Why Electric Radiators Are Perfect for Student Accommodation

Last updated: May 2023

I think we can all agree that heating is the last thing on a uni student’s mind, not when there are parties to be had, lecture notes to copy and a brand-new world to explore without parental supervision. This can sometimes leave landlords on the back foot, because without the eagle eye of someone monitoring the thermostat, energy usage can quickly spiral out of control.

But what if we told you there was an easy way for landlords to manage a property’s heating system, even from a distance? The answer is in electric radiators. So, if you want to know more about how they can save you money, read on…

From fast-acting and effective warmth to zero maintenance, check out this video to learn why electric radiators are taking UK properties by storm.

WiFi heating apps let you save energy wherever you go

Modern electric radiators with WiFi make your heating accessible on a whole different level, and once you’ve experienced the convenience they offer, it’s hard to go back. WiFi puts all the control you need right in the palm of your hand by allowing you to use an app on your phone to adjust the heaters in your system. As long as you have an internet connection, you can program a weekly schedule for each radiator, raise or lower temperatures, and even switch heaters off all without having to be physically present at the property. It’s a superb way to take charge of running costs without any intrusion.

They let you keep an eye on your energy usage

Many apps also give access to real time energy usage statistics so you can see exactly how much your electric radiators are consuming. If one of them is running more than you’d like, simply grab your phone, adjust the radiator’s settings and save money. With functions like this, you never have to overpay for your heating, and you can even compare energy usage over days, weeks, months and years for an accurate point of reference.

Identify overconsumption with the Technotherm app

Track energy usage with the Haverland app

In-built sensors stop heat loss in an instant

While young professionals will balk at the thought of running the heating and leaving the window open, the same cannot always be said for your average carefree student. Open window detection is a core feature of a lot of new electric radiators and cuts power to the heater if it detects a sharp drop in temperature stemming from a draught. No more wasted energy – these radiators are smart enough to know that there’s no point producing warmth if all of that heat is pouring away through the window. It’s completely automatic so you can rest easy knowing that your heating is taking care of itself.

Installation is quick & easy

Think about all the time and money you would sink into installing central heating. It’s not an appealing thought, is it? But that’s the reality of a traditional gas system: it’s laborious to install, causes a significant amount of upheaval and comes with a lot of maintenance over the lifespan of the boiler. Electric radiators are the opposite: these versatile heaters can be installed quickly by a professional electrician so you can refurb your property in a fraction of the time and cost. Or, if you’re furnishing a single room, you even have the option to choose a product with DIY-fitting for heating you can set up in minutes.

In this video, we're answering pressing questions such as when to opt for professional hardwiring and how to DIY-install a wall mounted vs. freestanding electric radiator. 

They’re safe & simple to maintain

Electric radiators are a heating system so straightforward that the only upkeep they need is a quick inspection. Because they don’t burn fuel, there’s no risk of carbon monoxide so this greatly cuts down any need for regular upkeep. Just keep them clean and have them looked at whenever your next electrical safety check is due – they’re as low hassle to own as any other appliance.

Motion sensors heat only when people are present

In a multi-occupancy property, communal spaces get used sporadically. Kitchens and lounges might only be used for minutes at a time as students retire to their individual rooms for the evening, so these spaces are ripe for cutting back energy usage. Electric radiators with motion detection will only heat when they detect someone in the room, so they only use power when necessary. Then, after a period of no movement, they’ll incrementally lower the temperature until they finally switch to anti-frost. It requires zero programming and offers a set-and-forget way of

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic’s motion detection mode is built into its programming – no connection to WiFi necessary.

The Haverland SmartWave’s motion sensor mode is self-programming – it learns the user’s routine over a weekly period to create a bespoke schedule.

Invest in energy-efficient heating today

We’ve only outlined 6 of the main benefits electric radiators can provide when heating student accommodation but they offer so much more, so if you want to experience their efficient warmth first-hand, get in touch with our Trade team today to set up an account. We offer exclusive discounts as well as world-class customer service from our dedicated Trade account managers, who can help you find the perfect products for your project. Whether you just need one heater for a refurbished room or want to re-fit an entire property, get in touch for a free quote or browse our range.

Key learnings

  • Electric radiators offer landlords quick, simple and convenient access to a property’s heating, ensuring costs and energy usage are kept to a minimum.
  • WiFi heating apps allow you to have remote access 24/7 so you can manage the heating even when a property is vacant.
  • Apps with energy usage statistics help to identify overconsumption.
  • In-built sensors like open window detection stop heat loss in an instant due to an open door or window.
  • Installation is quick & easy – professional installation is a simple process, thanks to a lack of moving parts. If refurbishing one room, many electric radiators are suitable for DIY-fitting.
  • With no reliance on fuel or carbon monoxide, electric radiators require zero mandatory maintenance.
  • Electric radiators with motion sensors heat only when people are present, doing away with the need for micromanaged schedules.