Is Electric Heating Safer than Gas?

Electric Heating Safer than Gas

Within the past few days two articles concerning gas leakages and explosions were published in the media. These articles are an unpleasant reminder of the dangers of gas central heating – but also the benefits of electric central heating. In comparison to traditional heating systems, an electric heating system is completely safe and poses no risk to you or your family. So what exactly are those advantages? 


On the 6th of February a house in Wolverhampton was destroyed by a gas explosion, fortunately no one was hurt. Although such accidents are not very common, they do happen, especially during the colder months, and it is completely understandable that some people worry whenever their boiler starts to create suspicious noises. While big gas explosions are not your everyday problem, gas leakage is comparatively common, with over 200 people visiting hospitals a year with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are sometimes referred to as the ‘silent killers’ as they are both colourless and odourless, making them very difficult to spot early and especially dangerous if you don’t have a gas leakage detector. This is one of the primary reasons why most modern care homes opt for an electric heating system – it is much safer for the vulnerable. The other reason is their controllability. Electric heating can be programmed to match your lifestyle, and the whole process of changing the settings or setting up heating schedules is quick and easy.


With an electric heating system, the threat of gas leakage no longer exists. This is both comforting for your conscience and economical for your budget, as your radiators will no longer require any kind of annual servicing. In the very unlikely case that your electric radiator does malfunction, all you have to do is exchange it using your warranty – no risk to you or your health whatsoever. And changing your electric radiators could not be easier! Traditional heating systems are very expensive to change or upgrade, therefore many people choose to keep their outdated boilers and pipes, thus only increasing the risk. With an electric heating system, you don’t have to dig up your living room floor or driveway: if you decide to change one or all of your electric radiators, you simply unmount and unplug them – no mess, no expensive disruption. And it’s not only dismounting that is easy: with a basic understanding of DIY you can install your radiator by yourself within 10 minutes.


Why not give electric heating a shot? It’s safe, easy to install, efficient, doesn’t need servicing and can be varied throughout your house! For example, the rooms you use frequently can benefit from an electric radiator, such as the RC Wave. These designer radiators come in a recycled aluminium body and feature modern energy-saving technology, such as thermostats and timers. A thermostat maintains your desired comfort temperature by switching the radiator on and off while the timer allows you to set up a heating plan, either for 24 hours or for a whole week. A bathroom on the other hand can be equipped with an electric towel rail that will store your towels while keeping them warm and heat the whole room at the same time. For other rooms and areas, you’re able to choose between infrared heaterspatio heaterselectric heatersstorage heaters and so on – a variety that is impossible with other types of central heating.


Make a transfer to electric heating today and eliminate the threat of gas poisoning with our electric radiators and electric heaters. Feel free to call our expert team on 0330 300 4444 to find out which electric heating solution is the best for your needs, or use our radiator calculator to work out what size radiators you need! 


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