Herschel Select Ceiling Tile Infrared Panel - White 350w (595 x 595mm)


The Herschel Select Ceiling Tile is an affordable infrared heater designed to slot into any standard ceiling grid. With energy-efficient heating technology, optional WiFi control and an understated aesthetic, this ceiling tile will integrate seamlessly with any office environment.

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Only £189.00 inc. VAT

The Select Ceiling Tile infrared panel sports an understated design, with an aluminium frame and slimline body. It easily fits into any standard suspended ceiling grid where it will project heat downwards and evenly disperse gentle radiant warmth across a room. As heat rises, this infrared heater can reach temperatures between 95 – 115 °C and will also stay hotter for longer. The heat produced will be absorbed by any surrounding objects which will then re-radiate the warmth back into the room, minimising the possibility of heat loss to any draughts.

The Select Ceiling Tile frees up wall space making it especially beneficial for properties with an open-plan layout. By installing a radiant ceiling panel, the risk of accidentally touching its hot surface is reduced, which is why it would make the ideal heating solution for any properties with young children or vulnerable adults.

iQ Control System

You can manage your Select Ceiling Tile either manually or through WiFi by using the iQ Thermostatic Control System. This system offers three different controllers: the MD1 Hardwired Thermostat, the T1 Room Thermostat and the R1 Receiver. Each controller is compatible with the iQ Hub, which is a device that connects to the internet, allowing you to control your heating via WiFi. Simply download the Herschel Heating App onto your smartphone or other smart device, for on-the-go heat management. With this app you can set up a heating schedule and even adjust multiple infrared panels at a time, bringing your heating system into the 21st century.

Benefits of far infrared heating

Infrared heating panels are more efficient because they use radiation, rather than convection. Radiation heats people and objects, instead of just heating the air, which is why it does not get lost to any draughts. This gentle radiant heat is absorbed and then re-radiated from the objects and surfaces in your room, so the space effectively becomes a luxuriously comfortable 360° heater. Unlike convection, radiation doesn’t disturb any dust particles in the air which would be a major benefit for allergy sufferers.