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Electric Heaters Vs. Electric Radiators: Differences

Shopping for an alternative to your old central heating system can be tough, especially if you’re new to electric heating systems. At some point, you’ll come across offers such as ‘energy-efficient electric radiators from £199.99’. On the other hand, you’ll see websites advertising electric heaters for as little as £99. They may not be ‘energy efficient heaters’, but you can’t turn a blind eye to the fact, that they are available for almost half of the price of electric radiators. So, what’s the catch?

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How To Avoid Damp and Mould: Everything You Need To Know

Bathrooms are amongst the most difficult rooms to heat in your house. They are usually smaller than other rooms in your house, thus limiting the space. In older houses, they tend to be poorly insulated which increases the risk of damp and mould. So, how do you avoid these obstacles and minimalize the risk of damp in your bathroom? Our bathroom heating solutions are here to help!

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What are The Best Electric Heaters?

If choosing which of our heaters is the best is a complex task, choosing which deserves first place is nigh-on impossible. This is because different electric heaters are designed for different purposes. An electric heater which is perfect for your spare bedroom might not be as efficient in your bathroom. So, what are the best electric heaters for various rooms? 

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Is the Space in Your Bathroom Limited?

Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in your house. Whether you’re buying a house or building a new one, it is very unlikely that the bathroom will be anywhere as big as your living room or bedroom. And there is no reason why it should be bigger than it needs to, since you spend so little time in it. But because it’s so small, people tend to find their bathrooms tricky to make functional and stylish at the same time: in many cases it ends up being one or the other. Today we have some tips for you on how to make the most out of your bathroom with our heating products!

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How To Choose the Perfect Electric Heater?

When it comes to upgrading your electric heating system, the overwhelming choice of heating solutions can be scary. Electric heaters, radiators, panels, free-standing or wall-mounted, the list just keeps on going, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, finding the right heater could take too much time.

Unlike other retailers who tend to use a lot of confusing technical jargon, we try to make our product descriptions as unambiguous as possible. Still, buying the best electric heater for your home isn’t exactly an everyday task, so the whole process can be unnecessarily confusing. Consider this article a guide on how to use our most popular products to their full potential, and hopefully your next hunt for an electric heater will be much easier! 

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