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Wall Mounted Electric HeatersThink electric heating is just storage heaters? Think again. What many people fail to realise about electric heating is that it encompasses a huge range of products. It’s a misconception that stems from rival heating solutions which involve a much more limited selection of products. If you use gas you probably have central heating radiators. If you use coal you probably have a coal burning fire. But unlike gas and coal, electricity is not a fuel: it is a form of energy which can be converted to produce heat in a myriad of ways. In the same way that the socket on your wall can power a toaster, a fridge, a high-definition TV or a vintage mid-century radio, electricity can run everything from a budget convection heater to an ultra-efficient infrared panel. At Electric Radiators Direct you’ll find our full range of electric wall heaters, with economical heating products for every home and every budget.


All our electric wall mounted heaters, large and small, basic or high-tech, have one thing in common: they are all suitable for wall-mounting. Wall mounting is the most popular heating installation option – ideal for space-saving, easy access and secure fitting. Electric wall heaters are an ideal choice for activity rooms, small spaces, corridors, caravans, conservatories and anywhere else where you want to maximise the available space. The key to reducing the impact your heaters make on your room size is depth: the more slimline your radiators the less they will protrude into the room. With that in mind, we thought we’d rank our most popular wall mounted electric heaters in order of slimness, to help you see which of our heaters will leave you with most space in your rooms. The Electric Radiators Direct Slimline Heating Olympics of 2015 has begun!


10 – Stiebel Eltron Storage Heaters: 17cms

Coming in last at number ten with a depth of 17cms are our Stiebel Eltron Storage Heaters. Storage heaters have never been known for their slimness, requiring a bulky exterior to house the thermal bricks used to retain heat. What they do offer is the unique capability to make the most of the Economy 7 heating tariff by heating up overnight and emitting heat during the day. It’s not the most efficient or the most stylish heating solution out there – but if wall mounted storage heating suits your lifestyle it might just work out the most economical option.


9 – Be Modern Amari Electric Fire: 12.6cms

Gone are the days when fireplaces were huge room features mounted in massive chimney breasts which were so large that they determined the furniture which could fit into your living room. Electric fireplaces can be mounted high up on the wall, just like a TV or picture, making a stylish centrepiece which doesn’t obtrude into your space. The Be Modern Amari, our slimmest electric fire, features a stunning black glass exterior and a realistic LED flame effect which costs a few pennies to run.


8 – Ecostrad Electric Towel Rail: 11cms

At number 8 with a depth of 11cms comes our best-selling Ecostrad towel rail. Wall towel rails are fantastic space-saving solution which combine towel storage with bathroom heating – with the added bonus of warm, fluffy towels ready after every wash! The Ecostrad’s traditional ladder design, user friendly thermostat and optional remote control make it an energy efficient bathroom favourite in many homes.


6 – Designer Electric Radiator Range & Stiebel Eltron Panel Heaters: 10cms

We have a tie for 6th place, with both our Designer Electric Radiator Range and our Stiebel Eltron panels measuring up as 10cms deep!


Stiebel Eltron Panel Heaters provide on-demand home heating on a budget, with basic convection heater elements pushing warm air around the room. Slimline and cheap to purchase, panel heaters are a great choice for small rooms and offices that are not used on a regular basis.


Our Designer Electric Radiator Range – including the Haverland Designer TT, the Haverland Inerzia and our budget Cointra Apolo range – features smooth contemporary designs which provide discrete and energy efficient heating in a variety of modern interiors with something for high-ceilinged, open-plan or small spaces.


5 – Haverland Conservatory RC12B Electric Radiator: 8.5cms

Space-saving is a priority in conservatories, orangeries and solariums – and with a depth of 8.5cms the Haverland Conservatory Radiator is the ideal choice to help you make the most of your room. With a height of only 38cms this electric heater fits tidily on conservatory dwarf walls and can be controlled 24/7 with a customisable heating programme which makes sure you only heat your conservatory when you need to – a great way to cut down your heating bills.


4 – Haverland Designer RCWave: 7.4cms

Our best-selling range of electric radiators, the Haverland RCWave boasts the slimmest design in the Haverland Designer range. Dry-thermal elements make the RCWave exceptionally light from 5kg, perfect for mounting on stud or partition walls. With 24/7 digital programming, a high-precision thermostat and a lifetime guarantee on the body of the radiator, the Haverland RCWave is a fantastic all-round slimline wall heater suitable for fitting in a variety of domestic and commercial settings.


3 – Stiebel Eltron Infrared Bathroom Quartz Heaters: 6cms

Taking third place is the Stiebel Eltron Infrared Bathroom Quartz Heater, generating instantaneous directed heat at the touch of a button. The Stiebel Eltron Quartz Heater provides infrared heating on a budget, using a shortwave form of infrared which gives off an intense heat and a warming glow – even when mounted high up on the wall. This makes the Quartz Heater a great choice for bathrooms in which space is at a premium: warming the room quickly and effectively whilst taking up minimum wall space.


2 – Ecostrad Iridio Electric Towel Rail: 3.8cms

Coming a close second is the Ecostrad Iridio Electric Towel Rail with a depth of 3.8cms. This designer towel rail makes a beautiful addition to a stylish bathroom, with slim steel towel rails and an elegant chrome finish. The Iridio is dual fuel compatible which means it can work both independently and as an extension of your central heating system – a real advantage across the year when you may have very different heating requirements in your bathroom to the rest of your home.


1 – Infrared Panels: 2.5cms

Winners of the Slimline Heating Olympics of 2015 is our collection of infrared electric wall panels! With an ultra-slim depth of 2.5cms, wall mounting an infrared panel makes as little impact on your room space as mounting a painting. Our collection of Herschel and Prestyl infrared panels produce far infrared heat, one of the most energy efficient and comfortable heating solutions on the market. Far infrared heat warms you directly, in the same way the sun warms the Earth, so no heat is lost through draughts and the natural circulation of air. With a minimalistic steel construction and a crisp white finish, infrared panels combine style with energy efficiency as the most superior home heating solution on the planet. For more information on our top quality electric heating products, give our friendly sales team a call on 0330 300 4444. We’ll be delighted to help you find the best electric heaters for your home.


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