Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared Heaters

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The Ecostrad Thermostrip offers discreet heating for any lofty, hard-to-heat interior. Featuring a sleek and unobtrusive matt black finish, we stock the Thermostrip in different sizes so you can tailor your heating to your exact needs. Whether you need to keep a busy workshop warm, heat a spacious barn conversion, or satisfy customers in an open-plan dining room, look no further than the Ecostrad Thermostrip.

Options & Sizes

Model: EcoStrip18
Wattage: 1800W
Heats up to: 10m²
1200mm x 154mm x 70mm
£199.99 inc VAT
Model: EcoStrip32
Wattage: 3200W
Heats up to: 24m²
1852mm x 154mm x 70mm
£299.99 inc VAT
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Far Infrared
Far Infrared
Mellow, all-day warmth
Versatile Installation
Versatile Installation
Tailored for your convenience
No Glare
No Glare
Zero light heating solution
Perfect for Large Rooms
Perfect for Large Rooms
Keeps spacious areas comfortable
Safe Heating for Public Spaces
Safe Heating for Public Spaces
Optimised for commercial use
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
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The Ecostrad Thermostrip is a sophisticated infrared heater that’s ideal for use in lofty interiors. Styled in matt black, this glare-free heater provides discreet all-day heating for domestic, commercial or public environments. Instead of a bulb, these heaters use a stretch of wire filament to produce far infrared, a gentler type of radiant heat that mimics the warmth of the human body. There’s no distracting light and no overbearing heat, just a constant source of pleasant warmth to keep you comfortable throughout the day.


The Thermostrip can be used manually using the simple on/off button at the side of the heater, however, they are designed to be wired up to digital thermostats for precision temperature control. Ecostrad Thermostrip heaters can provide effective heating for lofty interiors that are hard to heat using traditional means, such as churches, village halls and barn conversions. This heater is not recommended for outdoor use unless it is installed in a very well-sheltered area.

The brackets provided with the Ecostrad Thermostrip give you the option of wall or ceiling mounting the heater as you see fit. When plugged into a socket with a suitable IP rating, the Thermostrip is compatible with DIY installation. Hardwiring outdoor heaters must always be installed by a professional electrician, however, this is usually a quick and easy process with no lengthy callouts required.

How does infrared heating work?

Most heating products work by using either convection or radiation. Products like panel heaters or fan heaters provide warmth in the form of a cycle of warm air rising and falling, but as you might imagine, this type of heat doesn’t work well in outdoor applications where warm air quickly dissipates to cooler areas.

Radiant heat doesn’t have this issue – it works by travelling through the air in a wave, directly warming people and objects that it comes into contact with. This makes infrared heaters particularly effective for hard-to-heat interiors as they will always project heat to where it’s needed. The type of heat they provide is just like the warmth felt from the sun’s rays and can make your outdoor seating areas a comfortable haven even if the ambient air temperature is less than ideal.