Meet the Ecostrad Allerton iQ Electric Radiator

Last updated: May 2023

Just in time for winter, Electric Radiators Direct is proud to announce the all new Ecostrad Allerton iQ Electric Radiator. Offering cutting-edge controllability and long-lasting warmth, the Allerton is a designer radiator combining a stylish period aesthetic with innovative 21st century programming. Whether you’re looking for efficiency, convenience, or simply a statement piece, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ is the electric radiator for you. So, let’s dive in and explore everything this smart designer radiator has to offer.

Elegant Style: An Ode to Tradition

Bringing some timeless luxury to our designer range, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ was built to mimic the traditional aesthetic of cast-iron Victorian radiators. But the Allerton isn’t stuck in the past: its smooth lines and clean round edges give it that modern edge, offering the best of both worlds. With the choice of double or triple columns and a glossy white or matt anthracite finish, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style for your home.

Low styles available: the ideal space-saving solution

Low-style white and anthracite versions of the Ecostrad Allerton iQ provide the perfect heating solution for rooms that struggle with wall space. With a height of just 300mm, conveniently place the Allerton beneath large windows or in rooms with otherwise low-level walls. Particularly useful in conservatories; when a room is predominantly glazed, it’s notoriously hard to heat – the Ecostrad Allerton iQ makes for an efficient and stylish problem solver.

Traditionally designed with a modern edge, the Allerton evokes a timeless aesthetic while still primed for contemporary spaces. With low styles available, the Allerton is the ideal space-saver for rooms with restrictive wall space such as conservatories and attic rooms.

Installation & Fitting

Because of its sophisticated heating element and robust build, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ is not suitable for DIY installation and must be hardwired to the mains by a qualified electrician. For dual-purpose heating, the Allerton comes splashproof protected with a robust IPX4 rating and is suitable for storing and drying towels – a great option for kitchens and bathrooms alike (zone 2 or 3). Full instructions for installation can be found in the manual; this is a simple job for any qualified electrician, so you’ll have your new designer radiator up and running in no time.

Optional extras, for that extra peace of mind

Looking for that spare bit of support when fitting the Allerton to the wall? There are a couple of options you can take advantage of to make sure your new radiator is snug and secure:


  • Extra security bracket – Included with every purchase, simply hook it over the top bracket to firmly lock the radiator in place.
  • Ecostrad Allerton Radiator Feet – Designed as additional support, the Allerton Feet are suitable for DIY slip-on installation, with screws and wall plugs provided if you’d like to attach them to the floor.

Suitable for wall mounting, installing the Ecostrad Allerton iQ is not DIY-friendly and must be hardwired to the mains by an electrician. Some walls may need extra support for the weight of the Allerton, in which case an extra security bracket is included, with the choice of radiator feet as a purchasable add-on.

Efficient Heating Technology

Like the rest of our market-leading designer range, the Allerton is pre-filled with a specially engineered thermal fluid. One thing sets it apart from the rest: due to the extra thickness of its column build, a higher volume is required, resulting in an even more efficient product:


  • Increased heat output – The Allerton’s bespoke columns allow the liquid to flow evenly to achieve enhanced heat circulation, making it ideal in spacious or otherwise hard-to-heat areas.
  • Longer-lasting warmth – Because the thermal fluid retains heat so well, the Allerton doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain desired temperatures. That way, it produces optimal levels of warmth even when it’s stopped drawing power from the wall – saving you energy and helping to trim down running costs.
  • Anti-frost protection – The thermal fluid contains anti-freeze, protecting the heating element when temperatures drop – incredibly useful if you’re ever away during winter!
  • Overheat protection – An even circulation of fluid throughout the radiator prevents hot spots from developing, effectively eliminating chances of the Allerton ever cutting out and ensuring a long-lasting product.

The Allerton’s thick column build requires a higher volume of thermal fluid, which in turn improves heat dispersion and retention. With slower cooldowns, you’re guaranteed a more efficient product.

Innovative Control

WiFi-compatible and equipped with the intuitive Ecostrad iQ WiFi Element, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ offers you complete control over your heating. Installable on either side of the unit, the element’s discreet oval design and touchscreen interface allow for seamless manual adjustments. For those looking for ultimate convenience, WiFi app control allows you to tailor your heating to your lifestyle – any time, any place, from any smart device.


WiFi App Control

Compatible with Ecostrad Ecosystem and Smart Life, app control is great for when you’re on the go. On the way home from work? Activate a heating boost for primed temperatures as soon as you walk through the door. Gone out in a hurry and left the Allerton running? No problem, either turn it off or assign an energy-saving heating mode until you return.

Pairing your Allerton iQ electric radiator to an app couldn’t be easier. Check out our handy video to learn how.

Managing your heating via an app is a great way to save energy. Because electric heating doesn’t rely on a centralised system, radiators like the Ecostrad Allerton iQ can be programmed individually or assigned to a heating zone. That way, you’re never wasting money heating rooms that aren’t in use. With WiFi app control, you’re always in the know as to how much energy you’re using – but what kind of features does the Allerton have exactly, and how can it save you energy? Let’s take a look.

Energy-Saving Features

Fitted with both an internal radiator sensor and external room sensor, the Allerton works at optimal precision, allowing for reliable, accurate-temperature heating 24/7. Whether you prefer manual or app control, you’ll have access to a wealth of handy features that are designed to save energy and reduce running costs:

24/7 Programming

Use your heating app to set bespoke schedules, apply temperature boosts and enable energy-saving heating modes. With 24/7 programming, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ can suit your lifestyle to a tee.

0–8 Hour Timer

For ultimate set-and-forget heating, apply the timer for a specified amount of time – particularly useful in bathrooms when drying your towels!

Comfort, Eco & Radiator Modes

These heating modes control both the internal and external temperature of the radiator. Designed to keep the Allerton running at a constant, low temperature, energy wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Low Surface Temperature

The radiator operates at approximately half its wattage, keeping the surface at a lower, touch-safe temperature – ideal for homes with young children.

Precision digital thermostat

Its integrated precision thermostat accurately measures room temperature within ±0.5°C, offering exact readings and adjusting automatically to ensure heat levels are consistent. 

Open Window Detection

If the thermostat detects a sudden temperature drop the radiator will switch to an anti-frost mode, keeping the radiator at a low level to prevent heat loss.

Seamless manual programming is possible with the Allerton’s sophisticated heating element. For ultimate convenience, make remote changes with WiFi app control and access a wealth of energy-saving features, designed to save energy and reduce running costs.

Shop the Ecostrad Allerton iQ today

Across a range of styles and sizes, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ Electric Radiator is a worthy addition to our designer range. With a statement column build, cutting-edge WiFi control and efficient heating technology, the Allerton is primed for contemporary spaces, all while still evoking some vintage charm. So, whether you need a heater for your hard-to-heat conservatory, midsized living room or family bathroom, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ will make the perfect choice, and with free next day delivery, it could be yours tomorrow. Check out our handy radiator calculator to find the perfect size, or get in touch with our friendly support team for further help.

Key learnings

  • Combining deluxe modern programming with a traditional column build, the Ecostrad Allerton iQ offers premium heating for any space.
  • With low styles available, comfortably heat conservatories and other rooms with restrictive wall space.
  • Using a high volume of specially engineered thermal fluid, the Allerton provides efficient, long-lasting warmth – ideal for hard-to-heat areas.
  • Use WiFi app control to make remote changes instantly – access 24/7 programming and a wealth of energy-saving features to tailor your heating to your lifestyle and keep running costs down.