How do Designer Electric Radiators Work?

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s heating system, you can’t go wrong with designer electric radiators. From their tradition-breaking finishes to their revolutionary inner-workings, the design and technology behind them really set designer radiators apart from the rest. If you want to know more, read on to learn all about how they work and what makes them such a fantastic choice for your home.


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What makes a designer electric radiator?

Inside a designer electric radiator

Unique Fast-Flo technology: Ecostrad Allora

What makes a designer electric radiator?

Bespoke manufacturing

Built from the ground up

Unlike many electric radiators on the market that have simply been converted from a central heating system and fitted with a new element, the bodies of our designer radiators have been specifically optimised for electric heating. With wider pipe joints, they have been manufactured to distribute warmth more evenly throughout the appliance, for more effective heating.

Suitable for hard-to-heat rooms

No matter the size or ceiling-height, the manufacturing power of a designer radiator can perfectly adapt to your property’s needs. Staying hotter for longer, these radiators are especially useful in spacious or hard-to-heat areas within your property.

Modern design

Eye-catching frames

You may gravitate towards the Adesso’s stylish horizontal body, the Allora’s sleek oval bars, or the Ascoli’s contemporary flat panel build. Whether you’re looking for a play on tradition or something totally unique, the outer appearance of a designer radiator has just as much thought put into it as the inside.

Versatile builds

To look and act the part of a 21st century heating solution, designer radiators offer more than just the standard build. For a space-saving wall feature, vertical radiators are the way to go, and radiators with an anthracite-coloured frame make a statement whilst still complementing a range of interiors.

Intelligent heating


Featuring in-built smart controls including WiFi connectivity, designer electric radiators offer intuitive heat management directly from your smartphone. This type of sophisticated control comes as standard for these products, giving you a range of convenient, energy-saving features including weekly programming and voice control. By downloading the Ecostrad Ecosystem app you’ll find access to temperature and programming settings even when you’re on the go.

Controllable heating element

Our Ecostrad designer radiators come with a heating element that is fully controllable from the app or can be manually adjusted to access its base features. With a wide range of wattages and finishes, the heating element is adaptable to the aesthetic of your preferred radiator.

Inside a designer electric radiator

What are they filled with?

Our designer electric radiators are filled with a thermodynamic fluid known as glycol. Glycol is so adaptable, you’ll find it multipurposed in a variety of every-day products, most commonly antifreeze. As a radiator oil, it’s the preferred liquid used by most electric heating manufacturers due to its many advantages. Let’s take a closer look at why.

Glycol: What are the benefits?

Pre-filled upon delivery

Forget messy and time-consuming installation, our designer radiators arrive pre-filled with the exact amount of liquid needed for optimal performance. All the electrician needs to do to fit the element is remove the seal and screw it into place. Simple!

Better heat retention

As there’s no reliance on pipes or plumbing, the fluid is contained entirely in the radiator unit. The designer radiator’s superior design allows the liquid to flow evenly to achieve enhanced heat circulation. Because the thermal fluid retains heat so well, your radiator will not have to work as hard to maintain a desired temperature – you’ll even feel the benefits long after switch-off, saving energy and reducing your running costs.

Prevents overheating

The improved internal flow stops hot spots from developing near the heating element, preventing the radiator from overheating, and effectively eliminating instances of the radiator cutting out.

Frost protection

As its informal name suggests, glycol acts as an anti-freezing formula which protects the electrical element when temperatures drop. So, if you’re away during winter and have forgotten to set Anti-Frost mode, your designer radiator already has that protection enabled.

Low maintenance

Traditional radiators usually require bleeding to remove air and dirt build-up. Glycol-filled electric radiators require little maintenance as they contain no moving parts and the oil inside them won’t need balancing. As glycol also contains a corrosion inhibitor, it stops the metal inside from rusting, also preventing the build-up of dirt and limescale for maximum efficiency.

Glycol: Is it safe?

HVAC approved

As glycol is an incredibly varied liquid, you’ll find it take the form of all sorts of things you wouldn’t expect: the solvent in medications, the vaping aerosol in e-cigarettes, and even as an additive for food and drink. Of course, its composition as an antifreeze in this instance definitely makes it unsafe for human consumption, but you get the idea. Experts in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry have recognised glycol as a safe solution for use in radiators for years, and the practise is well-spread amongst manufacturers.

Propylene vs ethylene: which is safer?

Our radiators come pre-filled with propylene, a glycol with a low toxicity rating. If for any reason you need to top up your designer radiator, we always recommend a manufacture-approved propylene solution. Ethylene can also be used, but as it’s considered more poisonous it should be handled with additional caution – always refer to a professional if you require a refill of your radiator.

What about leaks?

Any radiator that heats using an internal liquid gives chance to leaks – but as an electric radiator isn’t attached to plumbing or designed to be opened up, the only real risk of leaking is if the radiator body is severely damaged or if there’s a spillage when removing the element’s seal during installation. A propylene-glycol spill should be treated like any other chemical you’d find under the sink – a quick clean-up and time to dry while keeping kids and pets away.

Unique Fast-Flo technology: Ecostrad Allora

Our range of Ecostrad Allora designer radiators have undergone extensive design and testing to deliver ultimate efficiency. The implementation of Fast-Flo technology means the Allora has wider channels and larger gaps between the pipe joints to aid the circulation of the glycol inside. To ensure the thermal oil reaches every part of the radiator, the pipe that connects the front bars together is positioned lower than most radiators. This process removes the risk of overheating and keeps room temperature warm even after the Allora has been turned off. With a wide range of styles, colours, and programming options available, the Ecostrad Allora is an incredibly versatile choice, with the manufacturing-power behind it to rejuvenate the way you heat your home.

Go designer with Electric Radiators Direct

Now you know the secrets behind what makes our designer electric radiators tick, go check out our full range to find the perfect style for your home. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our award-winning sales team are here to help you make the most informed choice possible.


Key takeaways

  • Designer electric radiators are known for their modern designs and innovative programming – they’re built from the ground up and are specifically optimised for electric heating.
  • They heat using a thermodynamic fluid known as propylene-glycol, a low toxicity solution that’s commonly used as antifreeze.
  • Glycol-filled electric radiators benefit from improved heat retention, frost protection and low maintenance.
  • The Ecostrad Allora designer range uses Fast-Flo technology to best utilise the glycol solution: preventing overheating and keeping room temperatures warmer for longer.