Energy Efficient Electric Heaters: How Controls Keep Costs Low in Rental Properties

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In recent years, electric heating has made huge advances in terms of the technology it offers and it’s now more efficient and intuitive than ever. Due to new legislation, modern heating systems have been revamped to include certain features to help save on energy and reduce running costs. Some of the most common features are open window detection, adaptive start and WiFi control, all of which deliver adaptable heating that’s not only energy efficient but can also help to keep costs low. They’re perfect for landlords searching for the most cost-effective way to keep a property warm and this blog is going to take a look at which features you should be looking for.

The benefits of electric heating for landlords

Electric is one of the most efficient heating solutions on the market, offering a number of controls to help minimise running costs. One of the best things about electric heating, is that it can be fitted throughout a property, with appliances suitable for bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms, so you can mix and match electric radiators, electric heaters, towel rails and even patio heaters for effective warmth in every space. Many require little to no maintenance and they’re easy to install for a professional. This means you won’t have to pay for any lengthy callouts or organise any gas safety checks like you would with a gas central heating system. Plus, you can even control each electric heater separately, setting a different temperature for every room so that you don’t waste energy in any unused spaces.

Which features are energy efficient and cost effective?

For landlords, heating is a long-term investment, which is why we are dedicated to delivering effective appliances that you can depend on. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, our heating appliances offer a range of features to trim down running costs and make managing your energy use easier than ever before.

Haverland SmartWave electric radiatorWiFi Control

Our most sophisticated heating appliances feature WiFi control which allows you to manage your heating through the internet. These smart electric radiators are easy to use and superb for efficiency as they deliver heat management on the go. Simply download an app onto a compatible smart device and experience advanced programming from anywhere in the world. This is great if you currently have an unoccupied property, as WiFi control will allow you to adjust the heating remotely from the comfort of your own home. If you do have a tenant, they can also manage the heating whenever they need to, even if they’ve left the house and gone to work. This is not only convenient, but it also means if the heating is accidently left on, you or your tenant can simply hop on the app and switch it off.

One of our bestselling products, the Haverland SmartWave takes this one step further as a self-programming electric radiator that not only features WiFi control but voice control as well, for hands-free heat management. With an intuitive motion sensor, this self-programming electric radiator can adapt to any routine, so even if you get new tenants it will learn their schedule in no time at all. This smart electric radiator does all the work for you, keeping your tenants happy whilst also increasing energy efficiency throughout your property.    

24/7 Programming

This is a user-friendly, set-and-forget feature that allows you to program a heating schedule to fit around any lifestyle, preventing you from wasting warmth or energy when it isn’t needed. So, if you have a tenant who works late shifts or somebody who is out all day, they can set their heating to fit their weekly routine without having to constantly adjust their radiators. This heating program can be changed at any time, so even if you get new tenants in, they can change the heating schedule to fit their routine.

As a landlord, there might be times when setting a weekly heating schedule isn’t necessary. Maybe you’re currently between tenants or in the middle of renovating and the heating is not in use. Not to worry, many of our electric radiators also feature anti-frost mode, which will ensure that temperatures never drop below a certain level, even if the property is unoccupied. This will protect your radiators so that pipes and heating elements never freeze over, preventing them from getting damaged.  

Adaptive Start & Open Window Detection

Electric radiator under windowMost of our electric radiators now offer open window detection and all of them include adaptive start. Both features are energy efficient and cost effective for different reasons:

Open window detection is great for preventing heat loss as it identifies any rapid drops in temperature and stops the radiator from producing warmth until temperatures settle again. It’s a great feature for student accommodation and other shared properties where tenants might leave the window open by accident. This feature cuts power to the heater when it knows heat will be lost so you’ll never waste money heating a rapidly cooling room space.

Adaptive start uses less energy to get your room up to temperature and removes the guesswork out of pre-heating spaces for a more cost-effective solution. If your tenants have a set heating schedule, adaptive start calculates when to start heating the room ahead of time using the least amount of energy to make sure it reaches the right temperature whenever it’s needed.

Saving Energy with No Effort Needed

Many of the energy saving features we’ve mentioned are completely automatic so you can essentially leave your heating to run itself without having to worry about whether it’s working optimally. But, if you want total control and access to energy statistics on the move, we highly recommend our WiFi electric radiators for in-depth heat management. If you want to find out more about electric heating for landlords and how it could be beneficial for your property, give Electric Radiators Direct a call and let us find the perfect solution for your project.

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