Economic Electric Heaters: Which One Is Best For You?

Herschel Inspire Glass Infrared PanelWhen looking for an electric heater that’ll save you money on your electricity bill, there’s a number of options to consider. Electric heaters (not to be confused with electric radiators) provide a fantastic way to heat your home. Whether you opt for slimline heaters, infrared heaters, or panel heaters, an electric heater will provide an economical way to warm any room in your house. It's a myth that they’re all expensive to run, and the variation between each type means there’s a diverse range of options for you to choose from. Today, we’re going to run through some of our most economical heaters so you can pick the best one for you.


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Panel heaters

Infrared heaters

Bathroom heaters

Panel heaters

Electric panel heaters heat a room using convection. They do this by heating the air that passes through the heater, which then heats the surrounding area. This may not be the most energy-efficient process, but it will heat up a room incredibly quickly.

Installing your panel heater

Some of our panel heaters are incredibly slimline, with the Ecostrad iQ Plus being only 52mm thick. These heaters are so slim, they can hide in the smallest of spaces and bring heat into a room almost unnoticed. Installation is incredibly simple too, as panel heaters are designed as a supplementary heat source they don’t need to be hardwired to the mains: simply plug them into an appropriate socket and get your heater running straight away. The iQ Plus comes with portable feet which means this heater can be easily moved around your home or office to any space that’s needed. Panel heaters start at £169.99 and are ideal for heating meeting rooms, offices, spare rooms and other areas that only see occasional use.

Top 3 benefits of panel heaters

Top 3 panel heaters
Lightweight and slimline: designed for portable use

Ecostrad iQ Plus

Extremely quick heat-up time

Moda Onyx

Discreet and can be tucked away

Moda Opal


Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are an incredibly efficient electric heating system for homes. Infrared panels convert almost 100% of the electricity they use into consumable heat, making them one of the most economical electric heaters on the market. Infrared heat is absorbed directly by solid objects and does not heat the air, so very little heat is lost. You can also save a considerable amount of money on running costs by using infrared to zone your heating. This means you can direct heat towards busy areas without having to heat the whole building; this is especially practical in large buildings such as warehouses or churches.

Is infrared safe?

The use of infrared heaters doesn’t need to be limited to indoors as many outdoor heaters use infrared radiation to bring warmth to patio areas and gardens. If you’re worried about the safety of infrared, because of terms like ‘radiation,’ then you needn’t worry – the heat we feel from the sun and from open fires is infrared radiation at work, so you will be far more familiar with this form of heat than you realise.

Installing your infrared heater

Installation of these products is also trouble free: if you’re setting up your heater indoors then all you need do is plug the heater in and hang it on the wall. If you want to set up your heater in a bathroom or outside, a professional electrician can fit your heaters with minimal fuss. Infrared heaters start at £199.99 and are the ideal option if you’re looking to heat a larger space or one prone to draughts.

Top 3 benefits of infrared heaters

Top 3 infrared heaters

Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties

Ecostrad Accent iQ

Natural, gentle warmth that never makes room temperature stifling

Ecostrad Opus iQ

Flexible mounting options

Herschel Select XLS White

Bathroom heaters

Herschel Inspire Infrared Heating Panel - Mirror 250w (600 x 300mm)

Infrared heaters can be an excellent choice for bathroom heating, providing they are installed by a qualified electrician and have an appropriate IP rating. You could even install a mirrored infrared panel to add dual practicality to your bathroom. The radiant heat they produce also minimises condensation, so no foggy mirrors after a shower!

Infrared panels

Infrared panels are perfect if you have a busy family bathroom that sees frequent use, or if you enjoy taking time over your morning routine. These heaters not only provide a comfortable level of heat that's ideal for regular use, but they are also exceptionally energy efficient when paired with a thermostat. They keep damp at bay by warming the walls of your bathroom and prevent moisture from settling.

Installing your infrared panel

It’s worth mentioning again that any electric appliance intended for bathrooms must be hardwired by a professional electrician: we don’t recommend panel heaters for bathroom use because there is the temptation to hang towels over the appliance to dry, which can obstruct ventilation on the heater and cause a hazard. If you’re unsure if your product is suitable for bathrooms, defer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Infrared heaters start at £199.99 and make the essential addition to any bathroom.

Top 3 benefits of bathroom heaters

Top 3 bathroom heaters

Mirrored panels add dual practicality

Ecostrad Accent IR

They help combat condensation

Ecostrad Opus IR

They minimise mould formation

Herschel Select XLS Mirror

Which electric heater is right for you?

As you can see, our economic electric heaters cater for a number of different needs: they can be placed in any room of the house and can even be used outside to heat your patio and garden. If you’d like to know more about electric heaters, take a look at our extensive range or get in touch with our sales team. At Electric Radiators Direct, we sell on the best products on the market at the best prices, so invest in electric today and see the difference it can make to your heating.


Key takeaways

  • Panel heaters are designed as an additional heat source. Their compact builds allow limitless mobility, and their heat times are amongst the quickest of all of our electric heaters.
  • Infrared heaters are one of the most efficient heating options out there due to their use of radiant heat. They provide natural, gentle warmth that gets absorbed by objects directly rather than heating the air, making them especially useful in larger spaces.
  • Infrared panels make a fantastic option for bathrooms. Mirrored panels make for a two-in-one heating solution, with the radiant heat they provide minimising condensation and mould formation.


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