What are the best electric towel rails 2022?

Towel rails that simply turn on and off are a thing of the past, thanks to the power of electric. With modern innovation, you can now own a bathroom heater with sophisticated digital programming all the way to smart control, for an experience designed to fit around you. With a wealth of energy-saving features and traditional and designer builds, there’s so much more to consider when choosing a towel rail in 2022. Luckily, we’ve carefully combed through our extensive range to give you the very best to choose from. So, without further ado, let’s check out our picks for our favourite electric towel rails of 2022.

Why you should upgrade to electric towel rails

  • Independent heating – Electric towel rails work completely independently from the rest of your heating, allowing you to heat your bathroom only when you want to for cheaper bills.
  • 100% efficiency – Like all electric heaters, towel rails are completely efficient at point of use. All the power they draw from the wall is converted into usable heat, ensuring you’re never paying for waste.
  • Maintenance free – As they aren't linked to plumbing, electric towel rails require no annual servicing. In fact, a light dusting now and then is more than enough to keep them in prime condition.
  • Intelligent programming – Whether utilising thermostatic, Bluetooth or WiFi control, electric towel rails boast exceptional functionality for fuss-free, instant heat management.
  • Designer aesthetics – From the classic ladder design stems unique designer builds, serving as a striking focal point to suit any interior styling.
  • Not just for the bathroom – All of our towel rails also function as a kitchen heater, making them both a great space saver and handy spot for storing and drying.
  • The greener option – Primed for a sustainable future, make your electric towel rail 100% carbon neutral by pairing it with a renewable energy source or tariff.

Ecostrad Scala Thermostatic: simply sophisticated

At a glance

  • Price – From £179.99
  • Wattage (w) – 400-600
  • Heats from – 3-5m²
  • IP rating – IPX4
  • Colour(s)Chrome | Anthracite
  • Programming – 24/7 Digital Thermostat

Top 5 features

  • Effective Even Heat Distribution
  • Precision Digital Thermostat
  • Clear LED Screen
  • 1-5 Hour Timer Function
  • Anti-Freeze Mode

The Ecostrad Scala Thermostatic towel rail is the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. Its classic ladder design, slimline build and elegant flat bars make this a timeless heater to suit any kitchen or bathroom. Pre-filled with a heat-retentive thermal oil, the Ecostrad Scala provides comfortable and long-lasting warmth that can be felt even after it has stopped drawing power – a great way to reduce energy usage and cut down your heating bills.

Its digital heating element and control pad allow you to make manual adjustments quickly and effortlessly. Take advantage of its 2-in-1 heating and drying functions by setting the timer for up to 5 hours – no micromanaging necessary! The Scala’s precision digital thermostat measures room temperature as accurately as within ±0.5ºC, keeping the unit’s temperature steady and maximising efficiency whenever it’s in use. With ever-evolving innovation coming from the electric heating industry, simplicity matters – which is why the Ecostrad Scala is our favourite thermostatic electric towel rail of 2022.

Haverland TOD: effortless customisation

At a glance

  • Price – From £179.99
  • Wattage (w) – 425-700
  • Heats from – 5-8.5m²
  • IP rating – IP44
  • Colour(s)White
  • Programming – 24/7 Digital Thermostat

Top 5 features

  • 9 Pre-Set Programs & 4 Customisable Programs
  • Energy Consumption Indicator
  • Adjustable Boost Function
  • Adaptive Start
  • Open Window Detection

The Haverland TOD electric towel rail looks the part of the traditional bathroom heater – yet there’s nothing old-fashioned about it. Finished in crisp white, the Haverland TOD emits a comfortable and long-lasting warmth, making it the perfect accompaniment to your space.

Cycle through a variety of energy-saving functions including open window detection and adaptive start and enjoy customisation like never before. Access eco modes, heating boosts, and choose from 13 programs to help you finesse a schedule that will suit your family’s lifestyle to a tee. You can even record your TOD’s energy consumption between 1, 7 and 30 days. With full clarity of your heater’s electricity usage, you’ll have the tools to reduce your energy use and heating costs. The amount of customisation is vast, but never overwhelming, with an easy-to-use manual interface located at the bottom of the unit. That’s why the Haverland TOD is our favourite traditional electric towel rail of 2022.

Ecostrad Fina-E iQ: a classic option with a modern upgrade

At a glance

  • Price – From £199.99
  • Wattage (w) – 200-600
  • Heats from – 3-5m²
  • IP rating – IPX4
  • Colour(s)Chrome
  • Programming – WiFi App Control | Ecostrad iQ WiFi Heating Element
  • Compatible with – Ecostrad Ecosystem App

Top 5 features

  • Heat-Retentive Thermal Fluid
  • 24/7 Programming via App
  • Comfort & Eco Mode
  • Low Surface Temperature Setting
  • Open Window Detection

The Ecostrad Fina-E iQ is a contemporary towel rail offering comfortable warmth and slow cooldowns for a long-lasting, energy efficient experience. Fitted with the expertly-refined Ecostrad iQ WiFi Heating Element, this heater is compatible with Ecostrad’s homegrown heating app, Ecosystem.

Seamlessly switch between app and manual programming: the element’s touch-sensitive buttons and flatscreen display allow for instant adjustments when not using WiFi. Pairing your Fina-E iQ to Ecostrad Ecosystem takes mere seconds and allows you to make the most of its independent heating with weekly schedules, heat boosts and 3 radiator modes. The Fina-E’s Low Surface Temperature setting keeps the towel rail at a touch-safe level, with temperatures as low as 30ºC – ideal for homes with young children. Flawlessly combining the traditional ladder-build with smart programming, the Ecostrad Fina-E iQ is one of our favourite electric towel rails of 2022.

Terma Alex ONE: luxury aesthetic with the efficiency to match

At a glance

  • Price – From £205.99
  • Wattage (w) – 400-800
  • Heats from – 5-9m²
  • IP rating – IPX5
  • Colour(s)Grey
  • Programming – 24/7 Digital Programmer | ONE Heating Element

Top 5 features

  • Thermodynamic Oil Element
  • Effortless Push-Button Control
  • 2 Temperature Settings
  • 2-Hour Timer Function
  • Frost Protection Mode

The Terma Alex ONE offers a minimalist visual with its industrial aesthetic and gently rounded bars. Finished in a soft grey, this is the ultimate towel rail for those with an eye for design.

Pre-fitted with a ONE heating element, control the Terma Alex with the effortlessly simple push-button control located at the base of the unit, integrated seamlessly so as not to distract from its understated look. Activate the timer function for up to 2 hours, with a temperature of 60ºC before the Alex ONE switches to standby mode. It also has a nifty frost protection mode which triggers automatically if temperatures drop below 6ºC, keeping the ONE element at optimal functionality. Combine these sophisticated functions, its use of highly-efficient thermodynamic oil for superior heat transfer and its stunning aesthetic, the Terma Alex ONE is our favourite designer electric towel rail of 2022.

Ecostrad Cube iQ: perfect for the modern minimalist

At a glance

Top 5 features

  • Heat-Retentive Thermal Oil
  • 24/7 Programming via App
  • Comfort & Eco Mode
  • Low Surface Temperature Setting
  • Corrosion Resistant

The Ecostrad Cube iQ is classically designed with a contemporary twist. Its uncluttered appearance works seamlessly with any décor: choose traditional chrome or go bold with anthracite – the Cube iQ integrates effortlessly to provide premium warmth.

Filled with thermodynamic fluid, when turned on the oil spreads throughout the core to ensure that heat distributes evenly, keeping the room temperature cosy long after the appliance has been switched off. The Low Surface Temperature setting keeps the radiator body cool for increased safety. Other innovative features such as open window detection are all accessible via app control, thanks to the Ecostrad iQ WiFi Heating Element and Ecostrad Ecosystem app, which work together seamlessly for ultimate user convenience. Cementing itself as a fantastic solution to 2-in-1 bathroom heating, the Ecostrad Cube iQ is one of our favourite smart electric towel rails of 2022.

Your ideal electric towel rail is a few clicks away

Now you have our recommendations, it’s time to weigh up the options to decide which electric towel rail is right for you.

Our radiator calculator is here to help you find the ideal wattage for your space – just answer a few quick questions about your property and it’ll do the rest. For an even more personalised recommendation, get in touch for a no obligation free quote today.

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Key takeaways

  • Electric towel rails are a gamechanger when it comes to bathroom heating: operate them separately from the rest of your home’s heating and utilise their energy-saving features to better suit your routine and save on bills.
  • The Ecostrad Scala – a thermostatic towel rail perfectly balancing contemporary design and ease of use.
  • The Haverland TOD – a traditional towel rail with an ideal amount of customisation.
  • The Ecostrad Fina-E iQ – a smart towel rail that combines traditional aesthetics with modern programming.
  • The Terma Alex ONE – a designer towel rail housing a luxury aesthetic with the programming power to match.
  • The Ecostrad Cube iQ – a smart towel rail offering a minimalist aesthetic and extensive customisation, delivering long-lasting, premium warmth.


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