What are the benefits of vertical electric radiators?

Are you looking for an electric heating solution that perfectly balances look, function and efficiency? Vertical electric radiators have fast become one of the most sought-after electric heaters for homes due to the sheer number of boxes they tick. Sporting a long, slimline build, these radiators are not only suited to compact areas, they’re also a key part of your room’s design scheme. Instead of just a boxy necessity, your vertical electric radiator can add personality to your space, with innovative programming to boot. If you’d like to learn more, read on as we go in for a closer look at the benefits.


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Saves space without sacrificing efficiency

Increased height improves heat dispersion

Versatile designs complement any interior

Saves space without sacrificing efficiency  

One of the main reasons a vertical electric radiator is so beneficial is the amount of wall space it saves. If you’re trying to heat a smaller room, you’re going to want a radiator that takes up as little horizontal space as possible. For larger rooms, you might still struggle due to storage and furniture – as you’re not limited to knee-level placement, you can get a little more creative with your radiator’s positioning. Tuck your vertical radiator behind a door or between furniture. It toes the line between discreetness and eye-catching design, so it won’t look out of place no matter if slipped away or out in the open.

Best rooms for vertical radiators

  • Kitchens – cabinets, shelving, white goods, tables, chairs… chances are your kitchen is going to be a room you struggle with as far as wall space goes. Comfortably mount your vertical radiator as a complementary addition to your kitchen’s layout.
  • Hallways – especially useful when taking staircases into account: your vertical radiator will help breach the gap between floors, heating the air quickly.
  • Bathrooms towel rails are of course the obvious vertical heating solution. Some of our vertical radiators also come splashproof protected, for a handy addition to bathroom heating. 

How do vertical and horizontal electric radiators differ?

There may be some hesitation opting for a vertical electric radiator over a horizontal one. After all, horizontal radiators have been the popular choice for years. However, vertical models aren’t much different when it comes to heating your home. In fact, the only way they really differ is in their striking and elegant appearance. Vertical radiators are just as efficient as their horizontal counterparts, using the same advanced heating technology for equally effective heating.

Increased height improves heat dispersion

Traditional horizontal radiators tend to be restricted in terms of placement, which is why in most houses you’ll recognise a certain pattern regarding their positioning. How many of your home’s radiators are placed under windows, for instance, which in turn has made you accommodate your furnishings around them? Vertical radiators don’t have to stick to these rules, with their height presenting more than just a few advantages when it comes to heat dispersion.

Heat isn’t blocked by furniture

Have you had to think strategically about where to place your larger furnishings such as beds and sofas? Blocking a horizontal radiator is a sure-fire way of impacting its efficiency, with the heat it provides getting trapped behind objects. With vertical electric radiators, the extra height allows them to project heat up and over furniture. So, even if you place a couch or armchair in front of one, the heat output won’t be obstructed nearly as much.

Under window radiators: a thing of the past?

Historically, windows used to be single glazed. They’d be the coldest area of the home, so it became common practise to place radiators underneath them to help combat the outdoor chill. As modern building regulations have improved, so has insulation, making it hard to find a house that doesn’t have double or even triple glazing nowadays. As a result, better insulated properties are no longer limited in terms of radiator placement. This means you have the freedom to opt for something a little different – a vertical electric radiator. With flexible installation options, you’re not limited to just under windows. Why not place your vertical radiator next to your couch, to really feel the benefits?

Versatile designs complement any interior

Home heating no longer needs to be one size fits all. Gone are the days where every home, whether a period conversion, new build or loft apartment, needs to be limited to the white traditional flute design of yesteryear. Allow every aspect of your home, including your heating, to reflect your personal tastes.

Mix of traditional and contemporary builds

Your modern radiator should reflect just that – modernity – in looks just as much as function. The innovation behind electric heating means you no longer have to settle for simple, boxy radiators that are only there to do their job. Vertical electric radiators are designed to act as a striking focal point for the room, with no unsightly wiring on show for seamless integration.

Our recommended vertical electric radiators

  • Ecostrad Adesso iQ – The Adesso’s sleek flat bars evoke a modern minimalist design, with innovative WiFi control for on the go heat management. Fitted with an intelligent heating element, it comes with a multitude of features to ensure convenience and safety, such as open window detection and a low surface temperature. The Adesso even comes splashproof protected so makes a great bathroom heater.
  • Ecostrad Allora iQ – Its slim-width and timelessly elegant smooth oval bars make the Allora a striking wall feature. Its double panels make for greater heat output, with unique Fast-Flo technology ensuring longer-lasting warmth and slower cooldowns. In-built with smart WiFi control, adjust the heating no matter where you are with just a few taps of your smartphone.
  • Ecostrad Ecowärme – This pioneer of German manufacturing is the perfect balance of tradition and modernism. With its classic fluted design comes a contemporary twist: formulated with ceramic bricks for improved heat retention. Use the integrated control panel and digital programmer to adjust heating schedules, set timers and access a wealth of energy-saving features. With a wall mounting bracket included with your purchase, the Ecowärme comes DIY-ready for easy out-of-the-box installation.

Choose vertical radiators for your electric upgrade

Now you know why vertical electric radiators are making waves when it comes to home heating, so why not opt for a stylish space-saver for your kitchen, an elegant centrepiece for your living room, or a trendy solution for that hard-to-heat hallway? Whatever your needs, we’ve got a vertical electric radiator to match – so browse our full range today. Don’t forget our handy radiator calculator to help you find the best wattage, and our friendly customer support team are here to lend a hand should you like to know more.


Key takeaways

  • Vertical electric radiators not only save space in small rooms, but also work around “busy rooms” like kitchens that include lots of furniture and appliances.
  • You’re not confined to traditional radiator locations like beneath windows. Place your vertical radiator wherever you want: heat won’t be obstructed since the extra height allows it to project heat up and over furniture.
  • Vertical electric radiators come in a variety of colours and styles so you can bring home heating to the 21st century.