10 People Who Can Benefit from Electric Heating

Today’s society is comprised of an incredibly broad range of lifestyles compared to previous generations. We rush from place to place constantly, beavering away at work then dashing straight out the door again to enjoy our evenings. Fast-paced modern living requires us to have a heating system that’s responsive to our routines but it’s very rare to find a method that is all things to all people. Not many heating solutions can tick all those boxes, aside from electric heating. Take a look at these real-world situations below to see just how versatile electric really is.

1. Busy couples Couple Outdoors

If you like to make the most of your days frequenting the gym, socialising with friends or attending club meetups, electric heating is the best choice to fit around your busy routine. If both you and your partner are social butterflies, it might be difficult to predict when and for how long you might need your heating. You may not even be certain who’ll be coming through the door first. WiFi compatible electric radiators allow you to control your heating from your phone or mobile device, so you can switch on your heating a few minutes before you’re due to get in, or turn it off if you know you’ll be home later than expected.

2. People with no access to mains gas

This is becoming increasingly common in rental properties, as gas systems can be troublesome to fit in buildings split into multiple residencies. Electric can be a tremendous boon in these situations as it offers all of the effective heating available from a gas system but with an increased range of heat management options for greater convenience. Electric heaters are incredibly easy to install and can be fitted DIY in most instances so there’s no need to sacrifice your comfort levels if you have no central heating.

3. Homes with conservatories

Conservatories are exempt from building regulations regarding heat loss, providing they are fitted with heating systems that can be controlled independently from the rest of the house. It’s possible to extend gas systems into conservatories, keeping it isolated to the rest of the system, but this isn’t often a feasible option. When you consider the amount of time and money that needs to be invested, it’s a mammoth task that most aren’t willing to undertake. Electric heating remains the most popular choice for conservatories as it can be installed quickly and easily, and at a substantially lower cost than expensive plumbing work. The effective zoned heating offered by electric also makes it a much more controllable option too. We even have a range of conservatory radiators for you to choose from.

4. Portable heat for a nomadic lifestyleRC Wave

According to an article by the Independent, 54% of people under 25 have already lived in three or more locations and are predicted to move another three times before they reach 45. As we become inclined to move more frequently, we have to resign ourselves to the fact that each residence will be slightly different. Some may have all mod-cons and high thermal retention, but accommodation in older properties is not always so snug. Electric heating offers reliable and effective heating no matter where you move to. Products such as the RC Wave can be fitted with additional feet for a free-standing fitting, or even mounted to the wall as a permanent fixture. The easy plug-in-and-go functionality of electric heaters means your reliable heat source can travel with you – all you need is a standard 3-pin socket, and you’re up and running.

5. Simple solutions for chilly loft conversions

While loft conversions are great in the summer, they can get very chilly in winter if they’re not adequately insulated – not ideal if you’re converting your loft to a luxury master bedroom. Again, extending central heating pipework up into your loft space can be time consuming and costly but you’ll also need to make sure your boiler can cope with the extra load placed on the system. Installing electric radiators presents no such issue. They’re easy to fit, just as effective as central heating radiators, and can be controlled separately, which is useful if your loft conversion is only used occasionally.

6. Heating for houses of multiple occupancy

Installing a central heating system in multi-occupancy buildings can be a costly prospect for property developers due to the amount of work that goes into laying pipework, fitting boilers and ensuring adequate ventilation. When you include the expense of annual maintenance, gas quickly becomes an unappealing prospect for residences of this type. In stark contrast, electric heaters are extremely low maintenance and incredibly easy to install – an ideal low cost solution for developers and an adaptive heating system that can be tailored to each individual.

7. Efficient heating for routine-based living

Those who enjoy adhering to a disciplined routine may be pleased to learn electric heating can be as regimented as you desire. 24/7 programming facilities incorporated into most modern electric heaters let you programme your heating around your routine so it’ll always be warm when you get in from work, but also ensures it’s never left on by accident. Keeping your heating set to a strict schedule reduces costs by using energy only when it’s needed and gives you much more control over your outgoings.  

8. Households dependent on central heating

Many homes rely on central heating as their primary heat source and, for the most part, it will do its job just fine. The real problem arises when this system breaks down. As it’s a single system designed to work simultaneously around all areas of the house, when it fails, it fails everywhere. Until you get your system fixed, you can expect your entire home to be like a giant walk-in fridge with nowhere to escape to, except maybe under a high tog duvet. The zoned heating offered by electric operates on a more modular basis with each appliance heating an individual area, so if one breaks, the rest of the heating in your house will be unaffected. It’s even useful as a supplementary system working alongside existing gas central heating.

9. On-demand heat for site-to-site workers

By their nature, some jobs require people to travel frequently from place to place or across multiple sites. Working in unfamiliar territory can often mean you’re at the mercy of the facilities at hand, including the heating system, or lack thereof. If you find you’re working in chilly studios and brisk workshops, a freestanding electric heater can help stave off the cold and can easily be unplugged when you’re ready to pack up and leave.

10. Energy-efficient solutions for properties with infrequent use

Haverland SmartWaveThere are certain types of property which will never see regularity in their use because their occupants change too frequently to establish a set routine. Prime examples are holiday cottages, short-let apartments and second homes which see people come-and-go repeatedly but are often left empty for long periods of time. This can be frustrating at times if you’re letting a property and the occupants forget to turn the heating off before they go – potentially wasting energy for days until the owner notices. Smart electric heaters, such as the Haverland SmartWave, can prevent this from happening by using motion sensors to only heat when it detects people in the room. When there’s nobody about, the radiator dutifully switches off to save energy. The purchase of an additional WiFi controller provides an extra level of control over the SmartWave by making it controllable from any location with an internet connection. Even if you’re miles away from your holiday let property, you will be able to adjust and turn off your heating with the easy-to-use Haverland app.

There are of course many more applications for electric heating, but these offer some fairly typical examples of where they can be most useful. If any of the above scenarios are similar to your current situation, why not take a look at our fantastic range of electric heaters so you can enjoy the benefits first-hand.

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