesser used rooms that don't require a schedule.


The iQ Ceramic is our most adaptable electric radiator yet, and whatever your heating needs, it has you covered on all bases.


RC Wave

Bluetooth Controlled Electric Radiators

Top features:

Energy-efficient dry thermal technology
Digital thermostat accurate to ±0.5 ºC
Bluetooth app control
24/7 programming
2-hour Boost Mode setting
Baby Care surface temperature limiter

Price: From £249.99

Haverland RC Wave

Another bestseller, the Haverland RC Wave is a true crowd-pleaser. Using dry thermal aluminium elements, this radiator delivers rapid heating within minutes of switch-on – ideal for when you need warmth in a pinch. As a true testament of its durability, the RC Wave even comes with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body. Lightweight and compact, transform it into a portable solution by purchasing its radiator feet.

With weekly scheduling, precise thermostatic control and convenient Bluetooth programming, the RC Wave ensures seamless temperature management. Touch-safe heating is a priority too – with a Baby Care surface temperature limiter, you’re guaranteed peace of mind around pets and little ones.


So, if you need a portable radiator that’s equally adaptable, convenient, and easy to program, the RC Wave doesn’t disappoint.


Klasse iQ

German Engineered Electric Radiators

Top features:

Precise German engineering
High heat retention ceramic stone tablets
Digital thermostat accurate to ±0.5 ºC
Integrated WiFi heating control
24/7 programming & Boost Mode
Enhanced manual display panel

Price: From £469.99

Ecostrad Klasse iQ

The Ecostrad Klasse iQ has all the hallmarks of German heating excellence: a traditional ribbed design, heat-retentive ceramic core and integrated WiFi capabilities. Available in three orientations, the low and horizontal models can be purchased with radiator feet or castor wheels to provide supplementary warmth for your space.

The efficiency of the Klasse iQ cannot be understated. It’s infused with specially engineered ceramic tablets that deliver a high volume of radiant warmth. Once it has reached your set temperature, it can remain switched off for up to 45 minutes an hour. At no expense to your comfort, you’re enjoying deeper-feeling warmth that doesn’t cost the Earth! For manual control, the Klasse iQ’s integrated display panel has been enhanced for ease-of-use, featuring a Boost Mode for that extra bit of flexibility. With WiFi control, enjoy new levels of customisation through your smart app or home voice assistant.


As a portable radiator, the Klasse iQ offers an efficient alternative to your primary heating system. If you have a space that particularly struggles to retain heat, this is the radiator for you.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Easy to install and use. Very efficient, kicking out bags of heat despite being very compact."

Customer bought: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric Radiator - 1000w

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Perfect to heat the room but also move around when it’s needed elsewhere. Throws out plenty of heat and looks good too."

Customer bought: Haverland Designer RC Wave RC11W Electric Radiator - 1700w

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So, whether you need to warm up a chilly corner or simply enjoy the flexibility portable radiators provide, our recommendations have you covered! Explore our full range or reach out to our friendly sales team if you have any questions.

Key learnings

✓ Portable radiators are the answer to on-demand, supplementary warmth. DIY-friendly, maintenance free and packed full of convenient features, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your space with our top 5 recommendations.

✓ Moda Jazz – Budget-friendly with vibrant, retro-style curves and convenient dial control, the Jazz is perfect for those seeking straightforward programming.

✓ Moda Nexus – Stylish, WiFi-ready, and brimming with energy-saving features, the Nexus is adaptable and intelligent heating built with the modern home in mind.

✓ Ecostrad iQ Ceramic – The gold standard of smart electric heating, the iQ Ceramic is our undisputed bestseller. It contains advanced energy-saving features and superior control options to fit around you.

✓ Haverland RC Wave – A contemporary radiator with Bluetooth compatibility, the RC Wave is incredibly fast-acting thanks to its dry thermal elements.

✓ Ecostrad Klasse iQ – A prime example of German heating excellence, the Klasse iQ’s enhanced efficiency makes it the best solution for rooms that struggle to retain warmth.

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