Ceiling Heaters

Ceiling heating panels offer a discreet, space-saving solution for keeping your property warm. They’re great for commercial spaces such as shops, offices and workshops where they will provide long-lasting radiant warmth whilst also freeing up floor and wall space. By installing an infrared ceiling heater, you can direct warmth downwards to where it’s needed most in order to heat your property efficiently and effectively. Many are even available with a remote control or WiFi programming, so that you can manage your heating from a distance.

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What type of heating is best for ceilings?

Ceilings are often a redundant space in many properties, and for understandable reasons. They’re hard to reach, neck straining to look at, and what could you possibly put up there anyway? An ingenious way of making use of your ceilings are infrared panels. Many infrared panels can be attached to ceilings, even if they’re particularly high up, and as they heat through radiation, the warmth they give off is far reaching, long lasting and cannot be lost to the air. Economical both in space and capital, installing a room’s heating on the ceiling saves a lot of wall room, and with a host of energy saving features, saves a lot of money on running costs too.


What is infrared heating?

Infrared heats through radiation, meaning it travels through the air like a wave to warm people and surfaces directly, without being disturbed by air movement. This means, when installed on the ceiling, infrared panels are able to direct warmth downwards to where it’s needed most. Any surrounding objects then absorb the heat, reradiating it back out into the room for 360ᵒ warmth, creating an efficient and durable heating system.

The benefits of ceiling heaters

    Contemporary Styles

    Infrared panels come in an array of colours and finishes, always injecting a touch of dimension and interest wherever they’re placed.

  • Space-saving Designs

    If you’re short on wall space, or just want to free up some room, installing a heater onto a ceiling makes a clever, unobtrusive use of an unoccupied area.

  • 360ᵒ Warmth

    Infrared energy heats surrounding surfaces, which then reradiate warmth back into the room, so all areas are filled with a gentle, soothing form of heat.

  • Affordable Heating

    Hosting a range of cost-effective purchase prices, our selection of ceiling heaters offer a heating solution for any budget.

  • Intuitive Control

    WiFi and remote control allow for convenient and more efficient heat management, even from afar.

    Lot 20 Compliant

    All our infrared panels come with open window detection and adaptive start features for fully Lot 20 compliant heating.

Do infrared panels heat a whole room?

It may seem counterintuitive to install a heater high up, away from the people and surroundings it’s designed to keep warm. This would be true of your standard radiator that heats through convection, as convection relies on the natural way that hot air rises. With infrared, there is no reliance on airflow to distribute warm air, so you can heat people and objects directly rather than the whole air volume in a room. The warm waves delivered by infrared travels far, particularly in a well-insulated room, so even when installed higher up, infrared panels are distinctly effective. Infrared heat even absorbs into the walls and foundations of your property, creating a cosy bubble of warmth even after they have stopped drawing electricity from the wall.