Looking for Cheap to Run Electric Heaters? Look No Further…

MoneyWe’re all looking to save money on our heating at the moment and it’s become something of a national mantra. Everywhere you look, we’re being encouraged to get control over our energy usage and upgrade to newer, more efficient systems. The big upside to this is that the more efficient our home heating systems are, the lower our running costs will be, so if you’re looking for a cheap to run electric heater, we highly advise looking for ones with the most energy-saving features. We’ve selected a few heaters from our range to highlight how they can save you money…

Haverland Designer TT Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Haverland Designer TTOil-filled electric radiators have remained a long-standing favourite with customers because of their excellent thermal retention and the Haverland Designer TT is no exception. As they use specially engineered fluid to retain warmth for longer, these heaters don’t need to work as hard to maintain your room temperatures, which means they also don’t need to draw as much energy from the wall. Along with the TT’s efficient thermal fluid element, it also offers full 24/7 digital programming so you can set your radiator to a custom temperature for every hour of the day. It might sound like a lot of fiddly programming at first but scheduling your heating on a room-by-room basis can slim down your bills tremendously. Zoned heating lets you tailor your system depending on how you use each individual space so you’re not wasting electricity by overheating rooms that aren’t in use. Whatever temperature you choose for your rooms, they’ll always be at the right level at the right time. Another energy-saving feature that really comes into its own during the summer months is the Designer TT’s open window detection. We all love to throw open the windows for some fresh air when the weather gets warmer but it’s easy to forget to turn our heating down beforehand to prevent wasted energy. In the event it slips your mind, the TT’s open window detection will come to the rescue. When it detects a sharp drop in room temperature, it will automatically switch to anti-frost mode to make sure you’re not wasting money heating a rapidly cooling space. Then, when you’ve shut the window and temperatures start to rise again, it’ll revert back to its previous operation.

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Ecostrad iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

Radiators like the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic are ideal for retaining warmth. This smart electric radiator has been fitted with heat-retentive ceramic plates that are quick to heat and slow to cool, providing longer-lasting warmth and emitting heat long after the radiator has stopped drawing power from the wall. This reduces the amount of energy needed to keep a room warm, for more efficient and cost-effective heating. The iQ Ceramic can be controlled manually, through WiFi or by using its intuitive motion sensor that detects movement in the room and switches on automatically to keep you toasty and warm. With weekly programming and a silent thermostat that’s accurate to ±0.5 °C the iQ ceramic delivers accurate and effective warmth whenever you need it.

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Herschel Select XLS Infrared Heating Panels

Herschel’s Select XLS range of infrared panels are among the very best cheap to run electric heaters because of the unique way they heat your home. Rather than circulating warm air like a normal convection heater, infrared panels use radiant heat to warm the surfaces and mass of the building, which means that appreciably less heat is lost whenever you open doors and windows. Your property will absorb and retain this warmth for longer so less energy is needed to top up heat levels when temperatures drop. To really make the most of these low-cost heating systems, we highly recommend pairing them with a digital thermostat such as the compatible Herschel Select XLS MT Mains Powered WiFi Thermostat, which allows you to easily program your heating system in a similar way you would an electric radiator. It’s a simple and easy way of restricting your energy usage without compromising on your comfort. If you want to see how radiant heating stacks up against other electric heating solutions, take a look at Herschel’s electric heating comparison page – infrared can be even more economical than storage heaters!

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Ecostrad Opus Infrared Panels

Alternatively, if you prefer an infrared panel with everything included, take a look at the Ecostrad Opus range. With these infrared panels there is no need to buy separate accessories like thermostats if WiFi gateways. A remote is available with the Opus IR panels which allows you to set up a weekly schedule and give you access to other energy-saving features such as adaptive start and open window detection. Or, for that extra level of control, you can check out the Opus iQ WiFi infrared panels which come with integrated WiFi functionality that allows you to manage your heating through an app. So, if you pop out and forget about the heating, you can simply switch it off from your phone for convenient control on the go. Through the app, you can even access voice control that pairs easily with your smart speaker for hands free heat management. The  range of radiant panels are sophisticated and intuitive, delivering effective and efficient heating throughout your home.  

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Haverland SmartWave WiFi Controlled Electric Radiator

Haverland SmartWave Electric RadiatorWiFi systems allow us to control our energy usage with more precision than ever before and that’s what makes our Haverland SmartWave one of our most economical to run electric radiators. When used with their compatible SmartBox accessory, you can connect all of your SmartWave radiators to the internet and control them from anywhere in the world, all from your smartphone or tablet. If you leave the house with your heating on full blast, you don’t need to sit at work fuming at your own poor memory – with just a few taps on your phone, you can switch your heaters off or change their set temperature. It’s a convenient and easy way to remotely manage your heating. They can also be a particularly cost-effective system for private lets and holiday homes as they let you adjust your settings when you’re not at the property. Up to 31 SmartWave radiators can be linked up to the SmartBox so you can control your entire system from one handheld device. No more having to go around manually reprogramming each individual heater whenever the clocks change either! With their precision thermostats – accurate to ±0.2 °C – you can rest assured that your electric radiators will never be using any more energy than is necessary to keep your rooms comfortably heated.

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Energy-Efficient, Economical Electric Heaters

For cost-effective home heating, look to heaters that offer the most energy-saving features and control options. We stock a wide variety of electric heaters with the latest technological advancements, all designed to save you money. Browse our range to find the perfect electric heater for your home or get in touch with our Sales team who can create a bespoke quote tailored to your needs. If you need any help choosing the best electric heating system for your property, we can point you in the right direction.