What are The Most Economic Radiators?

Most Economic RadiatorsWhat makes our electric radiators so economic? There are many features that make our electric radiators worthy of this title. The first reason why our electric radiators are economic is their installation. In the case of central gas heating you are required to dig up your pipes, which is not only messy, but also time-consuming and in many cases very expensive. Electric radiators on the other hand only require 10 minutes of your spare time, basic DIY understanding and a standard socket, and you’re ready to go.


Another feature that makes our electric radiators really economical is their programmability. Almost all of our electric radiators come with an accurate thermostat and either a 24h or 24/7 timer to give you great controllability over your heating schedule as well as benefit you with significant savings. The accurate thermostat will maintain your desired comfort temperature by turning on and off and not allowing it to fall or rise too much. This way, your electric radiators are on only for a fraction of the time you are using them. Furthermore, some of our radiators, such as the RC Wave, have a precision thermostat accurate to within half a degree, meaning you won’t be able to feel the difference in the temperature throughout the day! The timers are just as useful: with a 24/7 timer, as seen in the Haverland Inerzia Dry Stone radiator, you can set up a heating plan for each hour of the week. This way, your radiators can be programmed to switch on half an hour before you come home, saving you the chilling breeze once you step over the threshold, or they can turn off some time after you go to sleep, so you’re not wasting electricity. These two features combined allow you to cut down on your bills significantly whilst allowing your electric radiators to adapt to your lifestyle and giving you huge control over the heating schedule!


The variety of electric radiators allows you to make further savings, depending on the type of space you are planning on installing your radiator in. For example, for rooms with high ceilings and large windows you might want to opt for an Haverland Inerzia dry stone radiator, as it is more energy-efficient for large spaces. This is because the Inerzia radiators use lightweight dry stone elements to push out heat at a greater intensity than conventional heaters achieve. A great choice for both domestic and commercial use. On the other hand, the RC Wave, which heats you by a combination of convection and radiation, is a popular choice for domestic use and a best-seller on Electric Radiators Direct, due to its slimline contemporary design, full programmability and a wide range of sizes. Choosing the right size of a radiator for your space will also help you cut down on bills. A radiator too small for a room will have to work really hard to heat up a bigger room than it is designed for, and most likely will be on for most of the time, thus using more energy. An electric radiator that is too big for your room will be more expensive than the one you need – a cost that can be easily avoided. To make sure the radiator you chose is appropriately sized for your room, check our radiator calculator.


Whichever way you look at it, there is just no denying that electric radiators deserve the title of economical. Easy instalment, numerous intelligent features, broad range to choose from… If you’re still making your mind up about an electric radiator, why not check the reviews from all of our happy customers? And if you’re ready to make the transition to electric heating, visit our store and choose the best electric radiators for your house!


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