Best Electric Radiators for your Home: A Room-By-Room Guide

One of the best things about electric heating is the ability to mix-and-match products. Unlike central heating radiators, which restrict you to a life of utilitarian appliances, electric radiators come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’d like some stylish designer electric radiators for your living room? An energy-efficient, programmable electric radiator for your bedroom? Or an electric heated towel rail for your bathroom? Thanks to the versatility of electric heating, you can have exactly that…

To showcase the true mix-and-match potential of electric heating, we’ve paired a different electric radiator to each room in the home. It’s time to throw off the constraints of central heating and embrace the endless variety of electric radiators.

The Living Room

Choosing designer electric radiators for your living room is a great way to inject some style into your home. Central heating radiators tend to blend into the background, becoming the out-of-sight, out-of-mind utility. Our designer electric radiators are the opposite, providing a bold design statement to be proud of.

The Ecostrad Adesso is the aesthetic choice for your living room. Available in a crisp white or slate black, the Adesso’s flat bars and modern finish set it apart from the crowd. Well-suited to a contemporary home, the Adesso’s impressive appearance puts it in a completely different league to conventional central heating radiators.

In keeping with the recent vertical electric radiators trend, the Adesso can be purchased in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Perfect for installation on the slimmest of walls, vertical electric radiators allow you to make use of awkward spaces that would otherwise go to waste, freeing up the rest of your home.

The Adesso is more than just a pretty face! This sophisticated electric radiator supports 24/7 digital programming, through a Bluetooth controlled app so you can manage your heating with your smartphone. The Adesso’s sophisticated Terma MOA Blue heating element also allows for manual temperature adjustment with its easy-to-use, push-button interface.

Combining elegant styling with advanced controllability, the Ecostrad Adesso is the perfect designer electric radiator for your living room.

The Bedroom

If there’s one room in the entire home you want to keep warm and snug, it’s the bedroom. There’s nothing worse than slipping between ice-cold bedsheets and trying to coax the feeling back into your body before sleep. To ensure your bedroom is kept toasty, the Technotherm KS TDI is the only electric radiator you’ll ever need.

The Technotherm KS TDI High Heat Retention Radiator is a solid all-rounder in every respect. Manufactured to the highest quality, this German electric radiator sports traditional aesthetics as well as featuring sophisticated heating technology.

The Technotherm KS TDI provides reliable and energy-efficient heating with a plethora of advanced features. Using ceramic stone heating technology, the Technotherm KS TDI retains warmth for longer, even after it has stopped drawing power from the wall, so it will have no trouble banishing cold from your bedroom. Supporting 24/7 digital programming, this intuitive electric radiator allows you to create a detailed heating schedule for every day of every week; an easy way to integrate your heating into your daily routine. Unlike central heating, which doesn’t always allow you to isolate individual radiators, electric radiators can be independently programmed. Specify exactly when you’d like your bedroom warm and keep the rest of your heating off, saving you money and avoiding wasteful heating.

Like the majority of our electric wall radiatorsthe Technotherm KS TDI can be DIY installed with ease. All that’s needed to wall mount this radiator is the most basic of DIY knowhow and some screws. Simple, intelligent, and energy-efficient, the Technotherm KS TDI is at the top of the electric radiator league.

The Spare Room

The less frequented rooms in your home rarely require permanent heating. For guest rooms or spare rooms that get used as home offices, gyms, libraries, or whatever else you may use them for, a less comprehensive heating system is all you need. For occasional heating, look no further than portable panel heaters.

The Ecostrad iQ Plus is one of our best panel heaters and it’s ideal for spare room heating. Offering exceptional value for money, the iQ Plus is WiFi ready, allowing you to control your heater through an app on your smartphone, so you can manage your heating on the go. The iQ Plus also supports 24/programming as well as hands-free voice control when paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Home; a feature not often found on heaters in the same price bracket.

The iQ Plus functions as both a wall mounted panel heater and a portable unit using the provided feet. Simply screw the iQ Plus to the wall for permanent positioning or attach the feet and move it around the home. Versatile, programmable, and reasonably priced, the Ecostrad iQ Plus is the perfect “top-up” heater to supplement your primary heating system.

The Bathroom

Although your bathroom might not warrant constant heating, there’s nothing worse than a damp, cold towel on a chilly winter morning. Electric bathroom radiators, or towel rails, keep your bathroom snug and your towels warm and ready for use.

The Ecostrad Fina-E Electric Towel Rail combines the classic chrome-plated bathroom aesthetic with intelligent temperature control. Unlike most bathroom electric heaters, that only allow rudimentary on/off control, the Ecostrad Fina-E Thermostatic Towel Rail allows you to incrementally increase or decrease its operating temperature by simply pushing the + and - buttons at the base of the rail; a useful feature for frosty winter mornings when you need that little bit extra from your heating system. Controlled by a digital thermostat, this bathroom heater will turn itself on and off to maintain your desired temperature, ensuring you use the least amount of energy to keep warm.

Styled with a traditional straight-ladder design, the Ecostrad Fina-E makes a smart addition to any bathroom, providing energy-efficient heating as well as soothing warm towels. Once you’ve tasted life with an electric towel rail, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one…

An electric heater for every room

So, there you have it. Thanks to the versatility of electric heating, you can have different electric radiators for each room in your home. Easy to install, with no messy or time-consuming plumbing, all you need to do to mix-and-match your heating is choose your radiators and plug each one into the wall. To find out more about our extensive range of electric heating products, visit our website or give our friendly sales team a call.