Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiators - Anthracite


Ecostrad Ecowärme electric radiators provide energy-efficient heating with a luxury, textured grey finish - adding a dash of elegance to a range of interior spaces.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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Model: EW5A Wattage: 500w Heats up to: 5m2 Dimensions: 380mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £517.49
Only £349.99 inc. VAT
Model: EW10HA Wattage: 1000w Heats up to: 10m2 Dimensions: 680mm x 630mm x 70mm
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Only £439.99 inc. VAT
Model: EW15A Wattage: 1500w Heats up to: 15m2 Dimensions: 980mm x 630mm x 70mm
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Only £459.99 inc. VAT
Model: EW20A Wattage: 2000w Heats up to: 20m2 Dimensions: 980mm x 630mm x 70mm
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RRP £798.06
Only £479.99 inc. VAT
Model: EW10VA Wattage: 1000w Heats up to: 10m2 Dimensions: 380mm x 1240mm x 70mm
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RRP £798.06
Only £539.99 inc. VAT
Model: EW12VA Wattage: 1200w Heats up to: 12m2 Dimensions: 380mm x 1240mm x 70mm
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Only £559.99 inc. VAT
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The Ecostrad Ecowärme combines energy-efficient heating with traditional radiator design — providing a modern electric heating system with a timeless aesthetic. The perfect choice for use throughout your home or business, these high-quality German electric radiators offer superior heat retention and advanced energy-saving features. These versions of the Ecowärme are finished in textured grey anthracite, with white versions also available.

Heating Technology

The Ecowärme utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiation, heating objects and people directly as well as the surrounding air. Its specially formulated ceramic heating bricks keep your rooms warmer for longer, retaining heat long after the radiator has stopped drawing power. The Ecowarme’s ceramic bricks are optimised for heat retention using industry-leading manufacturing techniques. The bricks are shaped in high-compression moulds, which force out air to increase the material’s density, and are then packed tightly inside the Ecowarme to form multiple insulating layers with no space lost to wiring. All of which results in superior heat retention, improved running costs, and greater energy-efficiency.

High-Quality German Engineering

Ecostrad Ecowärme electric radiators are manufactured to an exceptional standard, with each stage of production assessed, tested, and overseen by a quality control expert. This rigorous approach alleviates manufacturing errors and ensures each individual Ecowärme is as consistent and well-built as the last. Every Ecowärme even comes with a unique code that can be traced back to the manufacturing plant, detailing exactly who made the radiator at each stage to help isolate any discrepancies throughout the process.

Programming & Energy-Saving Features

Complete with an integrated control panel, 24/7 digital programmer, and a host of energy-saving features, the Ecostrad Ecowärme provides state-of-the-art heating for the modern home. Using the control panel at the side of the radiator, create a bespoke heating schedule, adjust your set temperatures, and program the timer function. The Ecowärme’s keypad can also be locked to prevent anyone from tampering with your settings.

For improved energy-efficiency, all Ecowärme electric radiators come with open window detection and adaptive start. Open window detection stops the Ecowärme from heating if it detects a rapid loss of temperature, often caused by an open window or door. Adaptive start allows the Ecowärme to preheat before it reaches a pre-programmed time, ensuring your electric radiator always reaches the correct temperature at the correct time.

Sophisticated and timeless, with a traditional fluted body, the Ecowärme is a heating system with universal appeal, slipping unnoticed into any design scheme. These anthracite versions have a slightly textured, flecked finish, giving the Ecowärme a grey tint rather than being solid black. The Ecostrad Ecowärme range also includes a vertical version that provides a perfect space-saving alternative for smaller rooms, offering modern, energy-efficient heating from a lean, perpendicular frame.

Please note: the grille at the top of the radiator is designed to be removable, to make the radiator easier to clean. However, if you do want to fix it in place, you can use the pre-drilled holes and a set of suitably sized screws to secure it.

Ecowärme Adaptable heating for every haus
The Best in German Engineering
The Ecowärme is designed and made in Germany, built to an exceptional standard of quality that emphasises reliability and ease of use.
Efficiency at Its Core
Using heat-retentive ceramic stone plates, the Ecostrad Ecowärme offers improved efficiency, less heat loss and more overall comfort day to day.
Adaptable & Programmable
Your heating will always work around your lifestyle with the Ecowärme’s intuitive digital interface, offering full weekly programming to fit your routine.
Timeless, Elegant Design
Ecowärme electric radiators sport a traditional aesthetic that will blend harmoniously into any interior décor.
Easy DIY Installation
Installing your heating has never been easier. The Ecowärme comes supplied with its own brackets so all that’s needed is to attach it to the wall and plug it into a 3-pin socket.
5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Reflecting superior build quality inside and out, the Ecostrad Ecowärme comes with a 5 Year Warranty on the radiator body so you can enjoy extra peace of mind.
Affordable quality, timeless design
The Ecowärme takes its cue from traditional, time-honoured aesthetics with its elegant fluted housing and slimline design. Its versatile looks are complemented by its energy efficiency; the Ecowärme retains more heat so rooms stay comfortably warm, and with its full weekly programming, running costs are kept to an absolute minimum.
Energy-efficient heating technology

Inside the Ecostrad Ecowärme are fast-acting dry thermal elements which quickly heat the surrounding air. Once the air is heated, warmth is transferred to thermal ceramic plates, designed to retain heat so your electric radiator stays hotter for longer. By retaining more warmth, these heat-retentive blocks reduce the amount of energy needed to top-up temperatures, which in turn helps to slim your energy bills.

Traditional design with modern control

Every room in the home is used differently, and with the Ecowärme’s digital programming, you can tailor your heating to match. Its digital interface lets you choose temperatures and modes for every hour of every day for heating that’s completely in step with your routine. Instead of heating each area of your home to the same temperature, the Ecowärme’s in-built thermostat and programmer allows you to economise by heating the less frequently used areas of your home to a lower temperature.

Automatic energy-saving features

Ecostrad Ecowärme electric radiators come with automatic features to make your system effortless to use. They’re able to pre-heat your spaces, so your rooms are invitingly warm when you come to use them, and include a sensor to pause your heating whenever a sharp drop in temperature is detected because of an open door or window.

Available in White & Anthracite
Opt for the elegance of white or make a statement with a darker shade – whichever you prefer, the Ecowärme offers reliable comfort heating every time. Browse our full range for inspiration.
In-Built Timer Mode
Choose a new, temporary temperature without overwriting your programming using the Ecowärme’s timer function. Adjustable between 30 minutes to 72 hours.
Horizontal or Vertical
Whatever shape your space may be, we offer horizontal and vertical Ecowärme radiators to suit. Take a look at our full selection to find the right fit for your room.