The top UK cities for rooftop bars revealed

Summer cocktails and crisp pints are often enjoyed in the summer, but nothing quite beats enjoying your drink of choice on a sunny rooftop overlooking a city skyline. But where in the UK provides the best rooftop bar experience? 

Our new study investigates the chance of rain, cheapest pint, air pollution levels, number of skyscrapers (hiding the view) and the number of rainy vs sunny days, to reveal which UK cities provide the ultimate rooftop bar experience. 

Not everyone will have the same priorities on what they seek out of their rooftop bar experience too, so we’ve also revealed the sunniest cities, cities where you can bag the cheapest pint and those UK cities with the best choice.

Top five UK cities for rooftop bars:

1st place – Birmingham 

2nd place – Liverpool 

3rd place – Brighton 

4th place – Bristol 

5th place – Bath 

Birmingham has been crowned the best city for rooftop bars across the UK

This city is home to 12 different rooftop bars to sit back, relax, and sip away the summer.

  • Annually, Birmingham has 1,501 hours of sunshine too, so there's plenty of opportunity to soak up the rays. 
  • With an average summer-time temperature sitting at a comfortable 20.6°C, and only 10 days of rainfall expected during the warmer months too, Birmingham has some of the best weather conditions for sipping your Chardonnay with a view. 
  • Birmingham’s city skyline is also made up of over 176 high rise buildings, which means the views from the rooftops are not to be missed. 
  • If you were wondering how much a drink will set you back in Birmingham, with an average of £1.45 for a soft drink and £4.00 for a pint, your cup is sure to not go empty! 

In second place is Liverpool...

The study revealed that Liverpool is home to 11 different rooftop bars across the city, making that two per 10,000 residents.

  • Liverpool also offers even more sunshine hours than Birmingham, at 1,573 annually, although be warned, the average temperature across summer in this city is slightly cooler, at 19.4°C - but shouldn’t be a problem if you’re wearing your beer jacket! 
  • Liverpool also has slightly more rain than Birmingham, averaging 11.2 days across the summer months.  Plus, it has one of the lowest levels of air pollution of the cities analysed, sitting in the ‘fair’ level. 
  • Here, a soft drink will also only set you back £1.45 but be prepared to spend a little more on a pint than in Birmingham - in Liverpool the average cost is £4.50. 

Taking third place is Brighton...

  • This southern city is home to 13 different rooftop bars and has a massive 1,892 hours of sunshine every year, making it a great place for rooftop drinking.
  • The study revealed the average temperature in Brighton across summer sits at a comfortable 20.35°C too, and with an average of only 7.9 rainy days each year, what more could you want? 
  • However, Brighton is not known for its city skyline, as the research shows there's only 12 buildings classed as ‘high-rise’ in this location. That said, beach views can be spectacular. 
  • In Brighton, a soft drink will cost you £1.69 and a pint £4.99. 

Sunniest cities, cheapest pint and best choice

Sunniest cities

Rooftop bars and sunny days go hand in hand, which is why Portsmouth, Brighton and Cambridge should be on the top of your list! These cities get between 6-8 rainy days each summer, meaning there are 85 other days in summer to enjoy these locations.

If you’re looking for a city with the least chance of rain, the rankings came in at: 

1st – Portsmouth, 6.3 days of rain 

2nd – Brighton, 7.9 days of rain 

3rd – Cambridge, 8.72 days of rain 

Cheapest pint 

If you’re wanting to get out and enjoy all that the UK’s rooftop bars can offer, but don’t want to be spending a fortune, the northern cities of Hull and Newcastle are where you should head – here an average pint will set you back between £3-£3.70. 

If a humbly priced pint is more important to you, the rankings came in at: 

1st – Hull, £3.01 

2nd – Newcastle, £3.71 

3rd – Sheffield, Glasgow and Birmingham, £4.00 

Best choice 

If choice is what you’re looking for, then London is the city for you, with 55 different rooftop bars to try. But if you’re looking for a rooftop ‘crawl’ to fill your summer, the cities of Brighton and Manchester are also sure to fill your schedule – each with 13 different rooftop bars. 

If you’re looking for plenty of options, the rankings come in at: 

1st – London, 55 rooftop bars 

2nd – Brighton and Manchester, 13 rooftop bars 

3rd – Birmingham, 12 rooftop bars 

Best rooftop bars in each UK city according to TripAdvisor


Pitcher & Piano 4.5/5 

The Canal House4.5/5 

The Button Factory4/5 


Sensation Liverpool4.5/5 

Gino D’Acampo Liverpool4.5/5 

Tempest On Tithebarn4.5/5 


Flint House4.5/5 

The Mesmerist4/5 

The Lion and Lobster4/5 


River Station4.5/5 

Seven Lucky Gods4.5/5 



The New Inn Bath4.5/5 

Bath Cider House4/5 

Hall & Woodhouse 3.5/5 


Laguna Kitchen and Bar4.5/5 

Flight Club Cardiff4/5 

The Philharmonic4/5 


Church – Temple of Fun4.5/5 

Curzon Sheffield4.5/5 

The Furnace4/5


Revolution Cambridge4.5/5 


The Tivoli3/5 

Tips on making your own outdoor bar experience at home

For those looking to recreate their favourite outdoor bar experience at home, we recommend you start by identifying the vibe you would like to achieve. A luxury cocktail bar? A comfortable entertaining space to eat food? Perhaps a leafy, beer garden?

1. Start with flooring:

DIY flooring tiles or artificial turf on concrete create a luxury feel and it’s a great place to start for setting the foundation of your bar.

2. Consider your heating options:

Outdoor heating will help you make use of your home rooftop bar even in the colder months. We recommend keeping yourself warm and cosy with electric outdoor heating. Easy to install and maintenance free, they’re one of the most convenient ways to heat an outside space. Plus, they supply warmth through direct radiant heat that isn’t blown away by the breeze, so you feel the benefits even on those cooler days. Other solutions such as firepits can be a potential safety hazard and aren’t suitable for small areas like balconies or terraces.

Options recommended by us are:


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Ecostrad Thermaglo

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Ecostrad Apex

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3. Get all the bar equipment you need:

Recreating your favourite drink is key to making your own outdoor bar feel like the place to be. Shop around second-hand and charity shops for a characterful or vintage bar cart to fill with all the necessary equipment and ingredients to make your drink.

4. Don’t forget lighting:

Moody, dimly lit lighting will make your space feel authentic. Choose either battery or solar powered spotlights or fairy lights, they’re safe, budget friendly and won’t increase your energy bill. Many electric patio heaters provide lighting as well as warmth, so you can get yourself a two-in-one solution.

5. Comfy seating is key:

Everybody needs somewhere cosy to sit, so make sure you find yourself some nice furniture for you and your guests. If dining or nibbles is the vibe you see for your outdoor bar, add in a small table for eating.

6. Add finishing touches to make it your own:

Create a space that’s unique to you by decorating it with soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets. Adding greenery such as hanging baskets and planters is a great way to brighten up the area, perfect for a beer garden feel.

7. Add ambiance with music:

Spend time curating the perfect playlist for you and your guests, however, ensure you play it through a waterproof wireless speaker so you can enjoy your outdoor bar, whatever the weather.

For everything you need to know before making a purchase, check out our Infrared Patio Heater Buying Guide.

Overhaul your outdoor bar experience with electric patio heaters

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Key learnings

  • Birmingham has been crowned the best city for rooftop bars across the UK, thanks to a large variety of venues, plenty of sunshine, and some spectacular skyline views. Liverpool and Brighton are not far behind.
  • If you value sunny days, your best choices are Portsmouth, Brighton and Cambridge.
  • For the cheapest pint, head to the north – Hull & Newcastle will only set you back between £3-£3.70. 
  • If variety is what you’re looking for, London has 55 different rooftop bars to try, with Brighton and Manchester coming at 13 each.
  • Creating your own DIY outdoor bar experience is easier than you think – comfy seating, the perfect playlist, and a reliable electric patio heater to keep you in comfort well into the night.

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