What are the Best Electric Radiators for Rooms With High Ceilings

High CeilingThis is one of the most common heating conundrums: how to heat rooms with high ceilings? Whether you have gas central heating or electric heating, rooms with high ceilings or large windows will always have specific heating requirements. Fortunately, electric heating has a way to tackle this problem with uniquely designed electric radiators. Read on to discover how to deal with heating high-ceilinged rooms!

Why is it so hard to keep these spaces warm?

The main problem with heating high-ceilinged rooms is purely scientific. Heat rises: an inconvenient trait, but not so problematic in rooms with low ceilings. You might occasionally notice that your toes are the last part of your body to get warm and cosy, but nothing more serious. However, in rooms with high ceilings, heat escaping upwards becomes a big issue. You don’t want to be heating the ceiling while leaving the ground level cold, but that’s usually the case. Most of the heat will gather in the upper half of the room, either leaving the bottom half cold or forcing your heater to work extra hard, thus consuming more electricity.

The second serious problem with heating high ceilinged rooms requires us to do some mathematics. The room you’re planning on heating might be a relatively small one, let’s go with an example of 6m² at ground level. If it was a room with a standard ceiling height, the volume of air you’d have to heat would be around 16m³. In the case of a room which is two storeys high, this number greatly increases, and you end up looking at heating a volume of air as large as 60m³! Unfortunately, when it comes to rooms with high ceilings, our radiator calculator won’t be of much help. So what is the best electric radiator for your troublesome hallways, staircases and open plan offices?

How to effectively heat a room with a high ceiling:

Ecostrad iQ CeramicCeramic or dry stone radiators are definitely the way to go if you’re having trouble keeping your rooms warm and they’re just as useful for modern open-plan properties as they are old-style Victorian terraces. The reason they’re so effective is all because of the thermal properties of ceramic. It’s an excellent heat conductor which means it pushes warmth out into the room quickly and it’s also great at retaining heat, so it takes much longer to cool down. What this translates to for the end-user is that rooms warm up fast and stay comfortable for longer using less energy, and who doesn’t want that? They offer exceptional efficiency, and while it might be at the expense of their weight (stone is quite heavy after all), the lower running costs are usually reason enough to invest in these elegant room heating solutions.

As ceramic is so effective at holding heat, radiators that use it as a heating medium emit more radiation and it’s for this reason they’re the perfect match for hard-to-heat rooms. Radiant heat isn’t blown away by draughts – it’s absorbed by the walls and surfaces so more heat stays in the room. More radiant heat means more lasting warmth so even high-ceilinged spaces can be kept cosy throughout the day.

Which radiators work best for hard-to-heat rooms?

Technotherm KS DSM Smart Heat Retention RadiatorProducts like the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic and Technotherm KS are designed to efficiently heat those hard-to-heat spaces. Dry stone elements within these radiators heat up fast and push out heat at a higher intensity than conventional radiators, ensuring that every corner of your room is kept warm. Their slim housings easily fit in small hallways and stairways, and their timeless design perfectly blends in with any interior design – whether it’s vintage, modern or traditional.

Just like many of our heaters, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic and Technotherm KS DSM feature smart technology that is bound to make your life easier and help you reduce the energy usage in your household or business. A highly accurate thermostat maintains your desired comfort temperature by switching the radiator on and off, ensuring that the temperatures don’t dip too high or too low. This means that instead of working at full power at all times, our efficient electric radiators only have to be switched on for a fraction of the time. Meanwhile, their WiFi app programming allows you to decide exactly when your radiators will heat during the day, all from a smartphone or tablet. Combining these features together will allow you to make significant savings on your electricity bills. With multiple available sizes to choose from, you’ll easily find an efficient ceramic electric radiator to keep all of your hard-to-heat spaces warm!

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