What are the benefits of WiFi controlled electric radiators?

In 2021, it’s no surprise that WiFi controlled electric radiators continue to take the heating industry by storm. Sophisticated features like app and voice control mean you no longer have to rely on manual adjustment to control your heater – instead, you can adjust warmth from the palm of your hand, any place, any time. So, let’s take a closer look at these tech-savvy heaters and see exactly what advantages they have to offer. 

What is a WiFi controlled electric radiator?

An electric radiator with WiFi control allows you to connect your heater to a compatible smart device, usually through your smartphone or tablet. Once connected, you can easily adjust and monitor your heating via an app, for ultimate convenience. Better yet, providing your phone or tablet is connected to WiFi, you don’t have to be near the heater to adjust it – for example, if you’re at work and realise you’ve forgotten to turn your electric radiator off, simply open the app on your phone to make the relevant changes. Many WiFi controlled electric radiators also allow you to pair your heater with Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant, so you can control your heating via quick voice commands for hands-free management.

Benefits of WiFi Control

Electric radiators that connect to WiFi offer a number of advantages, from 24/7 programming to energy-saving features. Let’s take a closer look at how WiFi compatibility takes your heating system to the next level.

Adjust Heating Remotely

Many of us have experienced the panic of being far away from home and suddenly realising that the radiator has been left on. Rather than rushing home, app control allows you to switch your heater off from your smart device, regardless of location. Not only does this eliminate the need for manual adjustment, but it also allows you to monitor and control your heating from anywhere in the world – great for those with busy lifestyles who want immediate access to their heating system. Equally, if you’re at the supermarket and notice the weather has grown chillier, just a few taps of your phone screen is all that’s needed to set your radiators temperature whilst browsing the bread aisle. This way, returning to a cosy living room at the end of your shopping trip is always guaranteed.

Program Your Heat to the Minute

24/7 programming via the app lets you create custom heat schedules in advance – so your electric radiator switches on/off automatically, right when you need them to. Many WiFi controlled electric radiators actually allow you to micromanage heating to the exact minute, for ultimate controllability. If you have multiple WiFi controlled electric radiators fitted throughout your property, you can also manage them all via the app, setting individual times and temperatures on a room-by-room basis to create your ideal ambience. With WiFi control, you can even schedule your heating when you’re sat on the train during the work commute!

Intuitive Features

WiFi connectivity unlocks automatic functions that control your heating on your behalf, so you don’t even have to think about heat management. Here are the two main intuitive modes that make heat management that much easier:

  • Motion Detection: the electric radiator switches on as soon as it detects movement, like when someone walks into the room – eliminating the need for manual adjustment. Some heaters can even create a heat schedule based on your past movements, through cutting-edge self-programming. Heaters with this feature include: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, Haverland SmartWave
  • Geolocation: switches your heating on/off based on your proximity to home. For example, if you leave a certain radius, the electric radiator will automatically switch to a lower temperature, only to increase again on your return. Heaters with this feature include: Technotherm KS DSM

Sophisticated Voice Control

For hands-free control, simply pair your heater to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant via the app, so you can start managing your warmth through quick voice commands. Electric radiators like the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic come with a handy manual that outlines all the voice commands that the heater will recognise, such as “Alexa, turn off heater”. Whether you want to adjust the temperature, switch the heater on/off or change heat modes, voice control allows you to do so effortlessly.

Does WiFi control save energy?

Yes – WiFi controlled electric radiators are ideal for promoting energy-efficient warmth. Through sophisticated smart control, you can ensure that your heater is always doing exactly what you want it to do, from the palm of your hand, even when you’re far away from home. This means there’s less chance of warming rooms that aren’t in use and wasting energy in the process. Better yet, features like voice control and motion detection manage your heating on your behalf – so even if you forget to weekly program, intuitive functions like motion detection are a handy back up that you can simply set and forget. The app also lets you view your energy usage statistics, so you can monitor how much heat you’re using and adjust accordingly. Whichever way you look at it, WiFi controlled heating is a sure-fire way to save energy and stay in control of your heating.

Heat your home the smart way

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