From fluid filled radiators to dry thermal elements - which electric radiator is right for you?

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Anyone who's shopped around for electric radiators knows that the market is full of various products to choose from. Some of these products might help cut down your energy bills, others might not be the best fit for your home or lifestyle. Electric radiators are booming, becoming the go-to energy efficient heating option of choice for homes and offices across the country - so how do make sure you're choosing the right one? What's the difference between the various technologies and builds on offer?

Here at Electric Radiators Direct we've made it our long term mission to find people the cheapest deal on the best products. We've tested products from all over the world and share a close relationship with big name manufacturers like Haverland and ElectroRad, and we know how to get the most from their vast range of products and options. Here are a few radiator types you might see while browsing our site, and what their relative advantages are. Hopefully this will help you take a more confident step toward a brand new energy saving heating solution for your home.


What are the benefits of oil filled or 'thermal fluid' radiators - aren't they really old?

Haverland Designer TT RC12TT Electric Radiator - 1500w

Saying a radiator is 'oil filled' does perhaps sound a bit dated. Afterall, people were using oil lamps and heaters a hundred years ago. While the basic premise remains the same, technology has come on leaps and bounds in that time, and thermal fluid radiators like the Haverland TT are superb energy efficient heating options when they're applied in the right way. 

A thermal fluid filled radiator will distribute heat very quickly, and they'll stay warm for a lot longer than some of their counterparts. Because of this, they're an ideal choice for medium to large rooms that perhaps don't have the best insulation. The heat retention in a thermal fluid radiator is valuable in terms of energy saving and keeping a constant temperature in rooms where the heat is likely to find a way out and escape. The Haverland TT also has a built in energy saving monitor, so you can keep and eye on things and see energy efficiency in action.


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I've heard about 'dry thermal elements' - what are they?

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiator

Our best selling radiator, Haverland's RC Wave has no moving parts or fluids. It's completely silent, requires virtually zero maintainence and is 100% recyclable. That's largely because it's got a dry thermal element inside. A dry thermal element will heat up on demand and push heat out into the room in an even and consistent way, leaving no cold spots at all. Most radiators distribute heat in a convection style, pushing heat around the room. This is fine for the most part, but the RC Wave goes ones step further as its dry thermal element pushes out heat directly, as well around the room. Because of this you'll feel the warmth from the radiator a lot quicker, and your entire room should warm up nice and evenly. 

A dry thermal element won't stay hot as long as dry thermal or ceramic radiator, but it's controlled by a state of the art thermostat which can click it on and off in a matter of seconds to maintain any desired temperature. The net result is some major energy saving potential. It's worth mentioning that the RC Wave also has a built in thermal limiter, which means that the surface of the radiator never get too hot to touch - perfect for home where young children are constantly running around. Even when the radiator is operating at full capacity, they won't burn themselves if they happen to brush by it. 


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What are 'dry stone' radiators?

Haverland Inerzia TTS RC12 Dry Stone Electric Radiator - 1800w

A dry stone radiator, like the best selling Haverland Inerzia, is superb for large rooms with high ceilings. These are powerful radiators which literally contain dry stones - like the stones you might traditionally find in a storage heater - and are incredible heat retainers. They also push heat out into the room with a great deal of strength to reach those cold spots in spacious areas. We'd recommend the Inerzia, or any dry stone radiator, to those looking to heat large spaces like community halls, churches, assembly rooms, or bigger than average homes. 



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