What type of electric heater is best for garages?

Poorly insulated, draught-prone, and infrequently used - home garages can be a tricky one when it comes to sourcing effective heating. Whether you use your garage purely as a storage spot, or more permanently as a workspace - making sure it’s toasty warm when you need it to be is made simple with electric heating. We’re here to run down our top three picks to make sure you’ll never have to get the winter woollies out to go into your garage again.


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Why is electric heating perfect for garages?

Our top garage-friendly electric heaters

Why is electric heating perfect for garages?

  • Zoned heating – as standalone appliances, electric heaters can be used as and when they’re needed, without having to heat your entire property at the same time. They’re not part of an interconnecting system, so they won’t be triggered unnecessarily - matching the exact way you use your garage to a tee.
  • Easy installation - electric heaters are often able to be installed DIY. Just find a spot you’d like your heater to be and plug it into a nearby socket. There’s no need to extend any pipework out into your garage.
  • Long lifespans - with zero moving parts, these units are primed to last, as there’s little likely to go wrong internally through wear and tear. With extended warranties, anywhere from two years to a lifetime, these units are covered for a set period against mishaps.
  • Variety of design - with their range of styles and colourways, there’s an electric heater to match your individual garage design scheme.
  • Maintenance free – as there’s no combustion of fuel with electric, there’s no need for any annual maintenance checks to make sure they’re running as they should be. The only upkeep they need is a regular dusting.

Our top garage-friendly electric heaters

Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared Heater

The Ecostrad Thermostrip is a sophisticated, zero-light far infrared heater, ideal for larger garages with high ceilings. Far infrared is a type of heating technology that delivers heat in waves, warming any people and objects it encounters along the way. It feels comforting and gentle, as it’s the same type of heat our bodies naturally absorb. As infrared does not manipulate air, it’s a lot more stable than convection heaters. It won’t escape if there’s a door accidentally left open, or waste energy unnecessarily heating from floor to ceiling in your garage.

Three reasons we love it:

1. Even distribution of heat

Far infrared delivers heat steadily and uniformly across a space, heating both objects and people. It’s not instant - but when given time to distribute, the Thermostrip will bring an entire garage (up to 18㎡) up to temperature.

2. Damp prevention

As infrared bypasses the air, heating objects directly, this includes both walls and floors. If your garage has exposed walls, it’s more likely to fall victim to mould and damp than the internal ones in your home. Infrared warmth sinks deep into walls, stopping them from getting cold and working as a natural mould preventer.

3. Various control options

The Thermostrip comes with a simple on/off button, however it is designed to be paired with an external controller for precision temperature control. A digital thermostat allows for more intense temperatures to be reached - perfect if you’re planning on converting your garage into a home gym. When paired with an external controller, the Thermostrip can reach those higher levels needed for hot yoga and high-intensity exercise.

The Thermostrip is perfect for: Garages converted into home gyms, garages with high ceilings, garages prone to air loss through poor insulation or open doors, garages with exposed walls.

Moda Onyx Panel Heater

If your garage is on the smaller side, and you tend to only spend an hour in it here and there, the Moda Onyx may be the perfect choice. This panel heater warms solely through convection, which means it only heats the surrounding air, bringing rooms up to temperature quickly. Highly responsive, the Onyx will warm your garage in a flash. Coming in both black and white, the Moda Onyx has a modern but timeless glass facade that’s built to last in even the most bustling of garages. The Onyx can be attached to your garage wall or placed on a set of feet for freestanding installation, allowing for full portability. This means, when you're done in the garage, you can transport the heater to other areas of your home for supplementary warmth.

Three reasons we love it:

1. Enhanced dual control

With its dimmable touchscreen interface, the Moda Onyx offers both simple manual control and WiFi control. WiFi compatibility brings this convection heater into the 21st century - so you can manage your heater even when away from home through the Ecosystem app on your smart device.

2. Responsive convection heat

Concealed behind its glossy front panel is a sturdy aluminium X-bar heating element. Quickly springing to life regardless of the ambient temperature, the Onyx heats the air as it naturally circulates around a room, making it ideal for less-frequented locales - and if your garage fits this bill, the Moda Onyx is a worthy contender.

3. Voice control

Built with the modern home in mind, the Moda Onyx even pairs with smart speakers (think an Amazon Alexa or Google Home) so adjusting your heating can be done totally handsfree. If you catch yourself carrying a load of heavy boxes down to the garage for storage, or your hands are often full whilst tinkering away at your car - simply ask your smart speaker to take care of your heating for you.

The Moda Onyx is perfect for: Garages you use in short bursts - an hour here and there rather than for lengthy periods of time, garages in need of spot heating. Generally, it’s best suited for smaller, well-insulated garages.

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic Electric Radiator

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is the ideal all-rounder - an electric radiator that delivers robust warmth to thoroughly heat your garage from top to bottom. The iQ Ceramic takes the durability of far infrared and mixes it with the responsiveness of convection. The result? A garage comfortably warm and inviting for longer. Able to be both freestanding and wall-mounted, the iQ Ceramic makes it easy to direct warmth to where it’s needed most.

Three reasons we love it:

1. Ceramic heat technology

The iQ Ceramic works by heating a ceramic stone in the unit’s core. Ceramic is famously great at dealing with heat - hence why it’s often used in cookware. It’s able to lock in heat extremely well, so even after the unit has stopped drawing power, the warm stone will continue heating your garage. As a result, you end up using less energy for warmth that lasts longer – helping to keep those running costs in check.

2. WiFi control

Alongside its recessed manual control on the top of the heater body, the iQ Ceramic is also controllable through WiFi. Just download the free Ecosystem app on your smart device to access all the iQ Ceramic’s handy features. Set a weekly schedule, adjust temperatures on a whim, or set your heater to a certain mode all through a few taps of your phone screen. What’s more, this can be done anywhere in the world when connected to WiFi. So, if you’ve moved out of the garage to a different part of the house or gone out for a coffee on your lunch break, managing your heater can be done from your new location.

3. Motion Detection Mode

With its in-built motion sensor, the iQ Ceramic cleverly determines when a room is in use and adjusts its temperature accordingly. This is perfect if you tend to use your garage on a haphazard basis, as no elaborate programming is required at all. Once in this mode, your iQ Ceramic will effortlessly follow your routine with no intervention on your part.

The iQ Ceramic is perfect for: Garages you work in or spend extended amounts of time in, garages with exposed walls, garages in need of spot heating.

Transform your garage into a haven of warmth today

Gone are the days of putting up with your garage being unbearably chilly. Extending your home heating can be a big job, especially for an area you only use on occasion - but electric heating takes away any of the hassle. Installed easily and quickly, our range of versatile electric heaters are ideal for matching the ever-changing nature of your garage’s requirements.


Key takeaways

  • Electric heaters are the perfect heating solution for garages: they can operate separately to the rest of your home heating, are easy to install, and do not require any annual maintenance.
  • Both infrared heaters and electric radiators heat on a deeper level - delivering robust warmth to both people and objetcs throughout your garage.
  • Convection heaters may be perfect for garages you use on a more infrequent basis, delivering warmth quickly and effectively.