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Can I Make My House Warm Up Faster?

I’m sure we all share that mutual feeling of coming home from work, ridiculously tired, swearing at the cold wind and fantasizing about our warm and cosy beds, only to find out that our house… is even colder than the outdoors. This leads us to some drastic decisions and important questions such as ‘will turning my thermostat up really high make my house warm up faster?’.

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Myth Busting: Is Fitting Your Wall-Mounted Radiator Difficult?

One of the myths that prevents people from enjoying the comfort of electric wall heaters is the supposedly difficult instalment. While this could’ve been true ten years ago, nowadays wall radiators are quick and easy to install as a DIY task. If you’re like me and you don’t trust yourself with DIY tasks, these few easy to follow steps should come in handy.

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Boost Your Autumn Heating with Electric Radiators

Yesterday we passed through the autumn equinox, and now with October just around the corner it’s that time of year when the nation starts switching on the heating again. With the cold weather rapidly approaching, it’s never been more important to make sure your home heating system is up to scratch. If you’ve got a new extension to heat, a failing central heating system to prop up, or a few rooms that could use an extra boost of heat, our electric radiators could provide you with an economical, easy-install solution that will keep you cosy all through the winter...

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Why is Electric Heating Better for Senior Citizens?

Winter can be a lovely time. All the snowball fights, decorations, festivals, snowman building with friends and of course our beloved Christmas. But it can also be a dangerous season. We are either the ones constantly nagging about or dismissing the idea of dressing up warmly before going outside. Although it is true that British winter is not as harsh as it is towards east, for example in Germany, it shouldn’t be taken lightly, yet most of us still assume the worst case scenario is getting a cold. However, the actual risk to our health posed by the cold is much more serious.

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How To Choose the Perfect Electric Heater?

When it comes to upgrading your electric heating system, the overwhelming choice of heating solutions can be scary. Electric heaters, radiators, panels, free-standing or wall-mounted, the list just keeps on going, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, finding the right heater could take too much time.

Unlike other retailers who tend to use a lot of confusing technical jargon, we try to make our product descriptions as unambiguous as possible. Still, buying the best electric heater for your home isn’t exactly an everyday task, so the whole process can be unnecessarily confusing. Consider this article a guide on how to use our most popular products to their full potential, and hopefully your next hunt for an electric heater will be much easier! 

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How to Fix Wall-Mounted Radiators on Stud Walls

Are you concerned about fixing your electric heater on a stud wall? Worry no more! Whether you’ve recently added a stud wall to your house and one of your rooms is left without heating, or you’re still debating whether an electric radiator will be suitable for your house, we’re here to dispel any doubts.

Installing your electric wall mounted heaters on stud walls can be hard work, but we’re here to make it really simple by explaining it for you in baby-steps.

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Introducing Our new RCE Electric Radiator

An attractive addition to any interior environment, Haverland RCE electric radiators are suitable for use in social housing, student accommodation, health care, hotels and domestic homes.

In the world of electric heating Haverland has a reputation for delivering innovative products in a smart, contemporary package made of 100% recycled aluminium. But what makes the Haverland RCE eligible to join the elite?  

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Is Winter a Good Time to use your Conservatory?

Absolutely yes!

Conservatories are a popular option in the UK. Since the weather can be ridiculously variable, changing from beautiful sunshine into heavy rain within minutes, reading a book in your garden or having a meal in the fresh air can turn into mission impossible at any time. A conservatory can take care of this problem, allowing you to enjoy your garden while shielding you from possible rainfall or chilly wind. However, a well-heated conservatory can be a lot more.

Your conservatory could be a playroom, an office, a gym or a dining room, the possibilities are endless, but without a heating system, you might find yourself using your conservatory only now and again during the summer. This way, you’re completely losing out on the possibilities such space provides. 

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Daylight Saving Time is almost here

"Brace yourselves, winter is coming!"

On the 25th of October the time changes from British Summer Time into Greenwich Mean Time, more commonly known as winter time and our clocks will go back by one hour. First things first, this means we’ll have a chance to get that extra one hour of sleep, assuming you’re in bed before 2am. Most of our devices such as smartphones and laptops will automatically go back, without requiring you to do all the hard work. However, it is vital to re-programme your electric radiators in order to maintain your heating schedule the way you want it to be. Without doing so, you’ll find your radiators, heaters and towel rails turning on and off too early. 

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Preparing For Colder Days Ahead

As our less than charitable British summer is slowly becoming a distant memory, we believe this is the right time to prepare yourself for a harsh winter forecasted.

Climate experts are already warning us about the El Nino effect which poses serious consequences for the UK. Six years ago we saw the phenomenon causing heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, resulting in airports being closed for days, and this year’s El Nino effect is expected to be even stronger, with some sources claiming it will be the strongest one ever.

Don’t let the El Nino surprise you, prepare yourself for winter.

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