Which Smart Electric Towel Rail Should I Choose?

Thirty years ago, towel rails were considered luxury items only found in the most elite hotels. Today, it’s almost unheard of for a home not to have one. Electric towel rails have seen a surge in popularity over the last decade, and it’s not hard to see why. They can be used for both their drying functions and to keep a space warm, but as we typically don’t spend as much time in our bathrooms, we tend to use towel rails differently than our other radiators. Heating bathrooms on an individual basis is one of the most efficient ways to save energy and keep bills down – making electric the perfect alternative. Smart electric towel rails go one step further in their functionality: by utilising smart technology they offer users a myriad of innovative and convenience-focused options that do even more to reduce costs and energy waste. So, let’s take a closer look.

Why choose a smart electric towel rail?

Standard electric towel rails come with in-built thermostats, which in order to program can involve a lot of crouching, neck craning and eye squinting – all that effort amounts to little gain, as there’s only so many functions a basic thermostat can have. Smart electric towel rails do away with the need for manual control. By downloading an app like the Ecostrad Ecosystem and connecting the unit to your smartphone, you have the ability to manage your heating like never before.

Find intelligent features such as weekly programming and energy usage statistics – a great way to view exactly how much energy your radiators are consuming and how to manage them better. Simplify heat management even more by connecting your Alexa or Google Home and control your heating with voice commands. Smart towel rails also have ways to keep energy down without much input: features like adaptive start, open window detection and eco mode – just a few of many advanced solutions to home heating.

There are two modes of control for smart electric towel rails: Bluetooth and WiFi. Both are similar but with key differences, so let’s check them out.

Bluetooth vs WiFi control: what’s the difference?

Bluetooth: turn your smartphone into a remote control

Bluetooth doesn’t require an internet connection to work – which means you can still manage your towel rail even if the internet is down. Simply download an app and turn your phone into a remote control: a short-range connection means you typically can’t be further than 10 metres or so, making Bluetooth a great option if you feel you’ll only need to make adjustments from inside the house.

WiFi: manage your heating from anywhere in the world

WiFi controlled towel rails have unmatched controllability because they’re not limited to manual or short-range control. Any compatible smart device can be connected and employ a variety of energy-saving features to make the most of your settings. This option is great for people who want to make tweaks on the go, as WiFi app control enables full programming capabilities from anywhere in the world. Whether you’ve left for work and realised you’ve forgotten to turn the towel rail off, or you’re on holiday and want to implement anti-frost mode – WiFi control can do all that and more.

Ecostrad Fina-E Blue: premium quality at great value

At a glance

  • Price – From £199.99
  • Wattage (w) – 200-600
  • Heats from – 2.5-6m²
  • Colours – Chrome
  • Programming – Bluetooth control | MOA Blue Heating Element
  • Compatible with – Terma Blueline app

Its classic ladder design in stylish chrome gives the Ecostrad Fina-E Blue a timeless look to suit any bathroom. With six models ranging in size and wattage, and five different heat levels to choose from, this smart towel rail is an incredibly adaptable product at great value.

Pre-filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid, the Fina-E Blue provides lasting heat even after the unit has been switched off – allowing you to save energy and reduce running costs. Fitted with a MOA Blue heating element, the towel rail’s short-range Bluetooth connection offers an array of smart features including 24/7 programming, adaptive start, and a two-hour drying function. Set up a weekly heating schedule tailored to your needs and access your energy usage statistics – all from the comfort of your chair with this sophisticated heated towel rail.

Ecostrad Scala iQ: make your towel rail the centre of attention

At a glance

  • Price – From £259.99
  • Wattage (w) – 400-600
  • Heats from – 3-5m²
  • Colours – Chrome | Anthracite
  • Programming – WiFi control
  • Compatible with – Ecostrad Ecosystem app | Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Sporting extra-wide flat bars, the Ecostrad Scala iQ pairs style with substance in an attention-grabbing anthracite finish or contemporary chrome. Equipped with the Ecostrad iQ WiFi Element, a precise digital thermostat accurate to ± 0.5 °C with a built-in LED display, programming the Scala is refreshingly straightforward. Compatible with the Ecostrad Ecosystem app, you can access a range of energy-saving features through your smartphone even when you’re on the go. Boost temperatures, set up a heating schedule and even access voice control, for superior control over your bathroom heating.

The Scala iQ also comes fitted with a handy 1-5 hour timer function, which is perfect for those short bursts of heat needed for drying towels. Once your towels are dry, the heater’s smart capabilities ensure it will turn off automatically – maximising efficiency and keeping the room at a comfortable temperature for longer. A fantastic solution to 2-in-1 heating: the Scala iQ makes the perfect focal point to any bathroom, with the means to match.

Give your bathroom an upgrade today

It’s time to make your bathroom a little smarter. Whether you want a towel rail that’s classic and understated, or have it attract attention with its fresh design and bold colours, warm your bathroom in style with our premium selection of smart electric towel rails. Browse our full range or contact our friendly support team for expert advice on all things electric.