What Makes German Electric Radiators So Efficient?

Known for reliable and high-quality products, German manufacturing has a worldwide reputation for excellence. You only have to look at their car industry to understand how well received German-made products are, but that advanced engineering doesn’t end with the auto business. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we have a selection of German radiators that boast the same level of sophistication and are ideal for a range of properties, but what exactly makes these products so efficient?

Technotherm KS TDI High Heat Retention Radiator

Energy-saving features that set them apart

German electric radiators are cut above the rest, offering exceptional warmth that you can rely on, and their efficiency comes down to five main reasons:

- They use heat retentive ceramic elements
- They have deep-rib designs on the radiator body
- Their precision thermostats accurately monitor temperatures
- They’re made by experts to a first-class standard
- Some offer WiFi control for improved energy management

So, let’s go into detail and find out why German radiators are renowned for low running costs and exceptional performance…

1. Heat-retentive ceramic offers long lasting warmth Ecostrad Ecowarme Vertical - Anthracite

The German electric radiators in our range all use ceramic to produce warmth because it has outstanding heat-retentive properties. Ceramic heats up rapidly, holds heat well, emits warmth effectively into the room and is also able to reach high temperatures without cracking or degrading, unlike some stone composites. There are very few thermal mediums that are this effective and ceramic plays a huge part in why German radiators are so cost effective to run.

Once they reach temperature, ceramic radiators have a very long cool-down time, which means that they’ll continue to emit warmth even when they’ve stopped drawing power – sometimes up to 45 minutes later. They don’t need to use as much energy to keep spaces comfortable, which all adds up to lower running costs. German ceramic radiators usually emit a larger amount of radiant heat compared to a standard radiator. Radiant heat isn’t lost through draughts because it’s absorbed by the fabric of the building so more warmth stays in the room and more money stays in your pocket.

2. Deep ribs maximise surface area and heat transfer

All of our German electric radiators sport the same deep-ribbed design and there’s a reason for that. Radiators with these fins not only mimic traditional aesthetics but also help to maximise surface area, increasing contact with the air. Having more fins allows a greater amount of heat to transfer into the room so you can warm spaces faster than a radiator that has a purely flat design. In our Technotherm KS range, either side of the radiator sports these extra-deep fins, giving it a surface area six times greater than your average flat-panel radiator, helping rooms reach comfort levels all the more quickly. It’s an extra efficiency measure that’s very easy to overlook but makes a tremendous difference to the overall convenience of your heating, especially as it requires no further output from the heater itself. It means that when rooms get to temperature quickly, your radiators can switch off even sooner, saving you money at the same time.

3. Precision thermostats reduce energy wasteTechnotherm KS DSM Smart Heat Retention Radiator

Complementing the efficient design of the radiator bodies, German radiators also make use of precision thermostats to keep a close eye on your energy usage. They’re accurate to within a small fraction of a degree so they never let your room temperature drop too low or rise above your ideal comfort level. In older heaters with less accurate thermostats, energy is wasted as the room temperature drifts further and further away from the target. Either the space becomes overheated, unnecessarily using power, or temperatures take a sharp dip, forcing the heater to work harder to compensate. Our modern German electric radiators avoid this issue entirely by switching on every now and again to top up temperatures, and as soon as they reach the right heat level, they turn off again instantly to save power. As an example of their near perfect precision, the Technotherm KS DSM is accurate to 0.1 °C and is top of its class in an already impressive pool of German heaters.

4. Built to the highest standard of manufacture

German-made goods are synonymous with efficiency and quality because they’re held up to the absolute highest standard of manufacture. Every single one of our German electric radiators is produced and checked by experts who specialise in a particular part of the process, making sure that they meet the grade every single time. It might not make a huge impact on efficiency but the fact that these products are manufactured with care ensures the longevity of the radiator and that it operates as optimally as possible throughout its lifespan. A good initial foundation sets up your radiator for smooth running over the years and is the reason why these products also come with long warranty periods.

5. Smart controls allow for better management of energy usageTechnotherm KS DSM Smart Heat Retention Radiator - Vertical

Another way in which German electric radiators provide greater efficiency is through their use of more advanced controls. Appliances that come with WiFi control allow you to program every aspect of your heating from anywhere in the world using an app on your smartphone. If you’re guilty of sometimes forgetting to switch off your heating – a common problem in today’s busy world! – you can simply hop on an app and switch it off to avoid wasting energy. You can even change up your heating schedule if any last-minute adjustments are needed, constantly adapting it to suit your needs and creating the most efficient system possible. WiFi enabled German radiators also provide access to other extra features, such as consumption statistics and voice control, which can help to minimise energy use further and make your heating system that more convenient.

Affordable & effective heating technology

“Made in Germany” signifies quality manufacturing and advanced technology, which is why these heating appliances are ahead of the curve in terms of efficiency. Check out our collection today at Electric Radiators Direct to find the perfect heating solution for your home. We offer affordable models like the Ecostrad Ecowärme, which allows for DIY fitting and provides full weekly programming, as well as touch-safe models like the Technotherm KS TDI low surface temperature range. Or, if you’re looking for a more advanced heating appliance, there’s also the Technotherm KS DSM, a smart German radiator that offers more intuitive control over your heating.

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