Oil Filled Radiators

Elegantly designed, our oil filled radiators are the ultimate solution for efficient and cost-effective heating. Pre-filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid, oil filled radiators deliver unrivalled warmth to a range of room types – especially those that are harder to heat. The effective combination of convected and radiant warmth is long-lasting, so you’ll be able to feel the benefits even after the radiator’s stopped drawing power. With a wealth of energy-saving features and control options, our oil filled radiators align with your lifestyle effortlessly – choose from high precision thermostats to WiFi app-enabled connectivity, and experience heat management like never before.

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How does an oil filled radiator work?

Oil filled radiators and central heating radiators both produce warmth by heating liquid but that’s definitely where the similarity ends. Oil filled radiators aren’t part of a bigger system; they’re standalone units that can often be wall mounted and can be installed almost anywhere, giving them a versatility that central heating can’t match. Inside an oil radiator is a metal heating element which warms up the surrounding fluid, distributing warmth across the housing and finally out into your room. As they’re fully sealed, these heaters don’t need to be bled or topped up with oil – they’re ready to go from the moment you switch them on.

The benefits of oil filled electric radiators

  • Long-Lasting Warmth

    The thermal fluid inside oil filled electric radiators & heaters ensures they stay warmer for longer, minimising energy usage.

  • Reduced Running Costs

    By requiring less energy to maintain temperatures, using an oil filled radiator with timer or thermostat will keep your bills as low as possible.

  • Stylish, Modern Designs

    Choose a black wall mounted oil filled radiator to make a statement, or go for a slimline oil filled heater in white. Our collection has style and finishes to suit every home.

  • Adaptable Heating for Modern Life

    Our modern oil filled electric radiators with timers and thermostats offer full weekly programming for heating that perfectly fits your routine.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Highly accurate digital thermostats monitor your room temperatures with greater accuracy. No wasted energy from overheated spaces.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All of our electric oil radiators are compliant with the latest energy efficiency regulations so you can purchase with confidence.

How do oil-filled radiators compare?

Electric radiators come in three distinct varieties: oil-filled, dry thermal and ceramic stone. Each of these heater types has its own benefits to suit the needs of different spaces, so if you want to know how oil filled radiator heaters compare against their oil free counterparts, this table highlights the key facts.

Element Type
Oil-Filled Radiators Dry Thermal Radiators Ceramic Stone Radiators
Heat Retention Better Good Best
WarmUp/Cool Down Time Slow Fast Slower
Weight Heavy Light Heaviest
Best Use Standard-sized spaces Standard-sized spaces Larger, hard-to-heat spaces

Smart, easy-to-control heating

Forget basic turn-dial thermostats and manual switches – modern oil filled heaters come with cutting-edge controls to help you streamline your bills and effectively manage your heating. Most of the oil radiators in our selection, such as our Ecostrad Allora and Ascoli, have in-built Bluetooth control so you can adjust all of the heaters in your system simply by using an app on your smartphone. Taking smart control one step further, our Rointe Delta D Series electric oil radiators offer full Wi-Fi heat management, so you can make changes to your radiators from anywhere in the world in an instant. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we also have oil filled radiators that can be programmed directly via their control panel, like our Haverland Designer TT and Rointe Kyros ranges. If you need an oil-filled radiator with thermostatic control, all of our thermal fluid products come with precision temperature sensors to keep a close eye on heat levels in your room space. They’ll keep every area of the home the perfect temperature and use minimal power in the process to prevent wasted energy.

What’s the best way to install an oil radiator?

If you’re looking for a wall mounted oil-filled radiator, you have the option of either a DIY or a professional hardwired installation. All of our Ecostrad and Terma wall mounted oil filled radiators require a hardwired fitting by an electrician and are not supplied with a plug, however you’ll find that this type of installation is a quick and easy process for a professional. It’ll leave a wire-free finish and will give you the same clean look you’ll see in promotional material. Other products in our oil heaters range, like the Haverland Designer TT and Rointe Kyros, are suitable for DIY fitting. All you have to do is mount them on the wall, plug them into the nearest socket, then get started – look for the ‘plug & go’ icon to find DIY compatible products. Plug-in radiators will still need to be hardwired if they’re going to be used in bathrooms or if you’re planning to refit your whole home. This is to make sure they comply with safety standards and don’t overload the ring main of your property.

Energy-efficient features to save you money

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Our electric oil radiators come with adaptive start which pre-heats your spaces so they’re the right temperature at the right time, using minimal energy.

  • Open Window Detection

    Many oil-filled radiators come with an open window detection which pauses your heating whenever they sense a rapid drop in temperature, helping to save energy.

  • Energy Usage Statistics

    The Bluetooth and WiFi controllable electric oil-filled radiators in our range allow you to access energy usage statistics via your phone to help optimise your system.