Technotherm KS TDI High Heat Retention Radiators


Technotherm KS TDI high heat retention radiators offer superb energy efficiency with their patented ceramic stone elements, designed to retain warmth for longer. Offering more radiant heat than a conventional radiator and a greater surface area for improved heat diffusion, they’re an excellent choice for hard-to-heat spaces, such as hallways and conservatories.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.


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Model: KS6-TDI Wattage: 600w Heats up to: 8m2 Dimensions: 380mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £615
Only £459.99 inc. VAT
Model: KS12-TDI Wattage: 1200w Heats up to: 16m2 Dimensions: 680mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £927.85
Only £499.99 inc. VAT
Model: KS18-TDI Wattage: 1800w Heats up to: 24m2 Dimensions: 980mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £1038.2
Only £529.99 inc. VAT
Model: KS-2000S Wattage: 2000w Heats up to: 27m2 Dimensions: 1280mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £529.99
Only £554.99 inc. VAT
Model: KS24-TDI Wattage: 2400w Heats up to: 32m2 Dimensions: 1280mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £1115.35
Only £689.99 inc. VAT
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Sourced from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, the Technotherm KS TDI High Heat Retention Radiator is a cut above the rest when it comes to efficient home heating. This advanced electric radiator uses patented Magmatic® stone tablets to provide exceptional heat retention and will continue to emit heat for up to 45 minutes without drawing electricity. With its deep rib exterior, boasting a surface area 6 times greater than a flat radiator, the Technotherm KS is optimised to perfection – an affordable yet high-end heating solution.

Heating Technology

All Technotherm KS High Heat Retention Radiators come with a 15 Year Warranty to reflect their outstanding build quality and heating technology. Heating elements are laid and set directly into the stone tablets that span the length of the radiator for uniform warmth that heats your rooms from top to bottom. This means more radiated heat, less heat loss through draughts and reduced energy bills as a result. Technotherm are so passionate about the construction of their electric radiators that each stage of production is closely monitored, tested, and approved by one of their dedicated quality control managers. This approach ensures every product meets and maintains Technotherm’s impeccable standard and every one of their products comes with a unique code that can be traced back to the manufacturing plant - helping them to identify who built and signed-off each radiator at each stage of the development.

Programming & Control

To give you greater control, this version of the KS storage radiator comes equipped with 24/7 digital programming via its TDI interface, so whatever your schedule, you can create a routine to seamlessly fit around your life. It’ll also dynamically pre-heat your spaces ahead of time for invitingly warm rooms that are the ideal temperature the moment you step through the door. The Technotherm KS will save you money even while you’re out of the room with its open window detection feature, interrupting the heater if it detects a strong draught to stop your system wasting energy.

Innovative Design

The considered design and superior construction of these German electric radiators extends down to the smallest details, such as their individually spot-welded ribs, which greatly reduce the amount of noise occurring from heat expansion. For extra safety, Technotherm KS storage radiators come with two thermocouples to prevent overheating, as well as a lockable keypad. You're also free to mount the KS TDI with the thermostat either on the left or the right for greater flexibility when installing, and if you prefer a freestanding fitting, horizontal versions of the TDI can be used with an optional pair of feet. If you’re looking to heat a family home, nursery, or healthcare property, you can even purchase low surface temperature versions of the Technotherm KS TDI that can be limited to lower, safer temperatures for use around children or vulnerable adults.

Blending traditional aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology, the Technotherm KS TDI High Heat Retention Radiator is a reliable, energy-efficient heating system that’s unlike any other.