Haverland TOD Heated Electric Towel Rail

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The Haverland TOD heated electric towel rail is a stylish way to dry your towels, providing effective heat, advanced programming and a number of energy-saving features for your bathroom. Each towel rail is filled with energy-efficient thermal fluid which will help to keep running costs to an absolute minimum.

Options & Sizes

Model: TOD-4
Wattage: 425W
Heats up to: 5m²
540mm x 840mm x 37mm
£199.99 inc VAT
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Model: TOD-7
Wattage: 700W
Heats up to: 8.5m²
540mm x 1260mm x 37mm
£235.99 inc VAT
Pay in 3 from £66.66
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Thermostatic Control
Thermostatic Control
Sophisticated digital programming
Independent Heating
Independent Heating
Keeps running costs down
Oil Filled
Oil Filled
Even spread of warmth
Precision Heating
Precision Heating
Accurate temperature control
Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free
No ongoing costs
2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
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The Haverland TOD heated electric towel rail is an energy-efficient and cost-effective design feature for any modern or traditional style bathroom, washroom, or cloakroom. Sporting a crisp white finish and strong steel construction, the Haverland TOD fits in with most interior designs. Its convenient ladder design not only makes it easier for drying your towels and but also adds to the effortless style of this thermostatic electric towel rail.

Programming Features

The Haverland TOD thermostatic electric towel rail has a sophisticated controller that delivers simple heat management, allowing you to effortlessly cycle through a variety of modes including comfort, economy and anti-freeze, using its clear and easy-to-use manual interface. Select the adjustable boost option and choose to program it for either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, to experience a comfortable increase in heat precisely when you need it. Or you can simply set your towel rail to auto and it will automatically follow the program you have set. The TOD electric heated towel rail offers nine pre-set programs and four customisable programs for you to choose from, allowing you to set your bathroom heating around your schedule.

With energy saving features such as open window detection and adaptive start, the TOD towel rail is efficient and intuitive in more ways than one. To ensure you don’t waste any energy, open window detection will sense any sudden drops in temperature, temporarily switching the towel rail off until a more stable temperature has been reached. Adaptive start will ensure your towel rail always reaches the right temperature at the right time, by pre-emptively kicking in prior to any set schedule or temperature change. The Haverland TOD towel rail also features a consumption indicator function, which informs you just how much electricity this towel rail is using, helping you to cut down on energy usage and costs. You can also adjust this indicator so that you can see up to the last thirty days of its energy consumption, for a more detailed assessment.    

Installation & Maintenance

With an IP44 rating, this electric towel rail is completely splashproof, so it can be installed in zones 2 and 3 of any bathroom. The TOD towel rail must be wall-mounted and installed by a professional electrician. Once fitted, there is almost no maintenance required, just a casual dusting every now and then with a soft, dry cloth to keep it clean and in good working order.