Blog OfferWhat comes to mind when you think of an oil filled radiator? Is it a faithful, portable standby when your central heating breaks down; or perhaps a sleek and stylish wall mounted solution with the very latest technology? Oil filled electric radiators encompass a wide range of styles but they all have one thing in common: they’re all popular, sought-after solutions for home heating. There’s a reason why they’re among the most widely purchased electric heaters, so if you’re not sure what they can do for you, here are the three main benefits of oil filled electric radiators.

1.      Excellent Thermal Retention

Haverland Designer TT Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

No matter what style of oil filled radiator you’re most familiar with, you’ll find they’re all designed to heat using the same basic principle. These radiators warm up an engineered thermal fluid or oil within the housing, transferring heat out into the room and warming the surrounding air. If you’re thinking it’ll take longer to heat up a mass of liquid compared to a wire element, you’d be right, but the oil in these radiators does provide an additional benefit that should be taken into account. Oil filled radiators are excellent at retaining heat so less energy is needed to top up temperatures in your room space. Even after they’ve stopped drawing power from the wall, these radiators will continue to gently radiate heat and keep you comfortable because the fluid inside is designed to cool slowly. Their longer heat up times aren’t to everyone’s taste – in which case we recommend a dry thermal radiator such as the Haverland RC Wave – but they’re a great choice if you want long-lasting warmth.

2.      Lower Running Costs

In practical terms, the improved heat retention of oil means that your electric radiators will be more energy efficient and ultimately cost less to run. If you’re using fixed radiators with advanced digital programming, you can slim down your bills even further by creating a heating schedule for every area of the house. Controls are built into each unit so you’re given the scope to create a bespoke heating routine for each room, matching how it’s used on a daily basis. Fixed oil filled electric radiators also come with precision digital thermostats – many of which are accurate to within 0.2 or 0.5 °C – which prevents your space from being overheated. By having a precision thermostat on each radiator, as opposed to one thermostat for your whole heating system, you’ve got a greater say on how much energy you use to heat your home. It’s the heat retentive properties of oil in conjunction with accurate digital thermostats that makes oil filled radiators so cost effective as a home heating solution.

3.      Portable & Fixed Solutions

Osily Oil-Filled Radiator

We tend to think of oil filled radiators in one of two ways: either as portable models for convenient warmth, or as larger fixed heaters that make up a whole-home heating system. In this respect, oil filled electric radiators really do offer something for everyone, whether you just want a backup heater for emergencies, or an energy-efficient system you can rely on day to day. Though portable models have simpler controls compared to their fixed counterparts, they’re still excellent for on-demand warmth, and are even the preferred choice of portable heater because of their improved heat retention. Compared to fan heaters which are noisy, inefficient and can give off an unpleasant smell as dust burns against their exposed elements, oil filled radiators create a lasting, comfortable warmth that can be enjoyed over longer periods. Simply wheel them out whenever the occasion calls and plug them in for effective supplementary heat. Freestanding electric radiators are superb solutions if you need a portable source of warmth and are available in a range of wattages, both with or without a basic 24-hour timer function. For primary heat throughout the house, we also offer products like the Haverland Designer TT which offer full weekly programming so you can tailor your heating around your lifestyle and save energy in the process.

Versatile & Reliable Oil Filled Radiators

Our oil filled electric radiators are easy to install DIY with minimal effort and we offer everything from portable heaters to specialist products designed to fit on low conservatory walls. Browse heaters with traditional designs, almost indistinguishable from central heating radiators; as well as sleek and modern products that will look stylish in any interior. All of our electric radiators are maintenance free and require no servicing unlike central heating, making them hassle-free solutions wherever they’re installed. You could be enjoying the benefits of an oil filled electric radiator in just a few clicks so view our range to find the perfect heater for your home.

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