Ecostrad Accent IR Infrared Ceiling Panel with Remote - 550w (1205 x 605mm)

The Ecostrad Accent IR Infrared Ceiling Panel offers a truly low-key heating solution that’s kept well out of eyeline, freeing up your walls and floor space for more furnishings. Its ceiling-mounted orientation provides the widest spread of heat so that every area of the room is brought up to the same temperature. This 550w model is great for larger rooms and can heat up to 11m².
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Ecostrad Accent IR Infrared Ceiling Panels are an excellent comfort heating solution for homes and businesses, offering a discreet source of warmth that’s always out of arm’s reach. This 550w panel is designed to warm rooms from ceiling to floor so that all of the heat is directed down to living levels first. It ensures a uniform spread of warmth throughout your space and also ingeniously hides your heating out of sight.

Accent IR panels heat rooms using far infrared, which is a natural feeling warmth that mimics the type of heat produced by our own bodies. Infrared heat is absorbed by surrounding objects, like the walls, floor and ceiling, to create a lasting warmth that’s evenly distributed throughout the room. As brickwork retains infrared radiant heat, you can warm spaces using less energy and keep running costs to an absolute minimum. The Accent IR uses a carbon crystal film element on the inside of the panel which efficiently conducts heat and allows the heater to be super lightweight. For extra protection, these elements also have a fire-resistant coating which is patented and unique to the product.

The remote control supplied with each Accent IR panel acts as both the room thermostat and the programmer, allowing you to set a custom weekly schedule using its digital interface. You can set an interval Monday to Friday to create start and finish times for your heating during the working week, and set intervals for Saturday and Sunday separately. It also provides access to a comfort override option, as well as open window detection and adaptive start functions. Each remote can be used with any number of Accent IR panels so you can have multiple heaters follow the same routine. If you would prefer to use the heater with an external controller, you can simply use the bypass switch on the rear of the panel which gives you the option of changing your control preference further down the line.

This panel can be installed in two different ways. It can be purchased with a direct mounting kit for a fitting that hugs the ceiling or purchased with a suspension kit so that it can hang down at the height of your choosing.