Introducing The Ecostrad Cube & Scala Electric Towel Rails

Frosty temperatures in the bathroom are something we’re all too familiar with. Cold towels, condensation on the mirror and that biting chill after stepping out of a warm, relaxing soak – all bathroom features we’d rather avoid! So, what’s the best way to combat those pesky post-shower shivers? The short answer? Heated towel rails. Just in time for winter, Ecostrad recently announced the arrival of two cutting-edge electric heaters, the Cube and the Scala. Built to dry your towels and deliver comfortable, lasting warmth, these designer towel rails are guaranteed to transform your bathroom (or kitchen!) into a toasty spot. So, let’s take a closer look at what these heaters have to offer and help you decide which one best suits your property.

Top Features of Cube and Scala

Whilst both electric towel rails are unique in their own right, they share certain features that equally make them a prime heating solution for any bathroom or kitchen. Here’s a rundown of what makes the Cube and Scala so appealing:

  • Dual-Purpose Heating: these versatile electric towel rails keep your towels dry and ensure your bathroom is fully heated throughout the day.
  • Thermostatic, Bluetooth or WiFi Control: both heaters are available in thermostatic, Bluetooth or WiFi versions, so you can opt for simple manual adjustment or convenient app control, depending on your heat management preferences.
  • Designer Aesthetics: elegant and stylish, the Cube and Scala bring a touch of luxury to any interior design scheme.
  • Maximum Efficiency: prefilled with heat retentive oil, the Cube and Scala provide warmth that’s long lasting as they continue to produce heat long after they’ve been switched off.
  • 24/7 Programming: with Bluetooth or WiFi control, the Cube and Scala lets you micromanage heating to the minute, everyday of the week, for ultimate control.
  • 5 Heat Levels: switch through five different heat settings to find your ideal temperature.
  • Water Protection Guarantee: the Cube and Scala come with a safe heating protection rating – ideal for the bathroom or kitchen in your family home.

WiFi, Bluetooth or Thermostatic: which should I choose?

Choosing a WiFi, Bluetooth or thermostatic version of the Cube or Scala depends on how you prefer to manage your heating. Some may be enticed by the versatility of on-the-go WiFi control, whilst others may lean towards a more traditional type of manual control found in a thermostatic option. Here’s a breakdown of how each version works and how they could appeal to you.

WiFi: The Cube and Scala iQ

WiFi controlled electric towel rails give you ultimate control over your heating. The Cube iQ and Scala iQ both come with the innovative Ecostrad iQ WiFi heating element, enabling you to pair the heaters with your router to start making adjustments via an app on your smartphone. Providing you are connected to the internet, WiFi control lets you program warmth from anywhere in the world – this means that if you’re in the office and remember you’ve left your Scala iQ on, you can easily open the app and switch it off accordingly. These smart electric towel rails are ideal for those who want flexibility to manage bathroom heating whenever and wherever. Better yet, the app also provides access to a range of energy-saving features such as an LST function that restricts temperature to 43 °C, for safe and efficient warmth.

Bluetooth: The Cube and Scala Bluetooth

Bluetooth versions of the Cube and Scala come with an intuitive MOA Blue heating element, so you can pair your smart device with the towel rail and use the app to control your heating. No direct line of sight is needed for Bluetooth control, so you can adjust the Scala or Cube from anywhere in your home, like from the comfort of your sofa. Change temperature, create custom heat schedules and view energy usage – all from the palm of your hand, for convenient control.

Thermostatic: The Cube and Scala Thermostatic

For those who prefer a more basic method of control, the thermostatic option enables you to manage warmth via a user-friendly Ecostrad Digital control panel. This clear LED screen lets you easily view temperature, set a timer and adjust heat levels, with simple manual adjustment. So, if you’re looking for this style of control, choose the thermostatic versions of the Cube and Scala.

Designer Aesthetics

The Cube and Scala combine exceptional heating with luxury style, making them true all-rounders. Available in two distinct finishes, you can make the electric towel a stunning focal point or a discreet addition to your interior design scheme. Let’s see what the Cube and Scala offer on a visual level.

The Ecostrad Cube: A Modern Classic

A reimagining of the conventional towel rail, the Cube combines a traditional ladder shape with minimalist square bars, for a contemporary twist on a classic design. Available in dramatic anthracite or reflective chrome, these finishes elevate the Cube to a whole new level of modernity.

The Ecostrad Scala: Eye-Catching Style

Sporting a stunning curved design, the Scala is sure to stand out from the crowd. In contrast to the Cube, this heater boasts extra wide, flat bars, giving the towel rail a striking modern edge. Perfect for those seeking contemporary flair, the Scala is available in anthracite or chrome, so you can make the heater a statement piece in your bathroom, depending on your interior.

Heat your bathroom the smart way

So, if you’re looking for energy-efficient warmth that can be conveniently controlled, look no further than the Ecostrad Cube and Scala. With a range of heat management features and stylish aesthetics to boot, these brand-new electric towel rails are sure to take your bathroom heating to a whole new level. Browse the full range of Cube and Scala electric towel rails now and start enjoying a warm and cosy bathroom.


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