How Essential are Towel Rails to the Modern Home?

Kudox Thermostatic Electric Towel RailA few years ago, walking into someone’s bathroom and noticing a towel rail was an immediate sign that they were affluent. You’d look at the appliance on the wall in awe and spend most of your time in the bathroom wrapping your hands and arms in the towels’ gratifying warmth.

Nowadays, towel rails are not solely for the wealthy or ostentatious.  This type of heater is increasing in popularity and making its way into more and more households every day. This blogpost explores the benefits of towel rails and discusses how their efficiency and elegance has added them to the mainstream list of “must haves.”


What Exactly Do They Do?

Ecostrad Magnum BlackElectric towel rails, especially the ones available at Electric Radiators Direct, provide an energy-efficient method of heating both you and your towels, whether it be in your kitchen or your bathroom. Using electricity to fuel your towel rail is useful as unlike central heating, the heater is independent, you therefore do not have to lose energy heating other appliances for the sake of one room. This is particularly effective in the summertime where you may want to heat your towels whilst keeping your other rooms cool. Electric heaters are also significantly quicker and easier in comparison to central heating as contrastingly, heat is not lost through the process of transporting hot water from the boiler to the heater through piping . All electric towel rails are fuelled by electricity, however different products use different elements to convert this electricity into heat. There are a number of different heating technologies, each offering a number of advantages. These include:


Thermal Fluid Elements

These towel rails are filled with a thermodynamic liquid heating element which rapidly heats up and spreads itself across the entire volume of the heater, enabling an even warmth distribution around the room. Heat is then transported throughout the surroundings through a combination of direct, radiated heat, along with convected heat which warms the air. Thermal fluid offers superb heat retention, heaters that use these elements are therefore the ideal choice if you plan on using a towel rail primarily for room heating purposes.


Dry Thermal Elements

These radiators heat up using wires of thin metal which run along the length of the rails. As these rails heat up they both radiate heat and warm up surrounding areas through the process of convection. Towel rails with dry thermal elements heat up quicker than those with thermal fluid heating technology, making them the best choice if you’re looking for fast heat. Also with these heaters, the manufacturers are free to choose the position of the heating elements which means that unlike liquid-filled radiators, these rails don’t need to waste energy heating the vertical struts of the radiator. Dry thermal towel rails are likely to be your best bet if your primary aim is to heat your towels, so do bear in mind that if you’re looking for one that will provide strong room heating, you will need to select a rail with an appropriate output.


Glass Towel Rails

Glass towel rails use radiation as well as convection to provide heat. These rails utilise thin metal wires, similar to those used in dry thermal towel rails, however these wires are laid between two thin panes of glass to create a heating panel with a very large surface area. A metal bar is situated in front of the panel allowing direct, radiated heat to reach your towels and quickly dry and warm them as they hang. The room however, is heated through convection currents from the heat produced by the panel. These heaters are particularly useful in bathrooms where heat could be lost due to extractor fans.


Dual Fuel Elements

These convenient heaters allow you to get the best of both worlds with a choice of running them through electricity or using them as part of your central heating system. You can integrate the towel rail into your heating system in colder seasons, and run it through your electricity mains in the summer when you don’t want to turn the heating on. Dual fuel towel rails are usually sold as central heating towel rails with a dual fuel extension pack.


Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we’re fully aware of the plethora of benefits that heated towel rails can provide. For this reason, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art, energy efficient and cost-effective products that truly show how much these appliances can add to households.

Take a look at a few of our best sellers:

Kudox Heated Electric Towel Rail

Kudox Heated Towel Rail

This energy-efficient towel rail by Kudox provides your room with even, comfortable heat, whilst its simple, straight-bar design adds a minimalistic yet stylish hint to the room. Available in a number of sizes, the Kudox Electric Towel Rail has excellent heat retention so there’s no need to worry about the cost of leaving the heater on for a lengthy amount of time, you can turn the heater off and still feel the warmth!


Haverland Designer TE425e Heated Electric Towel Rail       

Haverland Designer TE425eThis stylish white enamel towel heater offers an efficient, cost-effective method of heating your bathroom. With its two-hour forced heating operation mode, which provides a timed period of powerful heating, as well as its user-friendly thermostat, this towel rail allows you to confidently manage your heating as well as your bills.


Ecostrad Magnum Heated Electric Towel Rail-White

Ecostrad Magnum Heater Electric Towel RailOur Ecostrad Magnum Plasma Towel Rails are some of the most innovative towel heaters in the market. Available in both black and white, these heaters provide a range of functions to make sure that you’re always saving energy as well as being provided with excellent heating. The heater features a high precision thermostat to ensure that you’re always in control of your heating and the thermal limiter provides added safety. Additionally, the rail’s plasma-style, flat-plate tempered safety glass provides heating across its entire surface area, enabling fast and thorough towel drying and maximum energy efficiency.


Taking into consideration the practical benefits of installing towel rails into your home, it is no wonder why these appliances have become a staple in the everyday household. Towel rails not only provide an efficient source of heat but they also add a splash of sophistication and style to any room. Visit our main website to take a look at the rest of our range.


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