Ecostrad Heatglo Infrared Patio Heater - Black 2kW


The Ecostrad Heatglo is an affordable choice for an electric outdoor heater. Offering a warm amber glow that is gentle on the eyes and sporting a black glossy finish, this infrared heater is a great way to provide comfort and style to any patio or garden.

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When you’re on your patio comfort is important, which is why the Ecostrad Heatglo Patio Heater uses a warm amber bulb to create softer lighting that is gentle on the eyes. It is lightweight and has a simple design with its straight grill that would suit any patio or garden area. This heater uses a basic on/off switch, making it easy and convenient to use. 

The Ecostrad Heatglo delivers effective and reliable heating through a powerful 2000w bulb using shortwave infrared heat. This is an instant radiant heat that gets to work straight away and is ideal for any outdoor area. Radiant infrared heat directly warms up people and objects by travelling through the air in a wave, counteracting any cold temperatures, allowing you to maintain an excellent level of warmth whenever and wherever you need it the most. It creates a warm and relaxing outdoor atmosphere through the cooler hours of the day and especially during those colder months.

When installing the Ecostrad Heatglo, you can use the brackets that allow for the Heatglo to be permanently fitted to the wall or ceiling. This patio heater is compatible with DIY installation when plugged into a socket with a suitable IP rating. If you prefer a more permanent installation, the Heatglo must be hardwired to the mains of your property by a professional electrician. The Heatglo not only comes with basic on/off functionality, but it can also be paired with an external controller for any commercial applications.

With an IPX4 rating, the Ecostrad Heatglo is protected from splashes of water and heats any outdoor area of up to 9m² and any indoor area of up to 14m2. Ecostrad offer a range of outdoor heaters so make sure you check out the rest of our selection and find that perfect heater for you. 

How does infrared heating work?

Most heating products work by using either convection or radiation. Products like panel heaters or fan heaters provide warmth in the form of a cycle of warm air rising and falling, but as you might imagine, this type of heat doesn’t work well in outdoor applications where warm air quickly dissipates to cooler areas.

Radiant heat doesn’t have this issue – it works by travelling through the air in a wave, directly warming people and objects that it comes into contact with. This makes infrared heaters particularly effective for hard-to-heat interiors or open outdoor spaces as they will always project heat to where it’s needed. The type of heat they provide is just like the warmth felt from the sun’s rays and can make your outdoor seating areas a comfortable haven even if the ambient air temperature is less than ideal.