Best Electric Radiators For Businesses

Electric Radiators for Businesses Heating a business, large or small, can be tricky. Every business has different heating requirements depending on the size and style of the building, the number of people employed and the activities which take place within the building. Working out how much heating you need is just the first hurdle – you next have to decide what sort of heating system you want in your building. There are many options available to business owners scouting for an economical business heating solution, but for controllability, responsiveness and ease of installation you can’t beat an electric central heating system. A system of electric radiators will allow you to tailor your heating schedule to suit the needs of your business – cutting down your energy usage to the places and times where heat is really needed. Easy DIY installation will have our electric radiators up and running in no time, whilst innovative heating elements will spread heat comfortably and evenly around your rooms. But which of our radiators will be best for your business? Find out with our case studies for hotels, offices and function rooms.


Best Radiators For Hotels

Whether you own a chain of budget city inns, a cosy countryside B&B or a luxurious five star hotel, you’ll be aware of the unique challenges of heating commercial lodgings. How to heat your building economically when every guest in the hotel will be using their rooms differently? You can be sure that the last thing on your guests’ minds will be the heating – they won’t be being careful to switch the heating off whenever they depart for an evening’s entertainment. When you own a hotel you have to find the difficult balance between keeping your bills low and your guests comfortable. But how best to do that?


A programmable radiator gives you the opportunity to tailor your heating to your hotel schedule. If you know your guests have to be out of their rooms between 11am and 4pm there’s no point heating their empty rooms. Even if your hotel gives your guests unrestricted access to their rooms you can set the heating to a lower temperature in the day when they’re more likely to be active and a higher temperature in the evening when they’ll want to relax. High precision thermostats on each individual radiator give you accurate temperature readings and the scope to programme each radiator separately – so you can set up a different heating schedule in bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors and lobbies. Designer radiators such as the Haverland RC Wave and Haverland TT electric radiator ranges provide sophisticated heating control in an elegant package with a contemporary design – a great choice for stylish suites where aesthetics are everything. If you own a hostel, motel, budget hotel or glamping cabin where your guests have lower expectations for comfort heating you might find it more economical to use an electric panel heater which your guests can simply switch on or off to suit their requirements.


Best Radiators For Offices

If you own the premises of your business you’ll probably be counting every penny to make sure you’re running the building as economically as possible. Heating can make a significant contribution to your monthly bills – especially if you’re wasting a lot of energy. Luckily, the nature of office work gives business owners huge scope to control their energy usage with electric radiators. Knowing the work hours of your employees can help you to fine tune your heating schedule, cutting down on energy wastage by making sure your radiators are only in operation when there are people in the building.


Our Haverland RC Wave electric radiators provide an ideal opportunity to do this with 24/7 digital programming, a high precision thermostat and fast-engaging dry thermal elements. They are also available for DIY plug-in fitting or can be hardwired into a fused spur by a professional electrician. This process is quick, easy and mess free – significantly cheaper than getting gas central heating installed by a plumber. Choosing electric heating is an excellent way to reduce the initial costs involved in getting new offices up and running.


Best Radiators For Function Rooms

If you own a function room, you have to be prepared for anything. Maybe you own an activity centre which is used by a variety of clients for yoga classes, craft evenings, discos or council meetings; perhaps you own an event hall which can be used for weddings, parties or live music. Either way, you’ll be faced with the double challenge of heating a large and potentially draughty space and providing comfortable heating for all levels of activity.


Our Haverland Inerzia range of electric radiators are specifically designed to push out heat at a higher intensity to effectively heat high-ceilinged and open plan spaces. Like all radiators in Haverland’s ‘new generation’ heating collection, the Inerzia boasts sophisticated heating control facilities which venue managers can use to schedule temperatures according to the intensity of the activity undertaken in the area. The highly accurate thermostat responds quickly to changes in temperature, sensing when temperatures drop or rise within half a degree of the selected temperature and switching the radiator on or off accordingly. This means that the heating will respond quickly to sudden bursts of activity – meaning you won’t waste money pushing heat into a room where an aerobics class has just started!


We know that offices, hotels and function rooms are just the tip of the iceberg. We know that business owners in all sectors are looking for more economical heating solutions for their establishments – with restaurants, shops, activity centres and holiday cottages all in a position to benefit from energy efficient electric heating technology. For more details on our products and the ways they might benefit your establishment speak to our expert sales team today. They’ll be delighted to provide you with plenty of information and a free quote personalised to your property. Call us on 0330 300 4444.




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