How To Avoid Damp and Mould: Everything You Need To Know

How To Avoid Damp And MouldBathrooms are amongst the most difficult rooms to heat in your house. They are usually smaller than other rooms in your house, thus limiting the space. In older houses, they tend to be poorly insulated which increases the risk of damp and mould. So, how do you avoid these obstacles and minimalize the risk of damp in your bathroom? Our bathroom heating solutions are here to help!

What is mould and damp?

Window Condensation

One of the most common causes of damp and mould is condensation. Water vapour in your bathroom changes its form from gas to liquid, covering your walls and windows in water. Damp, cold housing encourages the growth of mould and mites, as mites feed on moulds and can increase the risk of respiratory illnesses in some people. This can be reduced by ventilating your bathroom after a steamy shower or bath and opening a window.

However, not all bathrooms have windows, and certainly no one enjoys whiffs of cold air while stepping au naturel under the shower. Another way of preventing damp and mould in your bathroom is by keeping a low background heat on all day, even if no one is home, which can be expensive when it comes to some of the heating solutions. Many people don’t want to engage their whole central heating system just for the sake of keeping the dampness away, especially during mixed seasons, such as spring and autumn: one moment it’s cold and windy, next it’s sunny or hot!

What do we have to offer?

Ecostrad Magnum Heated Electric Towel Rails - WhiteKeeping your house warm is the first step to protect it from dampness. Our bathroom heaters are able to do this job perfectly. An electric towel rail, also known as an electric towel heater, is simply an electric bathroom heater that can keep both your bathroom and your towels warm. Electric towel heaters save you a significant amount of space, as you’re offered a broad range of sizes and an unlimited choice of places you can mount them. They provide gentle controllable heat via convection, which helps in preventing dampness and mould even more. Convection heating means that the heater pushes warm air out. Because the air is constantly moving, water vapour will be unable to embed itself on any surfaces. It will do a similar job to an open window – without the need to actually open a window. Many of our towel rails, such as the Ecostrad Magnum, come with useful settings to make your experience easy and pleasurable. The highly accurate friendly thermostat featured in these towel rails maintains your desired comfort temperature by switching the heater on and off. your electric towel rail consumes as little energy as possible without you noticing any changes in the temperature. This towel rail also comes with a digital remote control programmer, which enables the timer function.

Herschel Select XL Infrared Heating Panels - MirrorOther type of bathroom heaters that are successful in keeping your bathroom mould and damp free are infrared heaters, such as our Infrared Panel Heaters. Infrared is comparatively a new and innovative heating technique. It uses radiation to heat objects and people directly, just like the sun heats the earth, rather than heating the air like most of the heaters do. This is especially useful in heating your bathroom as you are guaranteed that your walls, window frames and such are kept warm and protected against damp and mould. They're also mountable on walls and take up minimum space. Moreover, when it comes to our Herschel Infrared Panel heaters, the design options are unlimited. You can opt for a heater that replaces a mirror, paint it with emulsion, or order a panel heater with an image of your choice! The range of sizes our panel heaters come in guarantees that even the smallest bathroom can benefit from an infrared heater.

Protect your bathroom from dampness and mould in style with our functional bathroom heaters, and order one today!

Bedroom Electric Radiators

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